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1217918 tn?1266591350 Also I'm a huge coke drinker, taking topamax makes any soda taste so nasty. I did loose some weight while take the drug, which was nice. My question is, Is the medication out of my system enough after a year and half to try again? Should I get worried that symptoms will return?
Avatar f tn I do get a little drowsy when I take them, especially at a higher dose, so I take them before bed. And the last thing, and I think one of the weirdest for me, was soda. The topamax can do something to the way you taste soda. The way my sister describes it is it tastes flat and then suddenly starts burning. I don't know. I think the thing that I need to emphasize in all of this is that the even though the side effects are a little strange, the pills seem to be working.
Avatar n tn Its just my opinion but I think the main reason its found to help you lose weight is because it makes soda and some other things taste so bad. Of course if you give up soda you're going to lose weight! Topamax has completely made me into a different person. I used to have a very good memory and be an organized , efficient person. Now I honest to goodness have to think a minute to tell you how old my children are. Or what my phone number is.
2063048 tn?1390828211 He also had no answer to what could be causing those and why it's almost solely on my left side and my face. He said try the Topamax and go from there. Have any of you been on Topamax? Is it a worthy investment of time and money to give it a try? I see my NS on Wednesday for my one year follow up, so I'll obviously run it by him before I fill the Rx :) Thanks!
Avatar n tn (In my opinion) Dose vs. my size Soda and sugar taste awful. I here they are using Topamax for diabetics, to help them stay away from sugar. Hope that helps...
Avatar f tn I have taken Topamax on and off for years. It works wonders on my headaches. A couple of thinks I am sure your DR told you , but. . . You need to taper on and off slowly (25 MG) at a time 2 of the side effects are paraesthias (intermittent "pins and needles" in the hands and feet. This was extremely scary for a friend of mine who wasn't told. Make sure you have biannual eye exams. Topamax is known to cause increased eye pressures in some people.
Avatar f tn / I had all those symptoms and worse Ive seen cardiologist, neurologist, and 10 trips to the emergency room and 2 months into topamax and all those side affect are gone. just drink water...
108944 tn?1222281078 well, hope all is well for everyone on both posted pages for topamax. i post comments on both pages. I am just gonna be lazy and copy and paste this posting onto both pages. (lol) take care everyone! Later, Dawn.
1715029 tn?1308705698 I started on 50mg of topamax in April for my migrianes and bipolar. since then I have lost 10lbs and they continue to come off. I have little appitite. but the question I have is has anyone else noticed the taste of soda? I have not been able to drink it since april. it tastes like acid. yuck..and I miss my mt dew!!
Avatar n tn I am on topamax for migraines and seizures. Topamax is also used for weight loss because loss of appeitite is one of side effects. I do occisionaly get some tigglely sensation in my hands and feet but that usually going away in a hour or so after taking the med. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I am a new Topamax user. I have been reading posts and information from wherever I can find it and found a lot on this site. I have started a blog for future users to read as they start the process. I know that I had a lot of questions - for example - when do side effects start? how soon does weight loss start if it is going to happen? what is the relationship between dosage and weight loss? what is the relationship between time on the medication and side effects?
1041303 tn?1421390941 Yesterday I just started feeling the tingling in my hands and toes. I also noticed when I drank drinks like soda they tasted flat, I did also drink a beer and It tasted flat and sweet, did anybody ever experience that?
Avatar n tn Im on my second try with Topamax. By itself 5th week, minus 25lbs. I havent had a soda in 5 weeks, and as far as the side effects go. Remember the side effects are possible side effects. The could happen to some, all or none. Its the chance we all take to get well.
Avatar n tn At one point I lost 80lbs but I had changed my diet completely and with the help of Topamax I stopped drinking soda cause it tasted bad and I was no longer binge eating or emotionally eating, plus I was working out 6-7 days a week so I attribute my weight loss to that. I have since gained most of it back (hah) so I feel if it was the medication (which I am still taking) it would have stayed off. But for me personally there were no negative side effects.
Avatar f tn I just started taking Topamax and was wondering what others' experiences have been as far as how long it takes to start losing weight, side effects. I am on 100 mg now. I feel kind of nauseus and even my diet pepsi's don't taste good anymore! Is this normal? What is the max dose to take for weight loss?
Avatar f tn I started Topamax yesterday and had the worst cramps and diarrhea last night already and of course, I'm on the beginning dose of 25 mg. I'll stick it out though and try anything to get rid of these headaches.
918275 tn?1254072352 I started out on Risperdal and then was switched to Abilify, which seemed to slow the weight gain down, but I am continuing to gain weight which is very troubling to me. I have read alot about Topamax and it's weight loss side effect. I wonder if my psych would be willing to prescribe it for me since the weight gain is really putting a damper on my progress as far as happiness goes.
Avatar f tn My confusion, dizziness and balance were terribly affected. The flat soda taste, tingling and other symptoms.My NL and Pharmacist both strongly suggested to power through it if I could and I did. Once I was titrated to a certain level my crazy symptoms went away and it worked amazing at controlling my migraines! I am not currently on it and would probably benefit from it but honestly I won't go back on it because in my opinion the weeks it took to get to a theuraputic level were hell!
Avatar n tn In some people it changes their sense of taste so that things such as soda and fried foods no longer taste good to them, and they lose weight because they start eating better....for me this has not been the case; everything tastes the same! I have lost about 20+ pounds since I started taking it in July. I have noticed that some of that was muscle, as I have been a runner for the past 11 years, and my legs look kind of odd to me now because they definitely look thinner!
Avatar n tn I started Topamax about one month ago and about the 2nd week I noticed that all soda's tasted horrible. This was actually good, because I have now stopped drinking soda, which was very hard for me. I havenoticed that I'm not as hungry as often, but it also makes me very tired.
Avatar n tn I started Topamax in November of this year at 25mg a week and have been increasing the dose by 25mg per week and will reach 200mg next week to reach my limit. My doctor prescribed it for my migraines as I had requested it since all the other treatments seemed to have weight gain as a side effect while this one was the opposite with weight loss as a possibility.
Avatar f tn What I was wondering was my mother was diagnosed with MS at when she was 20, I am now 25 years old and I am suffering alot of the tingling and numbness, all food tastes off to me and makes me constipated, what I would call crazy eyes my migraines are less frequent but are coming on rather sudden I've done my research and these sound like symptoms of both ms and topamax I don't want to lower my dosage because my migraines have gone from 5 server ones a week lasting 5-24 hours to 1-2 a week lasti
1664023 tn?1302964766 I'll try to keep my comments to a minimum about topamax since I hate it and I'm trying to get off it. I have memory "damage" and so I can't remember what it was like when I started taking topamax. I do know that I have had migraine issues (yes the form of the migraine has changed) and the extent of the memory "damage" that I have has also become worse. My neurologist decreased the amount of topamax hoping that it would help, but it didn't.
Avatar f tn I have been taking topamax for 6 years for miagraines and seizures.I went up on the topamax slowly ( I take 100mg but I started out at 25mg). I will tell you that I was groggy so make sure you take it at night. I also had some problems with concentrating and that lasted about a month. I will say that not having the migraines was wonderful so ifyou can hang for a month you will feel better. The really great thing about topamax is that over 4-6 months of being on the med I lost about 50 lbs.
7489440 tn?1442011976 i went through a year an a half of visiting doctors offices and many trips to the emergency room before my doctor finally figured it out...topamax is in that category of medications that even if you have taking them for years, severe symptoms an pain will be sure to find you. my doctor started to ween me down on the topamax until i did'nt have to take it anymore- all my symptoms started to slowly depreciate an final disappeared.
Avatar m tn it made me feel drugged out so i quit taking it. i don't like diet pills either and topamax may work, give it a few weeks for the side effects to wear off and see how it goes. it's worth a try for your mental health as well.
Avatar n tn I know about the weight loss but I believe my weight loss from it is because the medicine gave such a fowl taste to my beloved soda that I could no long drink it and kicked my 8 can a day habit! and on top of that it Topamax gives me so much energy that I dont sit still... my house has never been so clean!
468973 tn?1212327120 I tried drinking a beer at a wedding over this past weekend and the same this occured, at first taste it tastes flat, then after a few seconds my taste buds kick in and it feels a bit like pins and needles on my tongue and then I finally taste the flavor of the beer (same with soda), My palatte is perfect with anything else as far as beverages and food goes. I hope this helps you!
633143 tn?1262137135 I've had pretty much all of the usual side effects - weight loss (roughly 42lbs now), tingling in face and hands, soda tasting funny, loss of appetite, stomach issues, fogginess, trouble finding words, fatigue, etc. I've read about some others, and that's what is concerning me. For about a month straight now I've been perpetually sick. First it was the flu, then it was bronchitis, then it was pink eye, and now a sinus infection.
Avatar f tn I am taking 75mg. of topamax and also taking Zoloft and Verapamil for migraines. I am not loosing any weight. I am so frustrated because I feel that I'm the only one that's not losing. Does anyone think it's because of the other drugs I'm taking? Next week I go to 100mg.