Tiny bumps on face not acne

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Avatar m tn My 7 yr old daughter has these tiny little bumps on the side of her face, bridge of her nose and around one of her eyes. They are not red, and the only ones that itch are the bumps around her eyes. They're flesh colored and you can only really see them in the light. I have no idea what this could be, some form of acne maybe?? Please help!!
Avatar f tn My acne goes away but the tiny bumps doesn't. The bumps are on my nose, forehead, under my eyes its around the nose area and my chin my faces is always oily so its not scaly either can this be cured?
Avatar n tn I had been having a little trouble with acne so I bought a treatment to just put on the trouble spots. The next day I broke out in lots of tiny skin colored bumps on the places I put the cream. It's not itchy, its just dry feeling, like sand paper. I haven't used the cream since...and it's been a few days and the bumps haven't gone away at all. How do I soothe my skin?
Avatar f tn My daughter has suffered from acne since 8th grade, she is now a senior in high school. She has regular facials to clear her clogged pores and luckily there should be no long term scarring. Right now she is using Proactiv, the cleanser and repairing lotion and a Murad moisturizer. While her red "acne" has diminished significantly, she has had an increase of tiny skin colored bumps all over her face. Forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Very noticeable in the sunlight.
Avatar n tn So is it the lip gloss I've been using that I had for a while or is it from dry skin? And I also had a dry patch of skin under my bottom lip. Any suggestions on what to do?? Should I use blistex to make sure my lips are not dry?
5931867 tn?1397530193 I have oily skin but I never broke out so much like maybe a pimple here and there but now I have a lot of tiny bumps(mostly on forehead), dark spots all around but mostly in cheek area. If anybody had bad acne during pregnancy what facial cleaner you used that cleared up your skin.
1132930 tn?1260328333 If you have bad acne you can try a acne creme but just lightly on your face, don't gob it on. Please!! Also try birth control pills if you can because it really helps clear acne. Also the doctor can prescribe another medication to take orally also that helps to clear acne. Other then this please try to cut down on chocolate and greasy foods which clog your face with oils. Also try to not get your face dirty, and wash your hands before touching your face most of the times.
1825216 tn?1317539582 I have really tiny bumps in (what appears to be) EVERY single poor all over my face...then their are also tiny red bumps in areas (not acne..at least not most) on my face as well. My skin is dry and itchy. Especially around my eyelids. My eyelids and the skin around my eyes..were red and grossly swollen and sore..the swelling has finally gone down and now I can feel there are even smaller bumps on those areas (it feels like sandpaper to the touch) and sadly...
Avatar m tn I got tiny cluster of colorless bumps all over my forehead, eye,chin & ear.... Those are not itchy,painless,not making any white (fat) or black heads. Can't pick on hand & can't count.. I'm taking "doxycycline hyclate" capsules last 14 days i didn't see any big difference.... I'm not active in sex, don't share food,cloth with others...I'm so confused.. what could be this one?? please......
Avatar n tn I have very itchy medium sized bumps,very slightly filled with pus on top,on my arms,hands,legs.There are not many of them on th ebody but I my face is filled with them and it made my acne much much worse.No acne medication works on them.They apperead suddenly,overnight almost a month ago and they just come and go but never dissapear(especially on my face).
Avatar n tn I have tiny bumps under the skin that never seem to disappear and can't be "popped". I know you should never pop ur pimples but these have been there for months. It started when i was 20 and for the past three years it's gotten progressively worse. When I started using liquid foundations the dumps increased 10X the amount. Now that i'm using more natural products there are less but they itch and are all over my face.
Avatar n tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the tiny bumps on the skin other than acne, suggests atopic dermatitis which is seen due to allergic background and Contact dermatitis due to direct skin exposure to a substance which can be a allergen or irritant. Anti-histamines with appropriate steroids against prescription will help to alleviate the condition. Identify and avoid the triggering factor which you been exposed to recently. This can also been seen in tinea infection i.e.
Avatar n tn http://gyazo.com/a0d89180120466c14af6351643fe9312 http://gyazo.com/ced04bc33c3e5985f2526caf19001228 might be a better picture The above pictures are of my chest, and this is what I'm not sure if it's acne or not. The picture showed the "acne" fine on my phone but I it's hard to see on the picture. But what you're looking at are the bumps on my chest/stomach. They are skin color and do not have heads. There is a red bump and that is because I tried to pop on of them.
Avatar n tn I have dry/combination skin (my cheeks are dry and my forehead is oily). I have these rough tiny bumps all over my face that are not actually acnes. They don't grow into heads and don't pop. They also don't itch or turn red. This is a picture of my cheek: http://www.mediafire.com/conv/340770c68cc03a2b32bc88be23c848f7c74ac48939f23c56558e96b840e1d09b6g.jpg I took this picture under good lighting. Normally, these bumps are not that visible.
Avatar m tn I sweat a little under my eyes on my cheeks; it is in this same region that I get acne bumps on my face. I don't know how to treat this problem. When I moisturize this area because the skin is cracking, I get more acne. However, when I treat it with Benzoyl peroxide, my skin begins to crack and gets really red. What should I do? Are there any other options besides the normal salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide options? Should I leave it untreated?
Avatar n tn Firstly , it has to be ascertained that the bumps contain fluid . Differentials for small, skin colored bumps on the face may be warts, skin tags and molluscum. Do these bumps have a central umbilication ? Are they itchy or painful?
Avatar f tn Just wipe off the crusted area with warm water and do not apply any cream on the bab's face till the rash clears up. If the rash worsens or the child develops fever then you can visit your Paediatrician. ref:http://www.drgreene.org/body.cfm?
Avatar f tn i have a tiny bumps like rash like on my upper lip on both sides. im not sure if there cold sores i am not sexual active. there pretty tiny and im really scared if there herpes and stuff. But i know shouldnt be that because i havent done anything besides kiss my boyfriend and i know hes clean and a virgin so please help!
Avatar f tn Almost like dry skin, but there are tiny (and I mean TINY) slightly raised bumps. They aren't red or anything. Today my entire face feels 'weird' with the "rash". I noticed on my cheeks the bumps seem slightly white, or at least lighter than my skin tone. The rash is only on my face, Ive been using lotion but it's driving me crazy... Is this something to worry about? Could it be from stress, or the smoke?
Avatar f tn My skin is rough and feels like I have little tiny bumps on it. What is this. I've never had problems with acne or anything. Could it be dry skin? I haven't eaten anything different either. I started using 1% Hydrocortizone cream, it releives the itchiness a little, but the bumps are not going away? What should I do? I do have sensitive skin though, I do not use any makeup or anything.
Avatar m tn Please keep in mind a month after noticing the tiny bumps in the central areas of my face and not having them come back after exfoliating gently, my original symptom was intermittent burning above my upper lip. This was a month before I noticed the redness in the same area. A month or so later I noticed my cheeks, adjacent to the area that was red, felt rather dry... subsequently burning when washing in the morning. I noted the areas that felt dry still looked oily. P.S.
Avatar f tn Hello, Basically for the last 7 or 8 years (im 19 now) I have had redness on my face. It is on my chin not all of it just the centre, my cheeks, and my nose and a tiny bit on the forehead. My nose is the worst. My face tends to go very red if I'm embarrassed or have hot flushes. It does not itch, and is not raised or flaky. I also have very oily skin and my skin does not get dry very often.
Avatar n tn however I think it has more to do with my eczema because i have really dry skin on my face and scalp. I have never had any acne problems or redness which makes me think it is not rosacea. I am afraid it will never go away at this rate.It has been 3 weeks. Do you have any idea what it could be or how i can get it to go away quickly?
Avatar f tn ANYONE'S baby experiencing ance on their face?t Tiny bumps on the face caused by hormones? I have been told to put breastmilk on it to help clear it up...
Avatar n tn I will also add that i still suffer from cystic acne from time to time on my face and have not won the battle over acne on my face even after accutane.
Avatar n tn but if I'm washing my face or putting lotion on my face, will touching the wart spread it to other parts of my face? I've been really nervous about that lately. especially since these little bumps are appearing now.