Bumps under my skin on my face

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Avatar f tn It was raised with a few bumps. Now as a week passes by, the raised rash turned into a bloody mess UNDER my skin that then turned into a flat all dark red moist scab still under my skin.
Avatar f tn My face get more scars daily it's not just scars it's scaly bumps and what ever it is ,is destroying my skin I can literally whatch the scars get deeper and deeper the lower parts of my face is completely untouched scar free no bumps at all . What im asking is , is there a specific skin infection that causes circular scars and lines or cracks in your skin. Also there were never any bumps or anything where the circular scars have appeared !
Avatar f tn So im 35 weeks and around 32 weeks my skin started to break out so bad especially my face I wake up with something new on my face or arms everyday and nothing I use is working I know it's the change in my hormones but im just curious if any of you ladies are having the same issue or have had this issue and what did you use to help keep it under control or did you just say forget it until after baby?.
Avatar f tn ve had them before and they went away but this time there are more bumps and it has spread to the side of my face, under my nose, on the outside of my ear, and on my chin. I have not changed anything in my make-up routine, lotions, perfumes, or medications. The bumps are not red and don't itch. I have been washing my face with mental soap and warm water. I have no clue what cause the bumps/rash but I would like to figure out a way to treat this. Than you for your help.
Avatar n tn I have a had a persisitant rash on my face now, for over a month. It started out as flesh colored bumps and it itched. The bumps became very red and the itch got worse. I have both eczema and severe allergies. The rash is just along the right side of my face along the jaw line. It has not spread, and no one else has caught it from me. I went to my physician and he said to use 1% hydrocodozone cream twice a day. It went away briefly and then came back. Now the cream is not helping at all.
Avatar n tn Over the last month I keep getting blisters on my chin, my cheeks, under my hair in the back of my neck. What is this from?
Avatar n tn i have these little skin color bumps on my neck n face.. what are they? idk but i think it came from me on the water slide in the bahamas with the sea water(salt water) it was burnin my face..
Avatar f tn My husband used it on a skin cancer on his face. It was gone within 6 days. It is truly natures scalpel. It is commonly used by vets & works wonderfully to remove skin cancers,warts & foreign nasty things that shouldn't be there. Google Black Salve & that will lead you to all the info you require.
Avatar f tn I have a weird rash on my face. It looks like a lot of tiny bumps but my skin also looks scaly and dry. I have been using hydrocortisone and it helped at first but not anymore. Does anyone know what it could be? I plan on going to a dermatologist soon.
Avatar f tn My 20 month old has bumps comin up her face arms and legs that itch her like crazy and seems like every day she has new ones.. Her pediatrician says it's insect bites but she wakes up with new ones and she comes home from daycare with new ones, she gets em all during the day and nite and it's leaving scars on her and she has trouble sleeping from itching at night. This has been goin on for months and i have taken her back to her dr.
Avatar n tn For the last year my pores have enlarged and I have many white bumps under the skin on my right side of my face around the chin, jaw and top of the cheek bone down to the jaw with a few a couple in the middle of my right cheek. They arent hard bumps and most if squeezed while produce a white string substance and it never goes away. I wash my face morninng & night and have tried every type of face wash hoping to find my cure. Can you please tell me what this is and how do I get rid of them.
Avatar f tn but i still am clueless as to why i have these bumps under my skin on my palms.
Avatar n tn Small hard white/clear bumps that started out on the right corner of my face close to my mouth, and are now spreading over the entire right side of my face. I went to a dermatologist and she said it just looked like an allergic reaction, but a more specific answer and solution would be much more helpful. I thought it was possibly my face wash that was causing the break-out but haven't used anything except for mild soap and water for over a month and a half now.
1092854 tn?1292620351 I have been dealing with very dry flaky skin on my face for yrs most of the time I can keep it well hidden but Im sick of it. I have very low self of esteem from it and been asked whats wrong with your face. I have some red bumps with it like pimples but they are not. It is very flaky above my upper lip, nose and across my forhead and the worse being the bottom eyelid just under my lashes.
Avatar n tn im not really sure what to put this under since i have no idea what it is, anyway im 16 years old, have this yokes under my neck,there white easly noticable if lookin at my neck closly,there whiter then my skin there not pimples or blackheads or atin at first i thought they were spots under my skin,but they have been here far to long, at least 3-12 months and my girlfriend doesnt like them but thank god theres such thing as love lol anyway pic link is below have a look and give me your advice on
Avatar m tn Can you help me out with a possible diagnostic of what is on my face. My best guess is a cluster of blood vessels or somthing along that line but would like to know some treatments.
556637 tn?1249785348 Everything I have tried causes my face to have a burning sensation. It feels exactly as if someone rubbed hot peppers on my face!!! I also get a ton of TINY bumps all over my skin. I'd say each bump is smaller than a typical 'goosebump." Do you have any idea what may be causing this? Do you have any suggestions of what to look for in a sunscreen? I have tried everything from Clinique City Block to baby sunscreen.
Avatar f tn When I first had it I got a dry forehead as well, I thought it was part of the dandruff. But very recently I have been getting red patches on my face (under eye area, around my mouth, cheeks, and still forehead). I started getting really concerned because everything I put on my face burns so much.
Avatar f tn i have the red bumps on my forehead, in my hair line, temple and eyebrows and very itchy what could thes be its been almost a week and this is the first time ever breaking out like this
Avatar m tn Also, I seem to have some really small raised bumps on my forehead. Its not too bad though, I can see them when I stretch the skin. How can I prevent those as well?
Avatar m tn I have had this problem for years, with no known reason why/how it began. What happens is I'll first feel a bump or two on my face or neck. They're under-the-skin, non-itchy, painless, skin-colored bumps that swell when I touch (or, guilty, pick!) them and also begin to spread to a cluster. I don't think they're pimples - from what I know, cysts are painful and movable, which these are neither of.
Avatar n tn After using a particularly harsh range of skin care products, the skin on my face is now covered in small bumps. They appear to be under the surface of my skin. They do not itch but are very very unsightly. My condition looks better first thing in the morning but the appearance looks worse as the day progresses as my skin appears to get greasier as the day goes on.
Avatar f tn I've had this for three days now. My face started getting itchy (kinda like how it would feel from really dry skin). I have tried not to scratch it, so I've just rubbed it a little or wash my face. I found out that washing it releives the itchiness a little. After I wash my face, I've noticed that the redness gets worse but then just goes away in about an hour. My skin is rough and feels like I have little tiny bumps on it. What is this.