Throwing up on your period normal

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Avatar n tn I figured this is why I was throwing up. It is now July 27th and I am still throwing up in the mornings. I noticed I do not wake up on the weekends and throw up. During the weekday I work and have been very stressed at work because my mother was the boss there and now I'm in charge. I believe this is all nerves. It happened to me in November of last year as well when my Uncle was sick and in the hospital for about a month. I would only throw up when I was nervous about his health.
Avatar f tn Jaybay is right about you needing a hemoglobin check - throwing up blood and feeling tired can = low hemoglobin which can need a transfusion to correct. Last year I went through a period where I was throwing up alot (daily) and I noticed it was sometimes black too. And then one night I started throwing up blood - bright red, I threw up about a litre (I was very alarmed!) My partner took me to the ER.
541150 tn?1306037443 I don't know if you should phone a Vet now, depends on how much he's gagging and I sure don't want to see him choking on this if it does start coming up either!!! poor little guy sure has had his challenges for sure. Ask the vet if he thinks you could give him some hairball remedy? I don't see why you shouldn't be able to?....but with all his problems I can understand you being afraid to try something...wonder if this old ball of hair hasn't been there for a long time?
Avatar n tn one of the reasons i think i do this is cause last spring me and my mother where walking around in the mall when i felt very sick so i headed for a bathroom but unfortunatley i didn't make it i throw up about 3 to 4 times on the way to the bathroom and i was totally embarassed bout the whole thing and the fact i hate throwing up period!!!
Avatar f tn I am 40 year old and clinically fit and healthy. However, I am throwing up all food that I eat within 30 sec to 1 minute of eating. There is no bile, no pain, no acid, no headache, no nausea or any other problem. I just throw up all food in a chewed condition immediately after eating.
Avatar n tn when i get my period i wake up in pain, spend the whole day throwing up even to the point where theres absolutely in my stomache and can barely stand up, it goes on and on and its to the point that i can't take it anymore. what could this mean?
Avatar f tn I also mentioned before that I had sex with a condom but he took it off after he came and I had sex after that but I took the pill so I highly doubt that I am pregnant because I am seeing my period in a normal state However normally I would discharge tiny pieces of flesh in my period and to date I have not seen anything of that sort is that a bad thing? Does this mean I am pregnant And yes I took 2 hpt's and they come back negative. Could someone please assist?
Avatar n tn It is a loss as big as any other. And you're right, TTC is extremely hard and becomes stressful on every aspect of your life. Especially if people know you are TTCing. ("Aren't you pregnant yet?" "What's wrong? Is it you or him?") People can be very insensitive when it somes to these issues. And you know, maybe all it will take for you is not trying. I know you have heard before "we didn't get pregnant till we stopped trying".
Avatar n tn Okay listen i dont mean to sound rude or anything but whats with all these women saying they have had friends that have had normal periods during thier pregnancy? Do you have any idea what a period is? its the shedding of the inner wall of your uterus. if u were pregnant than the baby would not be able to survive this.
Avatar n tn I've been having the same problem on and off for over a year. I went to the doctor and was thoroughly tested. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. So they decided to try giving me a daily prescription of Protonix. It worked miracles. The next day I was right as rain. After a couple of weeks I weaned myself off of the pills. Now I take an over-the-counter ant-acid as soon as I start burping with any hint of bad taste and a few hours later I am almost back to normal.
1250698 tn?1371354879 I started taking it the last day of my last period on a Sunday. I guess Sunday is like the holy grail of days to start the pill. lol I was off of birth control since March prior to starting this and I have had a normal period that whole time. I usually get it between Day28 and Day30. I started getting sharp pain in my right ovary (Day24) which lasted for 3 days. I started spotting shortly after getting the pain (Day25) which lasted for 4 days, but no period.
Avatar n tn what if on the following day after the period, you feel like throwing up and was very close to vomitting? Is that significant or is it just a coincidence?
Avatar n tn Unless you have a relatively short cycle and actually ovulate before AF is over or shortly thereafter, you can't get pregnant on your period. I wouldn't worry about it, If you've been on pill then your cycle is probably normal and you won't ovulate until about 14 days after your last period started.
Avatar n tn My specialist recommendation is no more than 7 standard drinks a week and not all at once, it's to try and help you manitain as normal life as possible. I go from 1 - 5 per week depending on my social activities, I'm careful not to exceed 5 so as not to push my luck. What are people's thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn The same goes for pads(which i use at night) i have to use overnite flow ones and have to change them constanly!!!!!!!!!! My period usually last 4days.....on adverage on my 1st day....i probaly change my tampon/pad 12 times.....2nd day....maybe 9 times.......3rd day....normally about 6 times and my last day only 3 times.....thats about how my period flow normally is....i may spot a day or 2 afterward but i only need period flow is way lighter than normal.....
Avatar m tn In the end, it turned out I had a 5mm kidney stone and eventually my body was throwing up from the pain but I didn't realise that it was in such pain. How do I find a margin between accepteable pain, paranoya and concern...?
Avatar f tn If you are nearing the menopause, that can mess up your periods, but you don't get feelings of throwing up. Let me know how you get on.
Avatar m tn came, i have been throwing up since Sunday, and my body feels weird, and everything is normal, no change in diet or excercise, and no stress. i have taken a couple of test and they are negative. Any one have any ideas?? i have a doctors appointment tommorow, but i just wanted to get some feed back? anyone can help please let me know! 1 hour ago - 3 days left to answer.
Avatar n tn well i usually get my period on the 17th but i was 11 days late. i got it on the 28th. the period seemed to be fairly normal for me...besides bein late. well now its been a month and i was supposed to get my period again...its the 30th and i dont have it! could i be pregnant??????
371980 tn?1276744409 I havent had a period in over 2 months and just last night i got my period. I was throwing up and nauseas all day from the pain and then last night i got my period. Not a normal one, very heavy, very very heavy and lots of clots. Is this normal? I called my doctor but she is not in today. At some point today she wil call back they said. Im suppose to lay here and relax. I have been for a week now!!!! Uggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance for all your help!
Avatar f tn and no if you had a 28 day cycle..and started your period on the would get your next period at or around the 28th...thats not the same time every month.
Avatar n tn You have more chance to get pregnant having unprotected sex two weeks before your period than the day before your period. Ovulation usually occurs approximately 2 weeks into the middle of your cycle. Sometimes women don't ovulate in the 2 week period - maybe you're one of them. If you unsure if you're pregnant, than take a HPT or get a blood test from your GP or GYN.
Avatar f tn and then started this month of june i was throw up alot like in one day i throwing up like 4 times or more then i feel like there is something gonna happen like my heart is feeling nervous or hard for me to just relax cause my heartbeat is sometimes fast sometimes not but i had always headache so feeling so tired i have pimples showing up and my face looks so depress i dont know why.. could someone let me know if its just fine or if want to ask question feel free to ask thanks..
Avatar f tn The bleeing is different (lighter/less thick) than my normal period. I'm still having some spoting and sharp pin like pain on my right side and just a feeling of being punched in the gut 7 days later after the bleeding started. I went again for a blood test 4 days ago and haven't heard the results yet- hopefullly will get them tomorrow. I'm sure the reason why it didn't show on the ultersound was because it's just too small to be seen at this point.
Avatar f tn Ok so I got my period on April 15. Extremely heavy non stop flow, horrible cramps, nausea, light headedness, clots etc., I went to my doctor yesterday morning because I was throwing up, dizzy and still bleeding heavy. I also passed 2 clots the size of golf balls and 1 clot the size of my hand yesterday morning. My doctor has no idea what is going on with me. He did a pregnancy test to make sure I wasnt pregnant [miscarrige] but IM NOT. So thats good.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for your boobs to not feel as heavy as before anymore? I stated before that I had a threatening mc yesterday and every since then my body doesn't feel the same. Yesterday I still had my baby but at moments I feel like I don't and I get scared. Idk if it's all in my head or what I'm no longer bleeding or hurting .. I bleed yesterday morning before going to the er and that was it.. What should I think?
Avatar n tn hello ladies, well im glad i found this site, i'm really depressed,i have been trying to get pregnant for about three years now and nothing,i had a missed period for three months i really thought i was pregnant but no that was really depressing, so i had my period last month on the 3rd because my doc.
Avatar n tn The best thing that you could do is have a little notebook and write down the date your period started and finished then when you go to your doctor at least your doc will have some idea what maybe happening. Of course there is ovulation kits but i guess not a good idea for the moment until your menstrual cycles can get sorted in order for you and your husband to concieve.
1489237 tn?1308387993 I'm still throwing up. I tried not eating as much so I don't have to throw up, but it just feels like everything in my stomach just sitting there and it bothers me. I know its all in my head, but its so hard. I just can't handle eating food. I don't know, I'm very depressed. I recently quit drinking because I also have a problem with that. It feels like I"m either eating nothing or everything.
Avatar n tn Also, I know taking birth control will regulate my period, but I don't like taking birth control and to me the irregulation is not a problem. However, when I do have my period I get sick and I throw up and feel queezy during it. Is this normal? What causes it? Is there any explaination for it? Should I worry? And mostly my concern is will it have any future affects (such as not being able to conceive)?