Throwing up during my period

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Avatar f tn I'm a 23 year old female and I have been throwing up for the past year and a half (usually between 10 mins - 4 hours after meal). It is an one and off occurrence and when I start throwing up it usually lasts for a period of a 2 weeks to 6 weeks. It then goes away but seems to come back after an approximate 6 week period. Thus far I've been diagnosed with h. pylori (blood test results) in December and I underwent treatment for it.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a 26 year old male. I consider myself to be a moderate drinker. I work from 8 to 5 so a typical day I might have a couple glasses of wine (about 12-16 ounces) with dinner( I eat really healthy). On average, I might have a long island (for example) a few nights a week (on weekends & maybe one night a week). Today, Sunday, I had a mixed drink around 2 pm with maybe 2 ounces of Vodka with 6 ounces Orange Juice.
Avatar n tn I was not eating much because I felt sick to my stomach over everything. I figured this is why I was throwing up. It is now July 27th and I am still throwing up in the mornings. I noticed I do not wake up on the weekends and throw up. During the weekday I work and have been very stressed at work because my mother was the boss there and now I'm in charge. I believe this is all nerves.
Avatar n tn one of the reasons i think i do this is cause last spring me and my mother where walking around in the mall when i felt very sick so i headed for a bathroom but unfortunatley i didn't make it i throw up about 3 to 4 times on the way to the bathroom and i was totally embarassed bout the whole thing and the fact i hate throwing up period!!!
Avatar f tn I'm a 17 year old female. Yesterday I woke up with a pain in my groin like just below my belly.
Avatar f tn I am 40 year old and clinically fit and healthy. However, I am throwing up all food that I eat within 30 sec to 1 minute of eating. There is no bile, no pain, no acid, no headache, no nausea or any other problem. I just throw up all food in a chewed condition immediately after eating.
Avatar n tn Sometimes my period tends to skip each month. For example: August 25th - had my period. September 25th - didn't have my period. October 25th - had my period. I know this isn't unusual. Also, I know taking birth control will regulate my period, but I don't like taking birth control and to me the irregulation is not a problem. However, when I do have my period I get sick and I throw up and feel queezy during it. Is this normal? What causes it? Is there any explaination for it? Should I worry?
Avatar f tn My period came late this month n i think i might have had been pregnant because my bf ejaculated inside while we were having sex but that was during my save period, so now I'm worried that i might av had a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Some when in the next year I started fainting on the first day of my period including sometimes throwing up. During the next few years it got worse, to the point I would faint then have to stay lying down for over 10 – 20 minutes at a time. During that next 10 hours I would throw up continually until I would fall asleep with exhaustion. I don’t remember very well what help I had from a doctor, because they never saw me in this state and everything was back to normal when they did.
Avatar n tn hy dear,i also like had sex immediately after my period,and after that i havent missed my period but i feel different ,i havent had a test but i feel prego and am so scared to take a test
Avatar n tn hi,im 20yrs old & my period was 7 weeks an 5 days late. finally it came last night(4-13-08) it started off light pinkish color then in the morning it was reg.color now today i used the bathroom an a blood clot the size of a quater came out of me like a dark purple color! is sumthing wrong?i took 5 hpt an 1 blood test all neg. so i dont think its a misscarrige,im scrared.. please w/b.
Avatar n tn I recently had blood work done to check my immune system and the only thing that showed up is that I have an allergy to who knows what, but my symptoms only surface during my period. Last month my doctor prescribed me claritin to take 2days before my period and throughout it and no cold. This month I didn't take anything and sure enough, I have awful cold symptoms again.
Avatar n tn when i get my period i wake up in pain, spend the whole day throwing up even to the point where theres absolutely in my stomache and can barely stand up, it goes on and on and its to the point that i can't take it anymore. what could this mean?
Avatar n tn and during this period i cough so much that i feel im suffocating and sometimes even feel like throwing up. i have thrown up once due to these short coughing spells..
Avatar n tn When Im feelin bad its like it takes all my strength just to hold my head up and go to the store, and during these periods i am very out of tune with my self, which kills me inside cause I consider myself a very spiritual person. Up until today I had been having the best consistent period of my life. for 2weeks I was more confident, more intune, more communicative with others then I had ever been in my life. I even was able to convince my mom and psyc doc i didnt need medication.
Avatar m tn I also have noticed that I am not able to walk due to the pain and also usually standing up is a challenge. I gain no weight during the week that my period hits, so it leads me to think that I could actually eat a lot, but it takes no longer than half an hour until I'm in front of the toilet throwing up everything I ate. Besides vomiting, I experience diarrhea.
Avatar m tn I have heard that it is impossible for a women to get pregnant that soon after her period so we figured we were ok. So all of December goes by and I had no period, during which I threw up the last 3 days of December and carrying on until January 3 of 2011. The last week of December all the way until now (January 5) I have either thrown up after I have eaten or felt like I had to throw up.
Avatar f tn 30 in the morning, and always after or during my last break 4:30 in the morning. And i'm always bloated and my belly is harder than normal. My mother actually told me last night that my belly looks pregnant but idk, I always feel bloated so maybe thats what she's seeing haha. I apologize for the long post and thank anyone who stuck it out haha. Any feedback will be so greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I would feel nausea, dizzy but this month for some reason I feel sick during my period and its my fourth day! This makes me wonder if its my period that is causing nausea or not. Does anyone ever get this?? or is it just me?
Avatar n tn Hello all, I have noticed recently, during my weightlifting routines at the gym, that I will occasionally get a fluttering sensation in my heart that lasts about 10 to 15 seconds and occurs randomly while lifting weights or doing abdominal exercises, but oddly enough never during cardio workouts such as running or swimming (chance?). These "flutters" are quite worrisome, as I feel as if my heart may not recover it's consistent beat sometimes.
Avatar f tn I don't remember my last period and I haven't had an ultra sound how will I know how far I am in my pregnancy? In December of 2012 I had a miscarriage just before Christmas heavy heavy bleeding and I just don't recall my MP in jan. and I tested positive this month for pregnancy,and also I'm terrified because I didn't know I was pregnant and I took ibuprofen and NyQuil earlier this month FEB.
117004 tn?1218648744 I am fine today I feel like i am just on my period.. I had a feeling that something was wrong as soon as i got my BFP. my boobs didnt hurt, i wasnt getting morning sickness. i knew something was wrong. So i never even got too excited with this one. My first miscarriage was devistating.. I was crushed. I am now sad because i lost this pregnancy, but with an EARLY natural miscarriage, your body hasnt been through the trauma of pregnancy. i will ttc as soon as the bleeding stops..
Avatar n tn I was was diagnosed with endo at 33 after having pain (right side only) not just during my period, but on and off during my whole cycle. I was scheduled for a lap, and low and behold, I ended up pregnant. I am thrilled because I wasn't sure that was even possible. I am 5 1/2 weeks in and I am experiencing the same endo pain I had but more severe. This is not only reallllly uncomfortable, but worse than the pain- its making so paranoid that something is wrong or will go wrong.
Avatar n tn And many a time, I go riding with my buddies during the weekend--Sometimes for up to 100 miles in one weekend. I'm sixty years and I think by body is asking me to slow down. Well, I'm going to listen to my body--As of yesterday, I going to cut back my exercise routine by half. This decision could not have come at a worse time, considering the price of fuel. I'm going to ride my bike to work only three times a week. I'll see how my body reacts to this. Thought #4: Plain anxiety.
143123 tn?1274304425 I can't remember being this tired last time, and my BBs even wake me up in the night. They're better during the day. My two month doc visit is October 13 and U/S on October 23.
Avatar f tn I used a non-pregnant person's urine (definitely NOT able to be pregnant=man) and they got the same line I did. It's so faint and it showed up DURING the 5 minute time period to read the test. I am so mad at spending that money. But at least AF still hasn't shown up. These tests WORK but they work for women who have a LOT OF HCG! They claim to detect 20 but I do NOT believe that based on the tests I saw in a gallery of preg. tests and most people got BFPs at 16 dpo or further along.
Avatar f tn I have to sit down, breathe and i always feel like I am going to throw up so I start gagging, but I never end up throwing up. I cant do anything during these periods because it is so severe. Could it have to do with allergy of beer? lactose? or gluten? possibly IBS? I have no idea. and I WOULD LOVE some help.
325477 tn?1250554909 So just trying to get some slee Anya-My doctor did not mention about primrose oil pill. I will ask him during my next visit. Yes, I too cannot sleep at night. I have been struggling to get proper comfortble position to fall asleep. It's nice that you are not feeling any pressure. Every pregnant women gas different symptoms. It's better not to feel the pain. By the way, I don't know what my doc meant by long cervix and 1cm dilated. I usually don't question until I feel something is not right.
Avatar f tn Just yesterday I started feeling sick at random times and feeling like throwing up (mainly at night and mornings) I'm 18 years old turning 19 this year. I'm sexually active and had sex during my period. Can someone please give me an idea of what could be happening?