Throwing up blood in mucus

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Avatar n tn I wouldn't want to add to your medicines but, Mucinex can be used to loosen and thin the mucus you are 'throwing up'... I used to take Entex daily for that same thing until they came out with Mucinex that was over the counter (but, expensive) Costco sells the SAME medicine for less and in greater quantities...I think it's called "Mucus Relief"... Best of Luck...
Avatar n tn The throw up only seems to be her food, no blood or mucus. She still acts rather playful and eats just fine as well. She hasn't lost any weight at all, and she may actually be gaining weight.
Avatar n tn It's almost entirely water that she is throwing up the rest is mucus/foam. She is still energetic and keeps trying to play with her toys. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Just came back from a bicycle ride in cold weather, which always results in too much mucus in my system. This time, I almost felt like throwing up, but it quickly went away when I relaxed my stomach muscles. Any ideas as to what happened?
Avatar m tn I have had excessive mucus in the back of my throat for a while now and it is really getting annoying. It's not in my lungs or in my chest, it is just in my throat. I have to cough it up (more like a hocking sound) all the time and it is disgusting and ANNOYING. I have never had allergies in my life and never any big disease problems at all. This thing is just annoying and I am wondering what in the world could be causing it. The mucus is clear with no blood or anything--just clear.
Avatar m tn Starting about two weeks ago, i started randomly throwing up mucus. I think it's nerves. lately i've been going through some harsh culture shock. In addition to that i've started a new job and I'm really stressed about it. All in all, I think it was nerves. This week, same thing, randomly throwing up mucus. Some days nothing, other days I'll throw up a bit. Interesting thing is that when i throw up i only bring up mucus. For example, I ate a sandwich the other day.
Avatar f tn Starting about 4 days ago I got sick and started tgrowing up mucus and blood. Now I am better but with morning sickness it is stomach acid and blood. Is thst normal or no? Im very paranoid.
Avatar n tn As soon as I hack a little bit up the wheezing goes away for a few seconds until the mucus returns in the throat, then I start all over again. This is very uncomfortable. Doesen't seem to bother me to much when I sleep, but starts in again as soon as I get up. It seems that I have to cough so hard to break this junk loose, and after the hard work it;s right back. The Dr.
Avatar n tn I occasionally pass blood and/or mucus in my stools - the mucus is usually either a dark or pinkish color, I don't have any pain. I'm very worried about what this could be, I have tests at the hospital but they couldn't find anything (I think a sigmodoscopy??) and my family don't have any history of anything like this.
Avatar n tn I have ulcers and have been throwing up a lot of acid and what looks like coffee grounds. There is also bright red blood in my stools. I'm loosing a lot of weight.
Avatar n tn My doctor sent me to a gastric doctor who said I was in the wrong place as blood will not come up unless you are throwing up. He suggested the ear/nose/throat dr. I had an appointment I had to cancel and I thought it had gone away til today when it happened twice. It was only happening at night I would wake up with that taste and spit. Now it's coming during the day. I do not smoke or have allergies. I do feel something is not right in my throat area.
Avatar m tn She gave him antibiotics, prilosec, benedryl and something else for his stomach which he took for a week. I stopped them after a week and he is throwing mucus up again. I have spent $500. so far. What can i do?
Avatar f tn Currently things that help are being well hydrated, ensuring that you breath through the nose to decrase/dry build up of mucus and bacteria in nasal cavity, neti pot but NOT religiously, sudafed when symptoms are really bad, and most importantly good diet, exercise, and stress management. FYI, when I get the flu for some reason the syptoms tend to decrease a lot. Could this be some sort of chronic viral sinusitis, in which your immune system temporarily fights the infection to relieve symptoms?
Avatar f tn He said it should be cleared up in about 10 says with the Claritin and to only use the inhaler when I need it. Well, that was three months ago and thank goodness for that $55 inhaler, bc I swear sometimes I feel like I'm about to die just going up the stairs or in the middle of the night after a cough attack. I've also been losing quite a lot of weight, bc I'm afraid to eat anything (the coughing and throwing up that ensues after I'm done eating is very weakening.
Avatar f tn Anytime your throwing up blood..... pregnant or not you need to get checked out....
Avatar n tn However, I still do cough when I go to bed (not as much or as bad as it was) and the only way I've been making it through the night is by taking Tylenol PM which does contain antihistamine. And I do still bring up mucus in the morning but it's not as bad as it was. Sometimes I start coughing after eating so have thought that it may have something to do with certain foods but can't determine which ones.
Avatar f tn After that pain passed and I didn't really look at my stool until yesterday when the water in the toilet had turned red and had spots of blood on TP, upon inspeaction found blood in my stool, was not in one area bits and little strands in mucus all over. I have no pain in my stomach and hardly any pain in my lower abdomen, if i do it is mild and lasts a few seconds. Not sure if the two incidents are related but the blood is the same red colour, and bits of mucus are present.
Avatar m tn Hello, Vomiting or throwing up of blood is called hematemesis. The source is generally the upper gastrointestinal tract.Causes may be lying in esophagus,stomach or duodenum like bleeding ulcers,varices, Mallory-Weiss syndrome (esophageal tear),inflammation of any of the three, irritation or erosion of the lining of the esophagus or stomach, vascular malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract and tumors of the stomach or esophagus.
Avatar f tn It is very possible when you were lifting the heavy bags you caused an increase in blood pressure in weak blood vessels and they began to bleed. If the cause was esophageal varicies they can be treated by either being banded or by taking a beta blocker to reduce the pressure in the enlarged weak blood vessels to prevent future bleeding episodes. Please avoid overexerting yourself until you can find out the cause and be treated.
325477 tn?1250554909 Passing of the Mucus Plug The mucus plug accumulates at the cervix during pregnancy. When the cervix begins to open wider, the mucus is discharged into the vagina and may be clear, pink, or slightly bloody.
Avatar n tn Could any of these things actually be linked? Or is it just a coincidence/in my head? Might the mucus be coming up because being full puts pressure on my lungs or something? Is there a reason why the pain tends to go away when I get my throat clear, or that time I threw up?
Avatar n tn mucus. It was my nightmare a few years ago. I had much stinky mucus in my throat. Now, when I eat more, mucus in not as much a problem. It just lays somewhere deeper. About my mind: I'm anxious person. When I meet people, I'm losing control and temperature of my body decreases. I start shaking then. But I'm still not sure whether my mind causes my body to freak out or reverse. I thing this is more going from the body. What do you guys thing about it? I tried some med examinations already.
Avatar n tn down to only throwing up in the middle of the night. Today was Day 13 and I just don't know what to do!
Avatar f tn My surgeon insisted it was due to trama from the breathing tube and not from the surgical site. However if you are throwing up blood versus coughing it up, an ER visit or call to your doctor would be warranted.
Avatar f tn If you are throwing up blood I would be in the ER. I had that with my second and they were afraid I tore my esophagus. I was told if my blood levels (something they check for internal bleeding) were high then I would be staying a few days. Thank goodness I didn't have to stay. I did have to have IV fluids with my 1st and 2nd and I just got dizzy, never passed out. I would find someone who would listen, that is a lot of weight to loose.
Avatar f tn I would not want you to remove dairy from his diet long term because he needs the calcium but you could try and remove all foods that have dairy for a few days just for a test and see if that goes away. Mine started with mucus in the stool. Then around 11yrs it turned in to diarrhea and stomach pain. Generally mucus is from irritation. Keep a food diary of everything he is eating so you can track it and see if it is something else he is eating.
Avatar f tn No, if directly related to this incident, this would not be TB. The onset was much too fast for that disease. As for throwing up, that too would not be an immediate sign of infectious disease. Wet hair and face would also be unlikely from spitting and it is likely that a four year old might have been sprayed or doused with something and, lacking the vocabulary to describe it, called it “spitting.” That, notwithstanding, his illness might or might not be related to what actually occurred.