Throwing up blood after tonsillectomy

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Avatar n tn After I had my son we were still in the delivery room for an hour becasue he ever time he tried to close me up I my uterus would contract and he would loose his grip and I would open back up again. After numerous attempts he finally was able to close me up but he rushed this procedure. While I healed my uterus & fallopian tubes bind together and became attached to the lining of my stomach.
Avatar n tn I just had my surgery yesterday July 6th it was the worst feeling throwing up blood couldnt wake up from the anesthesia couldnt eat a thing, today day two i'm eating, its a little uncomfortable and i'm doing saline 4x's a day the most annoying is the pressure from the splints in my nose although I know all will work out in the end i wish i hadnt done this but thats just me i have lo tolerance for pain, weird since i had three babies. Good luck to all!!!! Any suggestions for the pressure feeling?
964603 tn?1248226750 the anxiety is due to the extreme fear I have of throwing up, have had it since I was in elemtary school, and have been to several different types of therapy to deal with it, including exposure, so that is not the issue.) I have been to many different doctors and have had many different diagnoses and treatments. Other than all of this going on I am healthy, I exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep. All of my blood work and urine samples have all come back normal every time.
Avatar f tn Still having severe pain medication not working well and making me sick to my stomach after a week I began to develope spots on my calves (which I understand now meant that I was septic?
176838 tn?1211463974 ), lift my head off the pillow (just roll on to your stomach and push yourself up instead), and look over my shoulder quickly (driving). Other than that, not a big deal. After your surgery (especially if that "C" word comes into play) your doctor will try to keep you "hyper" - not hypo. Another thing you need to keep in mind though is there is a large number of us who have developed Type II diabetes after our thyroids were removed (three in my family).
Avatar n tn 2 weeks and 1 day. Tried it again, this time one week (same as before but this time throwing up, stomach problems-- may be due to Glucophage which I was not on the first time with Cymbalta). I was was looking forward to Cymbalta with such anticipation, so happy to finally get a prescription to try this. It took nearly 2 years with my insurance only to find it made my depression worse--much worse.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 27 years old and last year in October 2001 I started having a stomach pain/disturbance that ended up in acid reflux (U know the gnawing pain in your throath that feels as if a semi-tire spinning slowly) . I took Prevacid and it got fixed. 2 months later my symptoms: 1. Pain in the abdomen area (left and right) and a feeling of nausea. I feel as if I've been poisioned 1.5 months of constant sickness. Went to doctors (same routine depressed, it's in your head etc.
Avatar n tn The symptoms started just over 24 hours after she took the patch off. The first week was Hell; she couldn't even stand up straight because of the dizziness, the nausea was terrible, her vision was so blurred she couldn't see plus she had the worst headache of her life. Fast forward to today and she's still unable to walk more than a few feet without me there to support her, let alone drive her car or go back to work.
Avatar n tn I noticed it would be really bad at large stores for some reason. After some CT scans, heart and blood pressure monitors, blood work, etc, they haven't found anything majorly wrong and determined it was a blocked eustacian tube and told me to take Claritin and Flonase nasal spray. I've been on that for 3 weeks and it's only partially helped. Now the dizziness/imbalance only bothers me when I am walking around alot or moving my head/neck alot.
Avatar n tn I have had a total hysterectomy, so that is NOT an issue... About once a year, I end up in the hospital, very sick - throwing up uncontrollably. Was just in the hospital in July for a week... And they can never figure out what is going on..?! This is driving me nuts. Some of the MDs have suggested that I am just depressed - which is somewhat true -- as time goes by without a diagnosis - I do get discouraged... Any suggestions?????
436516 tn?1382388265 I am a 33 year female and since Sept, I have been having the itchy throat sensation which inevitably leads to coughing for at least a minute, running eyes, running nose, incontenance and throwing up. I once threw up on myself at the Humane Society and today I had to stop my car because I thought I was going to throw up! It's a very embarassing disorder, whatever it is. When it starts to come on, I start to feel panicked and want to run.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from thick sticky mucus .. clear but sometimes white . Its hard to get rid .. wont move . So thick and very distressing .its really effecting my quality of life . I forever howking up to try and move it ..but however much I do so and manage to get up ..theres always a ball of it just stuck at the back of my throat . Sometimes I can grab it and drag it out from the back of my throat .. thick and stringy .. and could almost tie it in a knot .
Avatar m tn i hear you on the looking pregnant one!!!!!!!!!!!!, crazy how much we can swell up!! i had blood test for coeliac but was negative, however, i know it can take a few tests for it to show, i have just changed gp again so will get tests again, have finally got date for barium swallow (a year after it was requested)!!
Avatar m tn It's best not to do this just after your meal as you may throw back up some of your meal. It's better to wait a little bit after your meal so that you don't end up barfing your dinner up. You'll have to try to ignore your gag reflex in order for this to be successful. I can actually feel the stuck food bits through the soft palate of my throat/nose area at the very back.
Avatar n tn They say she has sarcoi (excuse my spelling) but the medications they gave her actually just seem to make her worse, they had put her on this certain medication and it ended up makin her blood pressure go up, and she started to have blurry vision and see light streaks, and she was disoriented she went to the hospital her bp was 205 over 105 , she was pretty much on her way to having a heart attack.
Avatar n tn Hi...I have been suffering with this for about 7 weeks....I started out with a head cold, then sinus infection (so I thought)...I was on several rounds of antiobiotics which the ENT doctor says killed off everything. My left eustachian tube has been blocked of and on and when it does pop slightly I feel pain....I have been checked for fluid and they claim is none...could there be residual fluid inside the tube that is not showing up or just massive inflammation in the tube...
Avatar n tn I saw my GP three times and took about 4 rounds of antibiotics before he gave up on me and sent me to a ENT for my dizziness. The ENT gave up on me after 2 visits and is sending me to a neurologist. I just called the ENT myself and made the appointment. They didn't ask how many infections I had or anything. So I would say open the phone book and call a few unless your doc gives you a referal. How long have you had the dizziness? For me it's going on 4 months.
Avatar n tn During that time, it was extremely painful to swallow or talk. After I would finally get it pushed back into place, the pain would go away, but my whole neck would be sore up to my ear and through my jaw. It felt bruised, but no visible bruising on the outside. Over the next couple of years, this problem continued to get worse, happening weekly with some minor "slippage" on a daily basis. Throughout my life, I have talked to various family practice doctors about this problem.