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Avatar f tn Beth, I would recommend that you see a cardiologist, they can run multiple tests to see if there are any cardiac issues associated with the chest pain. Your symptoms "could" be related, but then again, they may not. Sometimes the chest pain is simply indigestion, but the "crushing" pain sounds different. When you say "left side", can you clarify? Left side of what, your chest, abdomen?
Avatar n tn I started having chest pain yesterday, left side,feels like it goes all the way through. In bed last night I could hardly turn over or sit up for the pain. Today I couldn't take a deep breath for the pain, plus it feels "tight" . Had a similar but less severe incident a month or two ago, went away gradually, ( 1 week or more). Went to my doctor today. I really thought it was digestive related ( I had a egd recently and they said I have a very slight hiatal hernia) .
1054801 tn?1327951999 please help i need advice about chest pain i been suffering from chest pain for about 6 almost 7 years now i had my ekg done back in 2005 but it came back norrmal i still continue to have pain i get the strong contraction like pain on my left side it seems to start under my breast bone and shoots straight up but not to my neck when that happens it last about a minute or less and i cant breath in!!
Avatar n tn But that couldn't stay in my system if I had throw that up too (hours and hours earlier), could it? After I threw up a couple times (a little while ago) my chest had some pain and when I burp I feel a sharp pain. I've read about this on other forums and some people thought that the persons stomach may have been scratched (from throwing up so much). It scared me and I'm wondering if anybody could tell me what it could possibly be. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Frequent burping or hiccups. Vomiting (throwing up) blood or having black, tarry stools. Weight loss.
Avatar f tn You will generally throw up blood though as it doesn't sit well in peoples stomach. medications that contain a cough suppressant may help over the short term to help reduce the irritation. However it will generally clear up for most people over a few days of rest and tea and chicken noodle soup. If it persists longer than that or if you have trouble breathing see your local doctor.
Avatar m tn hi i suffer from anxiety and gastric and for the past few days ive been getting a sharp rush up my chest ive been to the hospital about it and my gp and they tell me its just anxiety but i get it throught my chest it just comes now and then and realy doe scare me its like a little rush up my chest that comes now and then
Avatar f tn Sharp pain but different like stabbing pain. So I went to the dr they tested blood for EVERYTHING. Insulin, hormones, ANA, potassium, I don’t even know what all. Everything checked out fine. I saw my Cardiologist today, she doesn't think it is cardio because of my age and health. She said she would run a blood test for blood clots and a stress test. If all check out ok then sounds like she will stop looking for anything. Could this be the Syncope?
Avatar n tn My heart rate does go up a bit and I do have chest pain and a tingle in my left arm like others have said. They say that WPW is something people are born with. Personally I think its "our" diets we grow up eatting fast food along with other horrible things we feed our bodies. I'll encourage all of "us" myself included to eat better and stay away from fast food.
Avatar m tn I was feeling fin until i started eating. Then i started feeling sick like i was going to throw up. Then it started to go away a couple minutes later. When we got up to leave all of a sudden my arms and legs started to tingle as if they were falling asleep, but it was overwhelming and it didn't feel normal at all. So i went into the restroom and tried calming myself down. I splashed some water on my face and just convinced myself i was ok.
Avatar f tn It starts with a pricking sensation in my throat and then the coughing starts. It is so intense that I sometimes throw up because of it. Cough syrup has little effect. They gave me the following drugs: Benzonatate cap/ Bensau 100mg/cap.
Avatar f tn If you have been a smoker for 19 long years then it is commendable that you have quit smoking. Cough and chest pain can be the withdrawal effects of quitting. However any chest pain in smokers—past or current should immediately be investigated. It can be due to pleural effusion, inflammation, lung cancer or due to a clot or embolus. Rebound increase in blood pressure too could be the cause. Please do not delay, and seek medical care immediately. Take care!
Avatar n tn Heart beats fast, specially when I am asleep and then wake up with heart pounding. Very scary. Also have been having the chest pain on the left side near center like Shazu. It comes and goes. I know the heart palpitation is from menopause, went tocardiologist, did some tests and nothing was found. Had chest x-ray and it showed some spots. Don't know yet what they are. Afraid to find out. Will have ct scan. Also I feel even afraid sometimes to fall asleep, because of the palpitations.
Avatar m tn Yes, the pain can radiate up to yhe ribs and chest. I didn't even know I was that constipated till the dr said it. The med is LACTULOSE SOLUTION,USP, I didn't even know it was working and it tastes like honey, not bad. Remember a few months ago I had the same pains and ended up in the ER, thought I was having a heart attack. Hope this helps you like it helped me.
Avatar f tn Have you had a chest x-ray? I ask only because this could be related to your lungs, not your heart. If you had a small blockage or mucus build up in your lungs, it could manifest itself as a vibration upon breathing inward. This would not necessarily happen every time you breathe. Especially if it is related to a mucosal build-up, the vibration would only occur when the mucus was dislodged and therefore "vibrating" with the intake of breath.
6002753 tn?1378169387 well since I left the pain started again and nothing works and I haven't even eaten anything yet. I don't throw up or have the acid reflux burps. I am getting so tired I don't know what to do. I'm ready to give up. I am a little over weight and I do have asthma and diabetes. But my a1c is 6.4 and my asthma is well controlled. I'm just at a loss.
454421 tn?1208841688 New symptoms have arisen the last month or so and are increasing since here in Nashville. More chest pain, especially relatively new right-side chest pressure/pain. When it really builds up, right arm goes numb and I often lose pulse, especially if move arm up. Incredible chest pain and pressure when lying on left side. Feels like heart is "pushed" on and then my rhythms change until I move onto back or right side.
11741561 tn?1420767643 First, I'll start by saying that I have had trouble breathing for a year or so now. Recently, I have been waking up in the mornings short of breath, with chest pain, and slight numbness in my arms and legs. Right after I stand up, I get lightheaded, and feel like I am going to faint. Usually the pain start going away in the first hour. Some nights it gets so bad that I'll wake up with chest pain, and feel like I can't breathe.
Avatar n tn Sharp pain on my left lower back, chest area and down my leg and up my neck and left side of my chest. Always as early as 2 weeks prior to 2 weeks afterward of my menstrual cycle Difficulty breathing Deep chest pain always followed. wasn't constant every cycle only until I was in my 40's did the latter chest symptoms accure have them also check your Thyroid gland, T3 and T4 levels.I would also have them make sure you don't have Pleural (lung & chest cavity) Endometriosis.
1554262 tn?1374243601 As I stated at the beginning, none of my health professionals were ever able to come up with a reason for my chest pain. This is my own belief and it is working every time after suffering for decades (since my early 20s).
Avatar n tn My daughter is the same way. Before exams she tends to throw up and get terrible headaches. After it's over, she's fine. It's not fun, it feels quite real to your body but most likely your heart is just fine. Try doing some stress relieving fun things. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the exams.
Avatar f tn And sometimes the middle of his chest aches with the stomach pain. Just today he's complaining after eating of chest pain that is in the middle of his chest and runs down below his belly button in a straight line. And was moaning after breakfast. But not after lunch. But said the pain was back in his chest area after eating. The doctor has taken blood work as of yesterday along with a urine specimen and x-rays. We basically won't know anything until Wednesday which is tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I threw up for two years due to bowel blockage but by the time they found my cancer it had been 4 years at the least. Most pain is caused by bowel blockage. You throw up because the food can't go through your system so it comes back up. The only way to find ovarian cancer is an ultrasound. You have such a low percentage of getting ovarian cancer. I have the BRCA mutation. My grand mother and aunt died of ovarian in there 50's. If you are younger than 50 your chances are less.
682098 tn?1236911845 I shouldn't pick things up that are heavy but I noticed when I took out the trash it was heavy and I lifted it up to throw it in the compactor. After I did that the pains occurred. Sometimes they occur if I am totally relaxed and on the computer or just lying on the couch. Please if someone could give me some advise. I did check my blood pressure and everything is normal.
Avatar m tn turning to the opposite side for several nights usually clears up that pain. It's worth a try, since it's free to do. In fact, I'm sitting here writing to you at 4:53 am. because I spent too many hours on my right side last night.
1312898 tn?1314571733 I for one have learned only over the past month after ending up in a psyche unit for ten days.. giving up is just not an option.. I also take pain meds daily sometimes but agree that just upping our dose doesn't help it just makes the depression we are already prone to worse!! My mom learned about a cream for the muscle pain called Australian Dream Cream.. I thought for sure it would be a waste of time! My pain was far too great but it does help some with the hip and knee pain at times..
Avatar n tn Doctors usually know best, but thought I'd throw out for you that I also had chest discomfort (not pain, just pressure) and discomfort in my shoulder. Did well on all tests, and the doctors were convinced that it was not cardiac. The difference between us is that I have high cholesterol and a family history, but I work out quite often and am young (38) and don't smoke. Ends up, after pushing the doctors to do a heart cath, I had 80% blockage in my LAD and had angioplasty and 3 stents put in.
Avatar n tn I am 18 years old and I have sever chest pains at least 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes more. The pain usually comes hours after I eat. It first be in back then goes to my chest. My chest feels like its being crushed. My heart be raising and I be really scared thinking i am about to die or something. I thought it could gas or indigestion but it be lasting for an hour or longer. I throw up and eventually pass out. I called my doctor to get an appointment and I can't get one until April.
Avatar f tn I have a long hx of palpitations, since I was a child, and they have only recently bothered me. They seem to have intensifed and are often accompanied by a brief, sharp, grabbing pain in the center of my chest up to my throat/neck. Sometimes, my body actually "jerks" for a split second during a "strong" palpitaiton. Just had exercise stress test which did not go well.