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Avatar f tn 2) it wont work as well the next time you take it . Most likely he wil need another anti biotic . I'd get a different kind due to not finishing the other 1 and being resistance. Hope you gets better soon http://wiki.answers.
Avatar f tn does it protect us against colds and the flu? --------- It is not prescribed specifically for these aliments , However,actually, when doing HCV therapy your immune system is ramped up in high gear with the strongest antiviral medications there is. So it may be "less likely " for a viral infection to take hold.
867582 tn?1311630997 How long did it take you to get your answer? I'm going on 6 years of looking and bouncing from doctor to doctor. I'm tired. Thanks for your terrific post!!
168348 tn?1379360675 Read the post that I wrote earlier and it says 700 women 28 died. No one knows how they died meaning is it from the flu itself or from the tamiflu. Is it someone that already complications or possibly had other problems before the flu. Noone truely knows. It is all such vague information and statistics right now. So, do not believe all that you hear and read.
162948 tn?1205256292 My question is if that is normal once it has been removed and how long does it last. I had it in for over a year but wanted it removed because my husband and I are planning for another baby. So I have one more question, how long could it take to conceive once it is removed? and is it safe to try the first month that it has been removed?
551343 tn?1506834118 Many people with MS took it and it was also used in Parkinsons. Amantadine stopped working for flu so we now have tamiflu. So many people have been given tamiflu a resistance must happen shortly. A nasty chesty cough is typical with swine flu but chest infections and pneumonia are complications. If she is continuing to bring up green mucus I would insist on seeing her GP.
290018 tn?1240369468 They said the cat scan came back fine and that it didn't sound like migraines but they were not sure what it could be. Today he felt so bad he called in to work and decided to visit a family practice doctor. The doctor became very worried when he checked my husbands eyes...he said that his eye function is not correct. He asked some colleagues to check him out and made some phone calls. He said worst case it is possibly a brain tumor, he said second worst case would be MS.
242516 tn?1368227505 Tamiflu has been so overused that this year's flu strain is resistant to it - meaning it won't help you if you took it. This is important because in a minority of cases, the flu can lead to death from complications of pneumonia. The common cold has less severe symptoms than the flu. It's more likely to have the the symptoms of cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and fever without the chills, headache, muscle aches, extreme fatigue (a tired feeling), and loss of appetite.
Avatar m tn Does it hurt when you breath or it is hard to breath? Those are signs of pneumonia as well and fever but fever is part of the flu too.Good to get it checked just in case.
242516 tn?1368227505 There are a few reports of Tamiflu-resistant pandemic H1N1 viruses. With one exception, it has occurred in persons receiving Tamiflu for treatment or prophylaxis, a compelling case to limit unnecessary use. Studies of anti-vira drugs (Tamiflu and Relenza with limited data sets) show no evidence of toxicity to either pregnant or breast-feeding moms (CMAJ 7/7/09). Because of the potential danger of H1N1 in pregnancy, CDC strongly recommends treatment of pregnant women with an ILI.
Avatar f tn She says it hurts for her to bend her neck to her chest, but she is able to do it. I called the dr again and he said that maybe the Tamiflu has not gotten into her system yet and to see how she feels around 1 pm. Do you agree with what the dr has said/done so far? Or should I take her to the ER? I know I am very paranoid because two teens in this area died last month from the flu, but I'm not evern sure if she has the flu, because the swab came back negative. Thank you very much!
Avatar f tn I did not know this re pneumonia vaccine--mine is getting near to 5 years old so good to know this anyhow. You seem very knowledgeable; do you know how long Tamiflu actually lasts? I have a packet of Tamiflu (from Roche, prescription) from November 2004 that says it expires in 2006 but I've also heard that Roche guarantees its tamiflu for five years, and when I phoned Roche today they'd only say "We do not recommend use beyond the expiration date," nor will my doctor.
Avatar f tn So if this does happen and they have been given tamiflu for the wrong reason it probably wont work when they need it. Not only that it will give false figures and when we think we are in the clear, all the people who were misdiagnosed will probably catch it later towards the winter. The virus will never burn out at this rate. The best way to burn it out is to let it run its natural course.
865902 tn?1239312521 Before you get too “conspiracy theory” on me, let me assure you that I am not going to talk about how the influenza virus pandemic is the work of terrorists (unless the Napoleon and Snowball are trying to take over our farm). I am also not suggesting that children are terrorists (although some do raise my suspicion). The virus that brought such worry and even panic seems now to be “fizzling out” and people are now questioning if the authorities and the press overreacted to the threat.
167 tn?1374177417 Tamiflu doesn't stop H1N1, it just lessens the effects of it. So, if I'm going to get it, it's going to be regardless of the Tamiflu. I'm still taking my chances, as crazy as some people may think I am. It has been in our house now since Thursday and I have not gotten it. Chances are, at this point, I won't. I am finding as someone else stated that when one of my kids think they are better, the next time I ask, they are ill again.
1502806 tn?1289663913 I got really worried about how I was going to make it thru monday night without and found 1 pill at the bottom of my purse. I saved that pill for 9pm to give it an hour to work before trying to sleep. So all day Monday I research tram addiction and recovery options. I took the last pill monday night and while I still had the rapid heartbeat, I was able to breath through it and fall asleep. Sleep that night was sporadic at best.
422220 tn?1256768129 I got the MedHelp Newsletter a couple of days ago. Just glimpsed it...but it had a study done on a/d's. and placebo vs. real One of them was paxil...and it seemed to have the same effect on patients as the ones taking placebos....check it out, 'cause I am a bit foggy.
242516 tn?1368227505 You may benefit from Tamiflu or Relenza pills. What your doctor will do is test you for flu and if you have an untypeable flu (one that we doesn't match those we've seen before) it could be swine flu. I've been following the CDC on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/CDCemergency and at http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/ which CDC has promised to update at 3pm EST daily.
688450 tn?1259472334 Just was wondering has anyone out there been diagnosed with the H1N1? If so how are you doing? What are your symptoms and how bad is it? Did you have the vaccine at all? Did you catch it after or before the vaccine was administered? What are you doing to take care of yourself? What did the doctor prescribe after finding out you have it? If you don't have it do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with it?
358304 tn?1409713092 Thanks for your response. I'm actually not feeling as bad at the moment. I think the ibuprofen and tylenol are helping. My fever went away. I'm just so clogged up and my head feels like it ways 20lbs. I've been eating pretty good considering I have no taste. I've eaten an entire rotosary chicken throughout the day. What is it about cold salted chicken that always goes down good? LOL Also adding on... My wife, child and I have never had any major health problems, so I'm not too concerned.
Avatar n tn This is a big favor because whomever does it risks illness but if your mom would come and do it, that way you can be less exposed to it. Hope your little guy is better soon. The flu really stinks and it is scary when our kiddos are sick. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn I have gotten better from the flu , the only thing that has been bothering me is my throat , everytime I swallow anything water, juice, saliva etc it aches as my throat muscles does its work , when am not drinking water our eating it gets dried which then makes it itchy and I breath threw my nose so that wouldn't be why it's dry . Lol . Idk what to even do to help this darn ache .
599170 tn?1300977493 He's not worried about it and said that Tamiflu, if taken early enough, would be able to get rid of it. I did make it a point to ask him why this flu has caused so many deaths. He told me that we don't know how healthy these people were when they caught this flu, and we also don't know how long they waited to get treatment. So, we've got some advantage here!!!! We've got treatment and now, there's public awareness-meaning that people will make it a point to seek treatment EARLY!!
Avatar f tn Any thoughts as what I should do, I noticed it was there on Sunday because I felt it and thought I got it out thinking it was a scab, I don't have a clue how long it was in there for...I could use some help on what to do.
744596 tn?1246848615 I'm just worried about it, especially considering it is breaking out more and more in surrounding states. Does anyone else feel the same? Or am I the only concerned and worried one?
Avatar m tn I took an Oraquick test and it was negative after three months. and 14 weeks My whole family has gotten a bad cough, but I got it the worst. Went to see my Dr. who took a CBC and my lymphocytes were low. 14 when the normal range begins at 23. I am still very sick. I have chills. I have night sweats. Google "low lymphocytes" and nothing but HIV comes up. I'm terrified. I'll see my Dr. next week. Please. Do you think there's a large change I'm getting a false negative oraquick?
Avatar f tn I had a Dr appt anyways on the 4th of March, so my dr put me on Tamiflu for 5 days. I started with the cough..had the fever, aches, chills etc. That subsided about a week later-except for the cough. Approximatly 03/10 I woke up, and my right ear was plugged solid. A day after, I went down at work to our wellness ctr, the physician there said fluid but no infection. I waited a couple days, was feeling awful, with the non stop unproductive cough and the ear that was now painful.
Avatar n tn Anyway I want to know why not get Tamaflu? Does it have opiates in it or something? Thanks for your help again. Wish me luck and God Bless you all!!!
Avatar m tn How does swine flu spread? Influenza viruses can be directly transmitted from pigs to people and from people to pigs. Human infection with swine flu viruses are most likely to occur when people are in close proximity to infected pigs, such as in pig barns and livestock exhibits at fairs. Human-to-human transmission of swine flu can also occur.