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Avatar n tn There are long acting broncho dilaters like serevent (and a few others as found in Advair, Symbicort and Dulera) and short acting ones like albuterol. There are about three different forms of albuterol - pributerol (Maxair), albuterol (ProAir and Proventil), and levalbuterol (Xopenex). Other broncho diliaters include caffeine, theophyline, anticholinergics like atrovent and spireva. Corticosteroids check the ingredients of Advair, Symbicort and Dulera.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant, my asthma attacks suddenly kicked up in winter - cold dry air is always bad for me but the pregnancy was making it worse. I started to take Symbicort, it helped a bit - my OBGyn was OK with that medication, you can mention it to your doctor. Not a miracle cure though. The Albuterol inhaler (blue spray?) never worked for me and it will also get my heart racing very badly.
Avatar f tn Then he put me on Spiriva and I had no problem. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't this Dexamethasone have some of the same ingredients as Symbicort -- namely steroids?
Avatar n tn he said it was unusual i did better on the test without the inhaler..he gave me symbicort 160/4.5 and a prescription for a albuterol nebulizer.....i am really frustrated and depressed now..i feel like crying at times..i dont know whats wrong with me..i've had x rays done...i've had an ekg test done...blood tests...all came out literally sick of all this...i want to feel healthy again... i want to feel like the old me and not worry about my breath all the time...
Avatar f tn Now granted, most people do not have an issue with mucus from those ingredients. But afterward I seem to be fine.. until, that is, I start to go back to a more inclusive diet. The fast can be difficult (and definetly not a good way to lose weight) but it is nice to have a break from all the clearing of the throat.
Avatar n tn I have 2 different inhalers, alburteral and symbicort. Neither of them work. They have said i have anxiety, stress, and even may think its acid reflux, which i dont think it is that. The last time i went to the doctor the specialist told me it was a "teenage girl thing" really?! that mad me more mad.
Avatar f tn I use rescue inhalers at the rate of 1 a week, daily nebulizer treatments, Singulair, Symbicort, and have become Prednisone dependent as well. The long-term use of Prednisone has caused steroid induced diabetes and cataracts, which can't be removed as long as I am still on steroids. My adrenals have stopped working on their own because of the long term use of steroids, and I go into adrenal failure when my docs try tapering me off. I was active, thin and healthy before contracting pertussis.
Avatar f tn In essence, the fewer ingredients, the better it tastes. I have not been able to find any information about a treatment or cure that works for this other than a few references to people having it last 4 - 6 years and then it just goes away. Here's hoping....