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Avatar f tn Sublingual (under the tongue) vitamin B12 - 1000mcg daily is highly recommended for see if this improves your chronic unexplained cough. I use sublingual spray which i prefer; no waiting for the sublingual tablet to dissolve. Try 2000 IU vitamin D3 daily for asthma and mucus build up. If i forget to take my vitamin D3 supplement, i find myself clearing my throat due to excess phlegm.
Avatar m tn My cough can happen at any time, on occasion I can be at my desk and all of a suden start coughing for a minute or two all the while trying to cough something up. Once I do it feels better but can quickly come back. Exercise triggers coughing but I may be able to workout for 15-30 minutes before and then when done start to cough. Again, I cough hard until something comes up and then less so...also laughing makes me cough...
Avatar m tn If a chronic, dry cough is due to atenolol, how long should the cough linger after tapering off? I have taken atenolol 25-50 mg/day for more than 20 years to slow the heart rate while having paroxysmal atrial fib (and also for mildly elevated BP). Each year I have experienced a dry hacking cough lasting 3-6 mos - the duration of the coughing seems to have increased with time.
Avatar f tn It keeps me up at night and I have thick white sometimes yellow phlegm that I cough up daily. It is very hard to cough up and I cough extremely harsh. It seems like it is all upper respitory to me. In April 2008, I had my first mini sinus surgery which did not help any of my symptoms. They did find MRSA in the sinuses. In July 2008, I tested positive for asthma and was put on different inhalers (symbicort and advair), also albuterol inhaler and I have been doing albuterol nebulizers as well.
Avatar f tn The cough is difficult to ascribe only to a cancer recurrence for smokers and for those who have undergone surgery. The only clear way of diagnosing the recurrence is to see it on the imaging, and hence, the PET would be able to give the best evidence for or against it. It seems that she has also received the full battery of drugs, including suppressants and antibiotics. It may be a good idea to keep a diary as to time and place where the attacks are more frequent.
Avatar n tn PLEASE HELP My wife has had a chronic cough for seven years. The cough started when she had pneumonia and then never stopped after the pneumonia was cleared. She has been seeing an expert/cough specialist without much success. There are some peculiarities to her cough which I believe offer a clue as to the cause; however, the specialist does not seem interested in pursuing the matter. My wife has had multiple airway tests, swallowing tests, allergy tests etc.
Avatar f tn Some relief with gabapentin but not enough to say it helps for sure. Should we try symbicort again for awile even though he passed a methycollene challenge and was deemed athsma free? He did test positive for mycoplasma in November but negative for all serious respiratory diseases and allergies.
Avatar n tn This inhalor is quite expensive, and I have never had need for one before. But then again. my cough has never persisted for so long (now nearing one and a half months). It is a mild, persistant cough. Should I purchase these medicines?
Avatar m tn I have had a chronic cough since November 2014 which has pretty much taken over my life. It's worst at night (either before bed or I wake up in the middle of the night coughing - like tonight) - or in the morning. The really bad coughing fits also happen during the day sometimes but not as frequently. But I have some degree of cough all the time. I'm male, almost 48yo, ex-smoker (quit 17 years ago), computer programmer by trade, C-level executive of a company I founded 18 years ago.
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago I developed an irritating cough. After one week this cough progressed into a paralyzing cough. When I go into my coughing fits, It makes me very dizzy, and feels like I am going to pass out. In fact, I have to support myself. Immediately after my coughing fit, I can't get my breath, it is like my airway is shut off. Kinda scary! If I remain calm, I can regain myself. This happens more in the morning, and evening, averaging about 15 fits a day over the last three weeks.
Avatar n tn PS-I received Z-pack for both sinus infections.
Avatar f tn This got kind of long. I am sorry about that. I just felt like all of it could really help you. First I would really like more information about what tests have been done? What were the results? What medications you have tried, how long you stayed on them, and did you take them consistantly as directed? When were you first diagnosed with asthma. It would also help to know what kind of doctors you have seen as well. Believe me, I know how frustrating long asthma flares can be.
Avatar f tn All I had was a little sinus swelling. So the dic put me on Symbicort inhaler 2 x a day for a month to start and a 15-day course of tapering Prednisone along with some cough syrup (guaifenesin and a little codeine) but only about three days worth of the syrup. None of it is really suppressing this cough. First couple of days I had a slight amount of blood in the urine from the prednisone. I guess I was dehydrated...and I do take a diuretic daily.
920958 tn?1477581193 I have had Chronic Bronchitis/Asthma Exacerbation since the end of May. (Recurring for 8 yrs on & off) I've been taking antibiotics, prednisone, symbicort, breathing treatments every 6 hours & cough syrup with codeine. I have been in the hospital twice. The symptoms have not gotten better. I went to my Pulmonary doctor yesterday and was given more prednisone and symbicort. I have chest pain when coughing, bending and last night I was awakened by chest pain (I was sleeping on my back).
Avatar n tn hey all, I am a 26 year old who was diagnosed with broncitis in August. I was put on antibiotics for the cough but the cough never completely went away. I have had the cough now for about 4 months. I have a major tickle in my throat which causes me to cough a lot. Anybody have any ideas what this could be??
563648 tn?1294326777 Now, I noticed that these get worse when it gets cold outside and the air gets dry...also I have had a bloody stuffed up nose for like a month now...I am on symbicort inhaler, albuterol inhaler, and nasacort...these don't seem to help me that much. If I used a humidifier...would that help me?.....what else do you recommend that I do?...the pulmonologist said that because I am young, and I only smoked for eight years, that there's a chance that this will get this true?.....also...
Avatar f tn For the past week or so, I have been having to cough a lot because it feels like something needs to get out, but isnt coming out when I cough. I notice that is it worse in the evening, sometimes I almost puke because I cant stop coughing. I live in a basement apartment, that was just renovated and is very dry.
Avatar n tn Hi ive just started my course of prednisone. The dr has prescribed me 30 mg for 3 days for bronchitis. Ive had a cough for 7 weeks now and hasnt shifted. Last night i felt able to breath but my throat is very sore this morning. I was just wondering whether id be ok to continue use and will i have severe sides effects from not taking the medicine after 3 days dose?.
Avatar f tn Funny, during the heigh of WC nothing would stop the cough for me not even the prescription cough meds. I spoke to my dr. last week and it she thought it odd I was still dealing with episodes. They come on maybe once or twice a week. I did have a total 8 week span when I had none, thought it was totally gone. She wants to investigate further when I see her next month for my annual :( I totally get your not going to the dr. yet.
Avatar n tn I've been treated for asthma for over 10 years...usually, during the Spring and Fall seasons my controller inhalers work fine...but over the past year, I've developed a cough which comes on when I'm teaching in my evening classes and it prevents me from finishing sentences, in that it grabs my words. My doc and I have become frustrated and now, since we tried everything from Advair and Astelin to Symbicort, and QVar and Singulair (not all at the same time).
Avatar n tn I started wheezing, coughing, and spitting up phlegm (yellowish in color) about 8 months ago. Since then I have been on various rounds of antibiotics, prednisone, cough syrups, singular, symbicort, albuterol etc. I had been treated at the allergy clinic years before for allergies and asthma. I have had to take about 8 days of 10mg prednisone about 4 -5 times in the last 8 months. It is about the only thing that helps my coughing and spitting up of phlegm.
Avatar n tn I experienced a similar recurring respiratory problem about ten years ago. Something best described as "bronchitis" would come and go for no apparent reason. At that time, I had no history of a chronic respiratory problem and I never had a problem with allergies. Eventually, I saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic who diagnosed my recurring respiratory problems as allergy induced. I did not readily accept this because I had no history of allergies.
Avatar f tn Hi---- I've had a chronic bronchitis/cough for going on 7 months following a horrible bout of H1N1. I've constantly been cycling these symptoms--- phelgm starting in the throat, progressing to a productive cough, green or yellow phlegm, low grade temps, then symptoms subside for a week or so, then reappear. Background-- I have allergies, asthma (but haven't needed any treatment in 12 years), and chronic sinus infections. I was hit hard with the H1N1 and it really affected my asthma.
Avatar m tn I have had Chronic Bronchitis since the end of May. I've been taking antibiotics, prednisone, symbicort, breathing treatments every 6 hours & cough syrup with codeine. I have been in the hospital twice. The symptoms have not gotten better. I went to my Pulmonary doctor yesterday and was given more prednisone and symbicort. I have chest pain when coughing, bending and last night I was awakened by chest pain (I was sleeping on my back).
Avatar m tn Beta blockers are well known for causing chronic cough. Other heart conditions and medications can cause chronic cough as well. If you don't get relief from the cough with continued use of the Advair and Aciphex, you may want to see an allergist. They are better trained to treat chronic cough. Some things you may want to try at that point are different medications specifically Dulera or Symbicort instead of the Advair and adding allergy medications and nasal sprays.
Avatar f tn I'm on my 4th round of antibiotics, I take albuterol, symbicort, spiriva for the asthma. Paxil for depression/anxiety. Various medicine for the gerd. My whole body aches, I have a headache everyday, the past 4 months my voice has been in and out. I'm tired of this feeling. Its making my anxiety worse. I feel like a hypochondriac. I think my doc only believes in my respiratory issues and not any of my pain or how severe my anxiety has gotten. He hasn't done any bloodowork.
Avatar f tn I have chronic post nasal drip and cough, pain in front of head and sinuses and sometimes a 'wheezy' throat (and generally being worn out). Things that I find seem to make it worse are eating anything with milk in, dust, car fumes, cigarette smoke & animals. Recently been to see my Dr. He suggested Singulair which sounds great but I am worried because it has lactose in. So far I have taken it for 2 weeks the pain has stopped but the post nasal drip and cough continue.
757137 tn?1347200053 They work well in controlling my asthma symptoms. The only symptom that doesn't go away is a chronic cough due to excess lung mucous. The long lasting bronchodilator should only be used together with a steroid inhaler. This is a website that will help identify other drugs you can use. Spiriva I have heard is good for COPD.
Avatar m tn In mid March, I was able to breathe well for a brief one week window, then the chronic cough came back. Additionally I've developed anal leakage, and blood in stool, and coughing up blood as well. In May a different doctor couldn't really make a diagnosis and prescribed me with some sort of nasal spray, insisted that I take anti-histamine to rule out allergies, and also prescribed me Symbicort, Budesonide/formoterol. After 10 days treatment, the breathing issues became agitated.
1386655 tn?1452100656 The only thing I have been left with is a chronic cough. I went to a pulmonary specialist in 2006 and he told me I have cough variant asthma. I have been taking on and off since then the usual asthma medicines. About 6 months ago I stopped everything. I never had any relief from any of the meds and I figured at this point it wouldn't make a difference and it didn't. About two months ago I decided to go to another pulmonary dr for another opinion.