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Avatar m tn I take symbicort once in the mornings (9 years) and smoke about 14 ciggs per working day (after im high ill only have 2 cigarettes in 4 hours). I have asthma and mild chronic bronchitis. I know that my bronchitis is caused by my smoking, and fueled by my post-nasal drip. Its really just fluids. Chest x-rays showed healthy lungs, and diaphragm/lung capacity/breathing tests said everything was better than normal.
Avatar n tn I have had acute bronchitis for 2 weeks, taking Symbicort and comvibent, took 2 rounds of antibiotics but still not feeling good, bad chest pain and discomfort. I got a IM shot of betamethasone one week ago, I wonder when it starts working. Cough is gone, it was bad. Can you share your experiences about acute bronchitis? How long does this take to heal and feel better? How much corticosteroids is good for bronchitis?
Avatar f tn Over the last 2 months, I've been dealing with what my asthma specialist thinks may be atypical bronchitis. The symptoms are a non-productive cough and chest tightness. I'm currently on clarithromycin (for almost 30 days now) and he switched me to a new asthma inhaler Symbicort. I was previously on Advair. When my symptoms first began, my internist thought I had a ulcer that was causing the chest pain and cough. I was scoped, found to have gastritis and was given Prilosec.
Avatar n tn What is the next step if Symbicort (the strongest strength) is not working all the way? Symbicort is being used for severe allergies. Asthsma, bronchitis, and COPD ruled out by a pulmonary doctor. Have taken for almost 2 weeks. Could it be excessive mucus? Why is Sybicort only working to a certain extent? Thanks for any help.
168348 tn?1379360675 daughter - now on symbicort - albuterol - zithromax peaks down to 320
5037123 tn?1362666606 Last week I was diagnosed with Asthma (through a breathing test) after two bouts with Bronchitis and lots of coughing. My doctor gave me Advair. After 3 doses I began getting back pain between my shoulder blades. Not sure if it was from the Advair I took another dose and the pain got worse. I contacted my doctor and he changed me to Symbicort. I had no problem for 3 days, but after today's dose the back pain is back. Is this typical or am I doing something wrong when inhaling.
Avatar m tn but no significant increase in FEV1 after bronchodialator.... Every day I feel little tightnes, even if I take symbicort...daily moring and evening..... saw pulmonologyst 5 months back, he suggested to continue with the same+singulair.... Feeling very desprate....please help with some suggestions.....
Avatar f tn will be starting on champix and will be done with ciggarretes in 2 weeks but i was told if i take ventalin and smoke pot it could kill me and i currently take symbicort and ventalin (salbutamal sulphate) but i asked a nurse about if i was to smoke sum pot one day if i didnt take the ventalin all day would i be ok and she said yes but i would like a professionals information so my question is it ok for me to take symbicort and smoke on occasion?
920958 tn?1477581193 I have had Chronic Bronchitis/Asthma Exacerbation since the end of May. (Recurring for 8 yrs on & off) I've been taking antibiotics, prednisone, symbicort, breathing treatments every 6 hours & cough syrup with codeine. I have been in the hospital twice. The symptoms have not gotten better. I went to my Pulmonary doctor yesterday and was given more prednisone and symbicort. I have chest pain when coughing, bending and last night I was awakened by chest pain (I was sleeping on my back).
563648 tn?1294326777 all the tests were within normal range, but before I had the tests, the pulmonologist said that I have all the classic symptoms of chronic bronchitis....these are the symptoms I have...I have had Shortness of breath for a year and three months now....burning pain in my chest and back...coughing up blood.....Now, I noticed that these get worse when it gets cold outside and the air gets dry...also I have had a bloody stuffed up nose for like a month now...
Avatar f tn My primary care doctor didn't send me to a pulmonary specialist because there is nothing (I was told) that can be done about it. However, in the past two years I have now had some pretty bad brushes with bronchitis and now am fighting a nearly month-old issue with coughing and head congestion. My doctor prescribed prednisone, Symbicort, and also wants to give me Levaquin. I am over 55 years old, and I also have pre-diabetes (6.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I am still suffering from chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, asthmatic bronchitis? I'm recovering from bronchitis but this year only have 1 infection. Even after regular use of the inhalers/nebulizer I was having breathing problems- HC and prednisone helped me to breathe and relax. is this because my asthmatic bronchitis is going to be lifelong? I have low cortisol 2.4 and testosterone- is this causing my immune system problems?
Avatar m tn I have been having problems with asthma and bronchitis lately. I take symbicort 2 times a day. Xopenex as needed. I also have had bronchitis last 3 weeks and given antibiotic but still have really bad dry cough. It sounds like a crackle when i cough but lungs sound clear. I also smoke but not that much. I am going to see pulmonary doctor next week. I have had ct scan last year and everything was good except for extra tissue on right side of chest. I also take tesslon pearls for cough.
Avatar m tn The doctor said that I developed asthmatic bronchitis and acute environmental asthma- was around a lot of 2nd hand smoke and smoked a little. I've had recurring infections almost 1 a week last year- I was in the ER with an abscess on my back requiring draining. sometimes the symbicort/proventil doesn't seem to work and I don't feel normal- I have trouble breathing and low cortisol, chronic fatigue. I also have sleep apnea and am maybe 20-30 pounds overweight.
638132 tn?1223950668 I am 57 year old male. About 4 years ago I began having reoccurring bronchitis issues. The first year it was twice and increased each year until I have it reoccurring continually. It is precipitated by either swimming or simply walking. I have made a sure correlation with the cold water and sweating/the cool wind hitting my chest while walking. Simply walking in my neighborhood will within days set things off. I have used a treadmill indoors and this does not happen I live in So Calif.
Avatar m tn when i was eighteen i was burned in a fire i told that i have scarring on one of my lung. i have been test done an found out that i have chronic bronchitis is there a treatment for it. and can it turn in to copd and ill i have to stop working because of it.
Avatar n tn In the past 16 days I have begun using Spiriva in addition to the 2 doses of Symbicort I was using daily. Although I get good (better) results from the combination than Symbicort alone, since starting the Spiriva, I am experiencing very dry mouth, and nasal passages to the extent that I occasionally experience light bleeding when I blow my nose.
959034 tn?1253675076 I'm allowed to take up to 8/day of symbicort 200 on a regular basis. That is the beauty of this one. Unfortunately Symbicort doesn't come in a stronger dose,as I was informed by my specialist. The only other one that is stronger is Advair 500...but you can't up the number of puffs on that one like you can with Symbicort, so it too is self limiting. I'm working on this issue yet with my specialist. I will let you know what solution she comes up with...
Avatar m tn Sometimes it got better and then it flared up again. She had went to our doctor many times. At first the doctor thought she had bronchitis, gave her some medications and she seemed fine. This was after an xray. Then most recently, she coughed almost constantly. She went to our doctor again and an xray showed some sort of abnormality. The doctors nurse didn't specify, but a MRI was ordered. As you can imagine we are having anxiety attacks waiting on the outcome.
Avatar f tn It started, actually, after a case of bronchitis I had a few months back. It feels like my lungs never went back to normal after it. As soon as the weather started getting very hot, I haven't been able to breathe normally - even albuterol doesn't fully work. It gets rid of my wheezing, but I still feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest, and I have to strain to take in full, deep breaths. I've had asthma for years. I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day (I know, I know, horrible.
Avatar n tn I get diagnosed with bronchitis by random walk in clinic doctors about once a month. Over the last 2 years, I have frequently been sick, and been diagnosed with bronchitis fairly regularly, but it has increased to about once a month over the past 6 months. My lungs often hurt, I cant breathe in deeply without coughing and discomfort, and even when I'm not sick with bronchitis, I feel generally filled up mucus wise, and cough a lot.
Avatar m tn I have had Chronic Bronchitis since the end of May. I've been taking antibiotics, prednisone, symbicort, breathing treatments every 6 hours & cough syrup with codeine. I have been in the hospital twice. The symptoms have not gotten better. I went to my Pulmonary doctor yesterday and was given more prednisone and symbicort. I have chest pain when coughing, bending and last night I was awakened by chest pain (I was sleeping on my back).
Avatar n tn Over the last year or so, this persistant cough has gotten much worse, and tends to last more than a month. Recently, a doctor I went to prescribed prednisolone, and symbicort (an inhalor). He told me that my cough is due to a sensitive windpipe and causes chronic bronchitis. He also gave me some antibiotics. He did not take an xray to confirm bronchitis. This inhalor is quite expensive, and I have never had need for one before. But then again.
Avatar n tn I've lived near a cat (outdoors with access to my husband's study) for 18 years, and have treated my asthma with albuterol, adding ventolin when necessary. About 12 weeks ago I caught bronchitis, then wildfires broke out near my home that made the air unhealthy for about 2 weeks. This provoked a severe asthma attack -- for three weeks. Treatment proceeded thus: 1. 1 week Medrol plus Symbicort (60 mg). Little effect - my lung function was at 74%. 2. 10 -day course of .
492869 tn?1285022533 Even though I am feeling much better, he changed my medication a little. He increased my Qvar to 4 puffs daily, and decreased my Symbicort to 4 puffs daily with a maximum of 8 puffs (same max as before). I'm getting my Theophylline level tested to see if we can raise that at all, as well as a Tryptase test.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you had pulmonary function tests (PFT’s) performed, in the doctor’s office at a time when you were suffering from acute bronchitis. In that circumstance of acute bronchitis, it is not prudent to either make the diagnosis of severe COPD or declare that you have the lungs of a 90 year old.
942934 tn?1268111982 I have asthma and take regularly symbicort 200 (6 puffs/day). I had problems with asthma control before I got the infection, and am seeing a respirologist for this problem. Over 8 weeks ago I woke up one morning with mucous rattling in my chest, and after the third day I developed a fever. I spent 5 weeks on prednisone for the exacerbation and 10 days of antibiotics. Still was producing excess mucous after 3 weeks and saw the respirologist again. She told me that my lungs are healing up.
Avatar n tn Just been diagnosed as having inflamed Bronchus, and placed on Symbicort (Budesonide & Formoterol) by a GP, who states I should use it for a 2 week period (once when I get up, once before bed), and then take it as and when I need to in the future,although manufacturer states that it is a long term medicine that should not be stopped suddenly?!
Avatar f tn I have bronchitis with a severe cough I am taking 50mg cortisone a day I am not able to cut down yet as the cough is too severe. It's been around 4 weeks since it started as a sore throat and moved down to my chest am taking antibiotics Clarithromycin 250mg & Doxycycline Monohydrate (50mg), Rikodeine or Codeine cough suppressant, Symbicort inhaler. I'm not sleeping well a couple of hours here and there and I'm exhausted, am severely constipated. I'm off work, but need to get back ASAP.