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Avatar n tn Hi can someone please help me out here and tell me about suboxone, I am on 320 mg of Oxycontin a day, I severe dosage of Oxycodone and my dr has prescribed this to me for over 2 years and i need to come off, How many mg of suboxone would I need per day, I called and reaced out to many suboxone doctors and it seems all they care about is how much cash you have.
Avatar n tn It seems that suboxone is the topic with the most mystery. I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I've been on it for a while and have had some interesting experiences; many were not among those I'd read about. I would like to converse with someone who is also on this drug and share experiences. Let me know if you're on it or if you have been and gotten off.
Avatar f tn Any doctor can write Suboxone for pain. Only doctors with special training and a DEA number with an X at the beginning can write for Suboxone for withdrawal/addiction treatment. And while there are lots of clinical trials happening right now, the drug was approved by the FDA in 2002 for the treatment of addiction. Too bad they didn't do a better job of fact checking before airing the story.
15898092 tn?1443804734 You're not really at 2mg. Your blood serum level is more like 6mg (6mg suboxone x 25 = 150mg morphine equivalence per day) I'm not tell you this is scare you or to tell you it can't be done. I've read posts here from people who quit from much higher levels. I just think an honest assessment of where you are is in order. I think someone at your level will be in some form of acute WDs for 2 - 3 weeks, with a couple months of lethargy and depression.
Avatar m tn but thats the truth. My doc wrote me a script for suboxone in May of 2008 (2 months before I went into the detox center), but couldn't afford it at the time ($380.00 for the script) and eventually lost it so I went to detox. MY QUESTION - Am I still a candidate for suboxone? Im thinking of asking my doc if she will give me 2 days worth of suboxone, before paying for a full script, just to see if it helps me feel somewhat normal.
Avatar f tn And then if you are unsuccessful call a doctor for Suboxone. Suboxone is also an opiate so it also must be tapered and some people do have withdrawals with it. You may be able to just do this once by getting of the oxy by tapering, instead of starting another drug that you have to taper to get off of.. You see what I am saying?
Avatar m tn Hi there I am scheduled to start Suboxone this Monday for a very extreme Oxy habit. We can please save the talk/comments about using Suboxone at all, I have thought long and hard and spoken at length with my GP, this is the way it is going to be for many reasons I can't begin to explain here. What I am looking for is help from someone who has gone in Suboxone maintenance therapy before.
643717 tn?1224557818 This is my 2nd day of suboxone (8mg tabs), every 12 hours. Holy sh** i hope these killer headaches go away, along with the nausia, i feel like puking every few minutes, and also the fatigue, BUT, on the bright side, I have had absolutey zero withdrawel symptoms, it is quite amazing. Im looking to chat with other addicts like me, who are in the same boat. even my dr said it would be a good idea, so, here i am !! looking forward to putting these dam pills behind me for good.
Avatar f tn i was now 7 months pregnant. he said he didnt want to lose us. he has then gotten himself into rehab. he was put on suboxone and is currently weaning off to finish after about 6 months. my question is how can i be certain that hes off. and that he hasnt relapsed again. what are some signs. it has me paranoid constantly. i know his rehab test his urine the first few months. but i just cant shake this feeling that he will go back to his old ways. his brother is in rehab too now.
Avatar m tn Today makes the 10th day since I last took any Suboxone and I continue to feel normal with no withdrawal symptoms or PAWS. I slept about 6-7 hours and woke up 10 minutes before I had set the alarm to go off, had my morning pot of coffee and I'm good for the day. Today is my birthday too, so I'm going to order a pizza, play video games all day, and relax. I'll still be home alone, the phone won't ring and nobody will stop by to see me, but that's an everyday thing and fine with me.
Avatar f tn I was on MS Contin 100 mg pills, my script was 120 of them a month (4 x daily) and that script is around $1150. Suboxone is about half of that. The people I know that were on it before me said they got it from an addictionologist or someone like that. I also know methadone clinics do prescribe suboxone as well, but you would have to enroll in there program.
Avatar f tn They don't call it chasing the dragon for nothing ;). Your supposed to take the Suboxone when you start to kick. I'm not sure about the correct number of strips to take, if the doctors didn't give you instructions you should call them. If you have someone that you can give the strips to and they can give them to you that would probably be ideal. Once you start to crave more it will be harder to take them as prescribed. You got this though. One day at a time, or even one minute at a time.
Avatar n tn I know Suboxone is a tense subject to some, but as someone who has made it all the way through Suboxone treatment, and is 168 days clean from any opioid, I feel a responsibility to offer my honest experience. The doctors definitely weren't completely honest about its efficacy, and I wish I had completely honest input before I went on it.(Note, I am not saying doctor's are purposefully dishonest. I think many are misinformed by Rickett and its "data." That being said...
Avatar m tn and never mind if your have been on it for an extended tome, you CAN suffer PAWS for up to 3 years, which is another reason people USUALLY do not obtain success when coming off methadone completely, the withdrawals are NOTHING compared to any other withdrawals i have ever felt, worse than heroin, percocets and oxycontins, thus my reason for switching to suboxone. suboxone is nothing like this, it is not to be compared to methadone, i have been on both and the difference is HUGE.
Avatar f tn But I hear subtex is the way to go with preganacy if your on suboxone. They say methadone is number 1 tho. So I don't know if they will go that route or not! Keep me updated tho. I could use a friend going thru similar with all this!!!
Avatar f tn I need to stop using heroin. I have been to detox numerous times within the past 7yrs & have learned from experience that suboxone can be used for a 5 day detox & by day 6 you would have no withdrawals. i just do not remember the amounts of subs i took. I've using about 5 bags of heroin a day for the past few months but have been addicted to opiates for 9yrs now.
Avatar f tn Although the lingering effects from the x may be keeping your dopamine levels somewhat high it sounds to me as if you have a much bigger problem. You are dealing with addiction and even though you are tapering from suboxone you are playing with fire by continuing to use. You are only three days into trying to solve a "life long" problem and you think you've found the solution in ecstasy.
Avatar m tn I'm getting pretty close to the 30mg mark on Methadone and want to jump to Suboxone, then finish my detox on that. I do not want to do any sort of maintanence on sub, just finish my detox. Has anyone done this, and if so, how long did you have to stay on Sub, before starting the detox off of that? If I stay on methadone, @ this dose it's gonna be another year on this crap if I don't want to kill myself with the w/drawals of detoxing too fast. Plus, I hate the drive EVERY day.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi! Welcome to Part 11! There's a huge number of posts on Tramadol recovery here. Please come in and make yourself Comfy!
Avatar m tn Hi & Welcome We do have some X H users on here..Keep checking your post..I sent a message to one. It is slow right now..As far as the Trams they are very addicting and I came off the Methadone with 2 other meds over a year ago and have compared notes with the Tram people. It is just as bad. Please reconsider that Med. Keep checking you post..OK?? I wish you the best and we are here to help you..
666151 tn?1311117976 By now almost every opiate addict has heard of Suboxone, the relatively new medication for opiate dependence. I initially had mixed feelings about Suboxone, my opinion likely influenced by my own experiences as an addict in traditional recovery. But my opinion has changed over the past two years, because of what I have seen and heard while treating well over 100 patients with buprenorphine in my clinical practice.
5070822 tn?1363147960 That is a VERY high dose of Suboxone to just stop, and Suboxone is a longer withdrawal than the other opiates. When I was on Suboxone my doctor had an emergency line, can you call the number to see if yours does? ... Thinking of you...
Avatar n tn Have you tried the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville? Their appointment phone number is 904-953-0323. By the way, where is the pain? Is it located more to one side? If the pain originates from the back of her head, she is probably deang with occipital neuralgia (ON). I've been fighting ON for 30 years (I'm 47 now), and I've had multiple surgeries, injections, and have taken many dozens of medications over the years. Right now, I take Cymbalta, Lyrica, Keppra, and Lexapro, along with Suboxone.
Avatar m tn I have strong lungs can hold breath for almost 2 min. Headaches often. I am on suboxone for a substance abuse problem a few years ago. Vicodin. I'm clean but I am very scared. Had a chest X-ray 1 1/2 ago clear and Pulmonary doc said I could do what ever for next 20 years but I would get Emphysema so quit smoke soon! I'm working on it! I'm am soooo scared u know when somthing feels off. I wanna live. I'm married and a father and working on number two. Please any help advice would be great.
Avatar m tn I have strong lungs can hold breath for almost 2 min. Headaches often. I am on suboxone for a substance abuse problem a few years ago. Vicodin. I'm clean but I am very scared. Had a chest X-ray 1 1/2 ago clear and Pulmonary doc said I could do what ever for next 20 years but I would get Emphysema so quit smoke soon! I'm working on it! I'm am soooo scared u know when somthing feels off. I wanna live. I'm married and a father and working on number two. Please any help advice would be great.
Avatar m tn I have had the blood work and dont have anything wrong no blood clots, just wondering is my brain is still trying to heal and still sending signals to my arms, I dont have numbness just tingling. I came off 120mg methodone and suboxone this year, i did it real fast. I get some tingling in my legs as well and it is hard to do any activity cause of my left leg. I hear it takes 3 months or so to start to recover from this demon.
Avatar f tn Hi mate, sorry I'm not familiar with Tramadol but I am in Australia and just wanted to say hello, welcome, keep hanging around here - tramadol is mentioned lots, and I think there are a couple of threads going for people who are trying to get off it - it s*u*x in any language/country. I wish you all the best.
1266885 tn?1270216758 This is kind of a long story, but I will keep it short. I divorced from my x wife in 1990 and my own selfish bouts with drugs and alcohol kept me away from my 2 kids for most of their growing years. My mom passed away in 2000 from cancer and that was the last time I saw my kids. I recently found my daughter on Facebook and to my delight she accepted my friend request. That was end of February 2010. I left my phone number in a message on her FB page and she called me on the 25th of March.