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Avatar f tn He has also taken other opiates something oxyicodone. When I called the detox unit today they told me he was on suboxone but would not get a script for it. He has no job or source of income. He is in the process of a divorce and is very depressed. I called about getting him in a program for suboxone but was informed that all doctors in our area are not accepting patients. Only one and it would take a month and the dr does not accept Medicaid or the Access card in PA.
314128 tn?1226861220 Suboxone and subutex both come in 2 & 8mg pills... suboxone says N2 or N8, subutex says B2 or B8. Are you sure it's 3 mgs? Since you just started taking it you could be feeling tired because your body is adjusting to the med. How much oxy were you taking before? Are you feeling any wds at all? There are many different side effects and everyone reacts differently. It's very helpful in the beginning, but it's best used short term.
Avatar f tn I heard that now he wants to come home with suboxone which was part of the problem that led him to rehab in the first place. He had told me earler tho9ugh that he was going to be off it but now i am not so sure. The pscyhologist told him to get a dr to perscribe it but the only one in our area that does is a "pain management " doc that insurance doesnt cover and i heard doesnt care if a person stays on a highly addictive medication without it monitered.
Avatar f tn after 6 year's of that, and having to file bankruptcy cuz i spent all my money on drug's,i then went into detox with the suboxone,and my doctor for the detox had me on suboxone for a year!
Avatar m tn Is there some way to get suboxone without going through a doctor that charges $300 for the first visit and $150 for the second visit? I don't have nsurance and cannot get on Medicaid. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately I started to take oxycontin and was rly depressed till my friend (who was a former heroin user) told me about suboxone. He sold his and I started taking them. I have now been taking them for about 3 years straight illegally. That is not even the worst part the worst part is I have stably taken 2-4 8mg pills a day! Which costs me roughly $60-80 a day! I dont get high from them but I need them or I get rly sick as you all may know.
Avatar n tn I am going to be applying for medicaid in the state of Utah. I have googled my *** off trying to find out if medicaid will cover this prescription with no real answers. Is there anyone that knows about this? I have been very sick and not working so I don't have money to pay for this unless it is borrowed. And its expensive to keep up. Any advice would be appreciated. Hope you all are doing well.
2094867 tn?1333067739 Do you think it is possible for me to taper off of suboxone with what I got?(15, 8mg suboxone fims strips) FYI- I have been taking suboxone since March 7th and before that I was on sniffing about 10 pills a day for about 2 years. my craving for sniffing pills is gone, now it's just the suboxone that has me. I was so scared this morning, I still am. I applied for medicaid, just waiting on my letter in the mail, but who knows when that will be here.
934351 tn?1244682540 Today is my 2nd day off suboxone. I dealt with opiate dependancies for 8 years now. To where i would take anything I could get my hands on. up to 20 pills a day wasn't enough for me anymore. my family knew I needed help. My old family doctoc has a shared outpatient office with another docter called Recovery Concepts. It was great the first day i went in i knew i was in good care with my doctor. I was immediatly put on 16 mg. a day after the first pill I felt better than ever. I felt like myself.
Avatar m tn I have been on methadone for almost 3 yrs. My story is not special; so, I will spare you the details. The jist of it is started taking pain pills at 15, use increased over the years, clean at age 25, remained clean for several yrs & then came down w a case of stupid. The clinic I was going to did not support tapering down...they supported their wallet. After battling and raising He$$ I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Avatar m tn I've been on Suboxone for 18 months. It was mostly covered by my previous insurance. I'm on Medicaid now and it is $800 'out of pocket' for a months prescription. Too much. I've filled out some coupon forms but the Pharmacy says it rarely covers a fraction of what it says it does. Anyone know how I can stay on Subs cheaper than $800 month? Thanks in advance for your replies.
Avatar f tn He didn't seem to know much about suboxone let alone suboxone while pregnant. I let him know I was taking a small dose and he thinks the baby will be fine if I just go through the withdrawals now. Is this okay? I'd rather not take and cause risk of baby being addicted but I don't want to cause miscarriage due to withdrawal. Also, everything i have read seems to be people that have been taking for a longer amount of time and a much larger dosage.
Avatar n tn I do not believe that it goes by any other name, though the meds in Suboxone are buprenorphine and naloxone. In my experience, Suboxone totally gets rid of w/d symptoms including those you listed. The mental aspects will continue to have to be dealt with but the physical are nonexistant. I actually felt 100% better the day I started taking it (after about an hour - due to the w/d I was in by that time) Suboxone.
Avatar m tn I hear that medicaid is notorious for cutting patients off who get suboxone here in NYC a few months in. Something to watch out for if you're in the 5 boroughs. I've run into a few desperate suboxone patients at the doctor's office who were having trouble getting their refill around the third month.
Avatar f tn so I read your profile, and you mentioned help with questions on suboxone, I know very little about it, I did watch a program on HBO on addiction got a little scoop, evendently it's the med for people like me, however when I did the search for suboxone Doc's closest to my area I only found a few, and the nearest one is about 30 miles away. It is something I would travel for, I haven't called yet.
7163794 tn?1457370413 you should be allowed to stay on Suboxone. Was addicted to hydrocodone for 7 years then decided to try and get off (completely unsuccessful on my own) found Suboxone and it has now been 6 YEARS I've been on this. Over the last two weeks I tapered myself from 2 8mg films a day to 1, to 1/2, and has now been 2 days with NONE!!!! Luckily, I have the next 5 days off and I don't plan to move from my bed, but I keep reading about long term affects in regards to Suboxone and now I'm worried?
659957 tn?1224857787 I have been taking Suboxone for 3yrs and I am pregnant w/ my 2ND child while on suboxone. I also know of another girl who has had 2 babies while taking suboxone. My 1st child I had while taking suboxone is ABSOLUTELY perfect. He will be 2 in Dec. He weighed 7lbs. and 3 oz @ birth. When I had him, the hospital knew I was on this medication and monitored him just to make sure he was ok and he never showed any signs of WDs.
Avatar f tn Im not sure if medicaid/medicare is an option for you but it may be worth checking. The suboxone is great as far as beating the physcial symptoms (until i get off of it - and hopefully it will be less) but the mental is still a little hard for me. Im not sure if everyone has this problem. I have heard and have a family member who is wanting to get off of methadone and know how hard it must be.
Avatar f tn hello everyone this is my first time posting something on this site so please bare with me ok I was addicted to prescription painkillers for 5 years I went to a rehab facility and when I came out I started suboxone my doctor weaned me off when I was pregnant and when I had my son I was given percocet for the pain of the c-section which afterwards I decided I needed to get back on suboxone some time went by and I lost my job therefore I lost my insurance while I was still taking 8 milligrams of S
Avatar n tn I now longer get high of that dose I just maintain and dont get sick. I have been given 5 8mg suboxone and I want to use them to get off of the vicodin. I had a doctors app for the suboxone but at 180 for the visit and the cost of the script I cant afford it. I just lost my job and my husbands work has slowed considerably. Basically we are a family of 6 living of about 500 a week!! Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to do this I have read just about everything on the internet that I can.
Avatar f tn My doctor has a sign up in his office that he is now permitted to prescribe Suboxone for opiate withdrawal. Does anyone know how long this takes and how does it work?
Avatar f tn My husband just got prescribed suboxone. He took his last dose of 100mg liquid methadone Tuesday night and then took 2 8mg film Friday night around 6:00. It through him into immediate withdrawal. He's been in bed all day and doesn't want to continue with the suboxone b/c he can't handle the withdrawal. If I can convince him to keep going how much & how often does he need to take them so he can start to feel normal again. They prescribed him 8mg films.
Avatar m tn I know the drill about the short time for suboxone and have written down FLaddicts regime of her own, as it seems to have worked. I get my meds through a Physician. No street buying. I met someone at work whos brother is on 400 milligrams of Methadone a day, Yes 400. He is in a pickle. He can give me a 40 milligram wafer. Could I take ten milligrams a day for four days and then stop, or would I be better off going the ten day Suboxone route. The Methadone sure would save me a lot of money.
Avatar f tn I have been taking suboxone for over 2 years now...I am taking about .5 mg a day but i just started 2 days ago with .5 a day i have been taking 1 mg the last week or two..i really want to stop but i am so afraid of withdrawels..i have tried a few times before not recently but about a year ago i went 4 almost 5 days and they never got better so now icant ever go more than a day or 2 and i give up. I am so petrified of going through that again..
616659 tn?1221530015 hi, Ive been there. I was on Suboxone for a while and come to find out by medicaid I wasnt suppose to be on it no longer then 6 months. Sooo, I relapsed a few times because I knew I had suboxone waiting for me. Well now I am over a month clean off of pills and went back to suboxone. This time I knew it would be different to get clean off of both. I started off taking 8 mg. for 2 days then 4 for a few days then cut the half into half and take that for a few days.
17746161 tn?1459717827 I’m looking for people that have successfully got off suboxone by tapering. I’m on Medicaid live in Illinois my doc that was prescribing me subs decided he was gonna retire they gave me 1 referral and they don’t take Medicaid I’m disabled Just to make it clear I want off suboxone. I started om 8mg suboxone April 2015 then 4 mg 2mg 1 mg ½ of 1 mg just started .0.
733251 tn?1231701921 Hi everyone, I have just recently moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio area and have been on Suboxone for a little while. I have insurance (Medicaid-CareSource). My doctor from where I use to live took my insurance. As you know, alot of doctors are on a cash bases only. Is anyone from my area? Can you recommend a doctor close to Claremont County that takes insurance? Also, I was going to see about getting switched to Subutex because of the bad headaches I do get.
752888 tn?1263251642 Since there is a limit on the number of Sub patients that each doctor can treat, people usually have to wait to get on his/her service. Secondly, Suboxone doctor's make more money through first consultation/intake than through continuing appointments. So, they would be better serviced monetarily by a higher turnover, quick detox treatments. Suboxone doctor appointments seem higher in most cases because insurance doesn't pay in many of the cases.
Avatar n tn Ky medicaid is requiring a plan of decreasing suboxone dosage with the prior approvols request. Could you help with what you feel would be a good plan of reducing mg of suboxone. I would want to start with patient being on stable dosage for one year before reduction would begin.