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Avatar f tn What are the odds of those of us that are suffering from from tooth decay and paying outrageously for doctors appointments, prescriptions, and now dentists and dental bills, what do we need or have to do to begin a class action lawsuit? Four members of my family have been on subutex for about 6 years some for general pain and some for addiction and we all have the same issues with decaying teeth and such. Our doctor has no means of tapering us off but we all have started ourselves.
351846 tn?1273619144 I know some doctor just don't think that we are ready to taper off I don't know why he has you for that long, I know my doctor try to do that with me too but I'm tapering with out his consent he thinks I'm on 8mg and I'm down to 2mg now. Just don't stress over it and try to taper really slow 1mg if you have to. GOOD LUCK, I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!! even if it takes you a year to taper.
177036 tn?1192290235 A lot of people are posting how to get off Suboxone and I can tell you this is another lie. Most people I know trying to get off Suboxone can't because of withdrawal is so severe. I keep up medically with the latest information on the issue and have found that they really do not have the information or knowledge of how to get people off it.
351846 tn?1273619144 Has anybody EVER come off suboxone after being a long term addict?? I was on pills for 12 yrs and suboxone for 5. Now I would love to be free but every time I try, the withdraw is too much to handle.
Avatar f tn I've also read a NUMBER of posts where people are seeking a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of suboxone...for tooth decay, their declaration that the withdrawal is easy (it's not) and many other claims about the drug. I've done some research as far as depression and suboxone and was actually considering doing a "rapid detox". However, this procedure is extremely dangerous and you wake up with extreme cravings for the drug.
Avatar m tn Today makes the 10th day since I last took any Suboxone and I continue to feel normal with no withdrawal symptoms or PAWS. I slept about 6-7 hours and woke up 10 minutes before I had set the alarm to go off, had my morning pot of coffee and I'm good for the day. Today is my birthday too, so I'm going to order a pizza, play video games all day, and relax. I'll still be home alone, the phone won't ring and nobody will stop by to see me, but that's an everyday thing and fine with me.
Avatar f tn Suboxone and Methadone are the only opiates I'm aware of that the state (in the US) has sanctioned as being ok to be addicted to for no other reason than that one is already addicted to opiates. As far as I can tell, a good case could be made for standardizing on a "better" state-sanctioned opiate. Nevertheless, those are the two that are available if you're going to do replacement therapy.
Avatar f tn I had just gotten on Suboxone and had a hard time sleeping the first couple of nights. I would take a tiny bite out of one pill and be dead to the world within 20 minutes. About three weeks ago I found a website concerning a class action lawsuit against the makers of Serqouel and decided I would stop using same. Now I cannot sleep for nothing. Has this drug messed with my brain chemistry? Is this a drug that should have been tapered, is it addicting? Can you help me?
Avatar f tn He says maybe I need to get a job and do this another time when I have insurance and can get help. I am in the beginings of a huge lawsuit that I cant even work on and could lose it all becuase I am so messed up. If I get back on the methadone and finish the suit Id have plenty of money to get help. I am obviously Not a person that can do this alone. I dont know what to do.....................
199177 tn?1490502134 Do not recommend another drug, with the exception of suboxone, for use during the withdrawal process. Any post that violates the above rules will be deleted. This is for the new members and the old timers as well. We all need to help and respect each other in our common goal toward recovery. Also, remember we do have a pain management forum if you need to look into alternatives for pain.
Avatar n tn If you want to get clean, suboxone therapy may be your best bet. You would have to go to a doc to get it, but if done correctly, it should only take 2-3 weeks to taper off. If you go the methadone route, you're going to trade one addiction for another. I've heard that going ct off of methadone was even worse than the oxy. In the end, if you want it enough, you can do it!!
Avatar f tn The pain management doc, that my family doc wants me to see, would, according to his receptionist, give me subutex of suboxone but I already know I cannot handle the blocker in suboxone and I don't want that strong of drug. Wouldn't you start at the low end and then go up if you had to? I have PT appointments. I have massage appointments. Problem is if I drive on this neurontin and get pulled over I'll no doubt be thrown in jail for having one pupil larger that the other!
Avatar m tn I don't think I can tolerate 5 days of withdrawal and cannot get suboxone or anything like that.. Anybody have an idea of what I can do to hold me over until Thursday?? It would be greatly appreciated. -thanks!
Avatar f tn I'm on suboxone fornow. But I remember the period when there wer eno drugs aroung and the crappy feeling with no energy. I'm here to talk to. I don't know where they all are today. Noone has answered one of my responces today.
Avatar m tn Stay away from NAABT and their forum site, these two organizations are the same. If you do some research online you will see this company is funded by the makers of "Suboxone". People are spending alot of money on this drug and come to find out they cant stop taking it, the wd from this drug are the worst. thee are alot of folks who are having a bad time on this drug, most say they rather taper off of any other drug except suboxone.
11838834 tn?1421489036 No no I don't wanna be in drugs I wanna know why in in such pain. And as a lawsuit I currently have a lawyer investagatin my case after the surgery loss of sex drive pain during intercourse my nut actually goes up inside when ejaculate which never happened ever n now I don't please my self because that pain isn't worth it.
Avatar f tn The panic attacks, irritability, depression, and sleeplessness, plus severe lower back pain, are all common and expected. He was proud of me for getting off them, mentioned the lawsuit against the makers of oxycontin, but seemed concerned enough to set up another appt for me in 4 days and a therapist appt in three. I guess in a way it gave me vindication, that it's not just my sorry wimpy *** who can't hack it,, who can't suck it up.
Avatar m tn There are medications (suboxone) designed to help people withdraw from opiates. There is a credential MDs can get called an Addictionologist. See if you can find one in your area. Also, your request to keep your records private is totally reasonable. Your addiction issues are nobody's business but you and your doctor's.
Avatar n tn Who do they think they are kidding. ?We can read. the biggest lawsuit came out of California.there are probably thousands of us in every state and every country who have suffered on the drug, or getting off the drug. We can't even ask the babies born addicted or with severe birth defects. They Cant talk. I am infuriated by what just I have gone through trying to get off this damn drug. I titrated down from 20 to 10 mg and back up to 15 and then started back down by the teensiest increments.
220248 tn?1204276989 It is pure hell, and makes oxy withdrawal seem like a walk in the park. I used suboxone to come off it, and it was a breeze.
Avatar n tn , those people who say that are the judgemental ones who havent been there YET, i say yet because i know a couple that just about damned me for my problem, but guess what happened to them, they got a big lawsuit settlement and now they are in the same boat i WAS in, BUT WORSE... and i called them and offered any help i could give, told them about methadone and suboxone, and i knew of a doctor who will help them...
Avatar m tn And who are these doctors that are perscribing suboxone for like a year! Like they don't know that is going to be a horrible addiction to quit. I am thinking the suboxone should maybe be done on an inpatient deal or daily going to the office or pharmacy to get it. It should be more controlled because it is so hard to come off of if you let yourself get addicted. And methadone, well that just sounds plain old evil.
Avatar f tn Work is done, jobs look great, and we walked away w/nothing. My hubby did alllll the labor. Thats a lawsuit at this point. Wont be paid for a long time I'm sure. So everyday he and I are on the hump trying to recoup whats ours and scrambling to stay afloat, while still making it to jobs and keep this house running.
Avatar m tn im sure this has happened to other people and there is a remedy out there but i dont know what it is, im sure they dont want a lawsuit from a wrongfull death coming at them. what is there to do in this situation?
1075731 tn?1286890975 I can tell the people in the medical field. Too funny... What I am suing him for in all the meds he had me on. I was on 2 types of Benz, Vicodin, Muscle Relaxers, and a BP med. Taking the pills as directed could have killed me. Bottom line is the pills made my heart almost stop while I was in emergency, and tweo times more while I was in the hospital, and I have nerve damage. Four other Doctors reviewed what he was giving me and not one would prescribe as much as my Doctor did.
Avatar f tn Honestly Ive gone through worse w/d's but it was terrible, not as intense as oxy's, dilaudid, methadone or even suboxone, but it lasted awhile similar to the length w/d's last with suboxone or methadone. Just like other times when I quit pills when I was younger I wasnt that educated about drugs, so I truely believe that my own stupidity probably helped me not notice every little symptom.
Avatar f tn to where she spent the 1 day. She's now in a very very bad place. Suboxone that does nothing for the pain. Mental health issues that are a direct link to that pain, and she's now essentially just massivly pissed off and making everyone's life there (nurses mostly) miserable. So she gets bumped to the "E-wing" where "troublesome" patients" must go. Yes. It's a VERY scary place with some scary people.
Avatar f tn if you realllly cant do it and you give up every time you can call a clinic in your area and get a drug called suboxone. it will cost you about $200 for a script.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure if u was taking to me but its a pain clinic most patient are suboxone either from herion or opiates but I know the after the drs over prescribing opiates to patients. They pulled records and from the pharmices. I live in a tristate area so the 3 states are linked so they know if u have insurance Pay then try to pay cash. The last time I was there I had to fill out papers with random questions like would I buy any drugs off the street do I abuse my rx do I take them orally ect.