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Avatar m tn I’m not addicted to opiates and never have been a friend gave me a suboxone and.
Avatar f tn My son has been prescribed16mg of suboxone for 3 months now and and I am wondering when the tapering off process will begin. He is having gastro problems due to the high dose and seems pretty lathargic. Is this normal?. Becoming clean is first priority. I am trying to be informed so I can be a support to my son. I will so appreciate any advice from experiences and expertise. Thanks!
Avatar f tn In the morning I take my am meds and 20-30 mins I would be in the bathroom throwing up. I did go to my primary doctor and he took an x-ray and told me how backed up I was and put me on lacitives and a pill you put under your touge. He also put me on a powder lacitive you mix in juice. While a week later I was throwing up and it looked like coffee grounds. I went to the E.R. right then and they addimted me to hositpal.
Avatar m tn it has no effect orally, other than perhaps some nasty side effects including headache , nausea, and edema. With a proper recovery program, ppl on suboxone can concentrate on what is important in getting their lives sorted out, with out the highs and cravings of other drugs. It should be viewed as a stepping stone to recovery. Depending on usage, the person, under a doctors care , when ready, can slowly lower the dose. This is typically quite painless down to around 2 mg.
558096 tn?1255890602 i only smoke at night (as weird as this sounds, my family doctor actually told me that marijuana would help with my nausea (due to suboxone) and appetite (which drastically decreased after the suboxone procedure) and both have been aided greatly by smoking some marijuana at night.
Avatar m tn I have actually received 3 raises and 2 promotions in the past year that I've been addicted to opiates. I just started on suboxone and it seems to be working but I guess time will tell.
Avatar f tn Is it a smart idea to wean of the oxy's then wait a day then start the suboxone? Now that I know I have acess to the suboxone I want to wait and have one last hoorah? I was never like this before i found the oc's. I just smoked pot and have a few glasses of wine every now and again. To be honest I dont want to stop the oc's. I feel like i wont be able to function like i used to. They made me super mom and I dont want that to go away.
610505 tn?1329607323 I am not claiming to know anything about taking Suboxone, because I never have before. Ive suffered from benzo withdrawals and Ultram, and those two were hell. 10 times worse than vic. However this time around Ive attempted to taper so many times these past several months off the vics, only finding myself right back where I started because of the severe nausea and other symptoms that we all know about. I was taking anywhere between 6-15 vics a day for the past 2 years.
Avatar m tn you made my day,thanks for the info,this friday will be the last time I take suboxone,until then I will drop to an 1/8th a day and then do it! and keep posting and talking with you !!!!!
Avatar f tn I will be meeting for the first time with my Suboxone doctor next Thurs and am guessing I will start on Suboxone very soon after that. I am dependent on Tramadol, the worst possible drug from which to cold turkey. At my age and given my physical (gastro) problems, I truly believe a cold turkey w/d would kill me.
314128 tn?1226861220 Suboxone and subutex both come in 2 & 8mg pills... suboxone says N2 or N8, subutex says B2 or B8. Are you sure it's 3 mgs? Since you just started taking it you could be feeling tired because your body is adjusting to the med. How much oxy were you taking before? Are you feeling any wds at all? There are many different side effects and everyone reacts differently. It's very helpful in the beginning, but it's best used short term.
Avatar f tn I am thinking about going to a pain management doctor and see about going on Suboxone. I have been on Methadone and Oxycodone for 10 years now, and then 10 years before that on hydrocodone. So, I am a long-term addict I am ashamed to say.
Avatar n tn One example - I had been on oxycodone, waited 24 hours, took a suboxone, and then got extreme nausea, threw up over and over. Fortunately I had Phenergan at home. I called an urgent care place, the nurse said it was okay to take Phenergan, and I took it. I called my sub doc and he said it sounded more like food poisoning. I had eaten leftover sushi exactly twelve hours before onset. At least one other time (can't remember the specifics) I had a similar experience.
Avatar f tn I'm vomiting, suffering from extreme anxiety and shaking so badly I can barely function. I have a box of suboxone left and was wondering if they might help me get thru the withdrawal of the Fioricet. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn I'm so impatient that I may just take the Suboxone right now and find out for myself. Scary! If my arms and legs start going insane (more than they already are) I'll be back to let everyone know not to ever take Suboxone so soon after taking Tramadol.
306455 tn?1288865671 to start you with (not likely). Alot of pharmacies do not have Suboxone in stock and have to order it, it takes about 3 days. SO, if you're gonna start the Sub on 1st appmnt, you need to call pharmacy, ask if they have it in stock, if not your doctor will need to fax your 1st script in at least 3 days before your appmnt. Do not count on your doctor knowing this. Luckily, my sister Mary thought ahead and found out about all this and took care of everything ahead of time.
Avatar f tn This morning (Saturday), I woke with slight nausea, headache, and still extremely tired (as I described above.) I took my morning Suboxone, the nausea, headache, and fatigue are relieved. If the fatigue does not return, I can tolerate the present aches, hot flashes and sweats, (and even the slight anxiety if it remains slight enough).
Avatar n tn After 8 years of taking different pain medication for chronic back pain, I detoxed by myself from 160 mg of oxycodone. I had suboxone and started taking .2 mg of suboxone. After 6-1/2 months, I gradually tapered off it and since mid-January I have been off it completely. I went through all the typical withdrawals of "kicking" legs, nausea, and flu-like symptons. It has been 7 weeks and I still feel lousy.
Avatar f tn Im still having random nausea and diarreah it comes in waves but also hear a flu bug goin around like that. Any suggestions?
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Avatar n tn my hubby started his suboxone yesterday and has had a major headache since about 2 hours after he took it. Now he is wondering if he should take todays dose or not. He thinks it might make his headache worse. Any one know if this is true or not.
Avatar f tn After reading and researching sub,and learning so much about sub and it's effects here on this board, can someone tell me what are the mental effects from long term use. i ask cause i'm having a devil of a time with my ex. She got married recently and now keeps the kids away from me to the point i had to petition the courts and make her follow the decree. She met this man in Jan and suddenly is married,has been terrible angry at me or nice, at times in the same conversation.
Avatar f tn I have been buying suboxone off the street and take one 8 mg strip a day. I am on day 8 of. Withdraws and took one percocet 10 milligrams because I feel like I am going to pass out. I can't stand without falling down puking can't eat diareha nausea. I did not want to take percocet but I have my son her who is little and I have to get out of bed today I have no help so any advice...
243614 tn?1266201137 I am on day 15 of suboxone 8mg. Tomorrow i start my taper. I will be on 6mg. for 6 days and then 4 mg. for 4 days and then 2mg for 2 days. The two drs. in town tell me they have had great success with suboxone taper like this. In the beginning I felt some nausea, but am thankful it didn't last long and after a few days I wasn't bothered with it at all. That was it as far as side effects from the drug for me. I have felt so normal. No highs or lows. Just good.
Avatar n tn Today I was at work and losing it...very irritable and jumpy nerves-no body aches or real bad nausea. I went to the doc hoping he would put me back on subutex as I had no side effects from that the first 3 days-he said you should not be on subutex long term and gave me a clonidine patch that lasts 7 days. I really thought he would change the meds or change the dose. Anyway its probably best that I stay at a low dose anyway so its easier to get off later.
273135 tn?1195010470 My addiction specialist, also a psychiatrist, said that I had likely been clinically depressed for a long time and used drugs and alcohol to cover it up. I started taking antidepressants then and continued on them until3 years ago when I decided I was cured. Alas, I turned to Vicodin again. And, now I'm on Cymbalta, which I started 3 months ago, before I quit Vicodon/Norco/Oxy and went on Sub. I'm doing much better on the antidepressants. You may want to try St.
1428440 tn?1287393979 I still did not function well and had no energy and no desire to do anything but just sit on my *** in front of the TV, computer. I found no end to the nasty feeling and the nausea. I was suggested suboxone by my therapist. She had clients who had done well on it. I started doing extensive research on suboxone and read all the pro's and con's. I studied the use of it and side effects. Scared the **** out of me and I decided not to use it.
Avatar n tn i'm also on suboxone and never experienced the headaches or feeling sick to my stomach ... ck w/the dr. and let us know what he says .. good luck .. suboxone wz a life saver for me .. take care ..
610505 tn?1329607323 Hi and welcome. i dont have any first hand knowledge of subs. but want to welcome you to our forum. so sorry to hear your sick. someone will come along with knowlege of subs...
Avatar m tn All I am saying is that not what Suboxone was designed for. It is a complete program and it is dangerous to take it and not follow protocol on it. You don't know how to take it and it appears you didn't do any research on it. That is dangerous. I want to see you make it this time and I think you are looking for an easy way out. Trust me, we all are when it comes to detoxing. But there is no easy way. I think you learned that the last time.