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Avatar m tn Sounds like you need a cleanse, antioxidants, probiotics, fiber and exercise. You can either blame the morphine or do the above and feel better.
654183 tn?1225312636 My husband is addicted to Morphine. I have never done any type of drug and I really don't know what to do to help. Every time I think I know what is going on I find out something else he has lied about. At first it was just taking the pills, then it was crushing the pills. Now I'm finding needles and spoons everywhere. He claims that he gets the pills down to liquid form and puts them in the needle and squirts it in his mouth. I just don't believe him anymore.
Avatar m tn LOL I just wanted to mention it to see what happens.. SUBOXONE.. LOL it has helped me a bit and I am longest off morphine and the like in years so I say gimme it for now........Love all of you guys here......................
535629 tn?1215464488 the suboxone will help with withdrawals, the RLS, the anxiety, and the cravings quite well. and as far as youre family doc prescribing it, he needs to be a certified suboxone doctor to prescribe it, and its quite easy all it takes is a few hour long class on it and you can treat up to 30 patients at one time and are certified to prescribe it, so even if he isnt certified he can take a class thats all it push for that if thats the case...
Avatar f tn Before I address that though, I wanted to also address the damage you are doing to your liver because of the amount of acetaminophen you ingest by taking both percocets and Coricidin. Just Something to think about. Now let me tel you about Suboxone. Suboxone is the brand name for a medication consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a thebaine derivative with powerful analgesia approximately 20-40x more potent than morphine.
Avatar n tn THC, Morphine (Natural opiates that break down into morphine such as Codeine, Heroin) PCP, Methamphetamine, and Barbiturates If u are applying for a safety sensitive position such as Government or transportation, they do an extended screen Which sometimes includes testing for Methadone, Hydrocodone, and some others. Most companies have no clue what suboxone is, but rest assured I can almost guarentee that with the uprise in Sub patients, they will be testing for it in no time.
Avatar f tn I am wanting to try to detox myself from my meds just to see where I am with my pain. I am down to 150mg morphine sulfate a day. How would they determine how much suboxone I would need at this level...safely? I am considering doing it tomorrow and just want info. Hopefully you'll get to this by then! ha Thanks for what you do!
Avatar f tn I did the program, used both Subutex and Suboxone, either one was fine and did the job. It got me off pills long enough to get my mind in a sober place and I was slowly weaned off. There is a lot of work to do. AA or NA meetings everyday, every single day, a sponsor, working a 12 step program, finding out what the hole was you were trying to fill with drugs, many things have to be done in conjunction with Suboxone. It helps with w/d's but it's not a cure.
Avatar f tn IM 10 weeks and 4days along, I'm on 4mg suboxone films and have to take it through my while pregnancy, unfortunately. I've never had a problem taking it before I got pregnant. Even though the taste is unpleasant. But. Since I got pregnant I cannot even smell it without puking. What I usually do is let a mint sit in top of my tounge while it is dissolving under my tounge but, I can't even do this without puking, every time and I'm waisting my films. Any suggestions and ideas?
Avatar f tn I realized that I don't really know the whole answer. What is Suboxone, and what does it do to help you get off pain meds? Is there anyone who can tell me?
Avatar f tn I had a major addiction to percs and morphine, prescribed for back injury, and am now 2 & 1/2 months into sub treatment. already tapered down to only 2 mgs a day. i had the same fear about trading one addiction for another, but doing really well so far.
Avatar n tn If it's got naloxone in it you will go int instant withdrawal with methadone 3 days is about right sometimes the put people on morphine for a week in place of done and then onto suboxone I used yesterday and went on suboxone today it heightened my withdrawal briefly but now feel fine no euphoria though
268911 tn?1213748381 Does Suboxone really work? I have tried cold turkey several times and once the sweats, anxiety and other symptoms set in....I cave and take a pill...cant believe I'm this weak. I know of a Sub doctor locally but wanted to ask if anyone has taken it recently and if I will be trading one drug for another?. Also....since Sub is an opiate will it help with any type of pain mgmt?
Avatar f tn Suboxone is a combination of the drugs Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The Naloxone prevents this drug from being used intravenously b/c it causes withdrawal. The Buprenorphine is the main drug. It is a partial opiate that has similar effects to other opiates, but does not produce the high that Oxycodone or Vicodin are capable of. It has a ceiling effect meaning that 32 mgs is as high as you can go. Any pills after that will do nothing. Suboxone also blocks the effects of other opiates.
454281 tn?1218213861 and no follow up support, except a phone number to an outpatient faciliity that is not covered by my insurance. I feel very uneducated about suboxone and am worried that I am just getting into something worse. I am glad to have stumbled upon some information on here but would like more if anyone can help. Oh and I should also say.... I have not been taking the Suboxone 3 x's a day, since I have read the some info on here.
Avatar n tn my boyfriend is taking suboxone and he used use oxycontin and heroin what will happend if uses while taking the med?
341953 tn?1209485491 as a matter of fact, it is used for pain relief.. it's been used in Europe for this reason for some time (in addition to treating opiate addiction) and is used here too. but not often. it's primary purpose is to treat opiate addiction. that said, my pain management guy DID just prescribe it to me for pain - short term. i did not use it to come off opiates, but he knew i had a history of opiate use.
Avatar n tn I do want to caution you and him that Suboxone in also an opiate. Let me tell you about it. Suboxone is the brand name for a medication consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a thebaine derivative with powerful analgesia approximately 20-40x more potent than morphine.
Avatar n tn as for the suboxone, back in october, i did make up my mind (so I thought) and went online and researched detox. suboxone came up and some type of association that offered names of drs. in my area who only can prescribe it; something to do with the DEA. i can't remember exactly what association it was (you'll see it when you research suboxone online), i was able to make an appt. with a dr.
217599 tn?1202854552 yup i can def help ya out with suboxone and you have no reason to be scared it is actually a great drug as long as you do it the right way and also slynn is absolutly right you do not have to be in full blown withdrawal to take it just mild withdrawal and you will be fine and as far as the spit goes i always spit it out because swallowing suboxone has no effect i just keep the spit in my mouth about 5 minutes after the tab is completely dissolved then spit that nast sh*t out haha.
217599 tn?1202854552 they are tapering her off of the methadone, and of course she is going through hell. does anyone here know if suboxone can be used for infants?
Avatar f tn he will not experience any high, he should feel quite normal after his initial first dose and should feel comfortable, no cravings and no withdrawals are the 2 main factors in taking suboxone, he should have none of either. as magi said it is a very safe drug and really does help break the habit of addiction if long term maintenance is chosen..
Avatar n tn I have read the site many times before but this is my first time posting. I actually came to post my story and then I happened to see your question. I ask that you please think twice about taking Suboxone. It is not the miracle drug your Suboxone doctor or the FDA may try and make you think it is. If you are trying to live drug free consider detoxing on whatever it is that you are currently taking.
Avatar n tn Hi Mary, I took suboxone for nearly 4 years and had a rough time tapering. I ended up going through a medically assisted detox, but there are others who have tapered successfully who can share their experience with you. Most taper down in small increments until they get down to about 2 mg, then go to 1.5 for a week. Then down to 1mg for a few days, then cut that in half for a few more days. You will get to the point where you are taking literally crumbs.
Avatar f tn I was afraid of the withdrawals and looked for an alternative to cold turkey. I tried suboxone, and it really relieved me of my cravings. In fact, I took suboxone for 6 weeks and tapered off of it. There were no cravings after the suboxone was finished. So for me, suboxone was a kind of miracle drug. I have cold turkeyed from opiates before and it's not a pleasant time to say the least.
314128 tn?1226861220 Suboxone and subutex both come in 2 & 8mg pills... suboxone says N2 or N8, subutex says B2 or B8. Are you sure it's 3 mgs? Since you just started taking it you could be feeling tired because your body is adjusting to the med. How much oxy were you taking before? Are you feeling any wds at all? There are many different side effects and everyone reacts differently. It's very helpful in the beginning, but it's best used short term.
Avatar n tn dose of methadone on a sunday morning, and took nothing else until friday late morning when i took my first dose of suboxone, and i was put into precipitated withdrawal immediately, and was severly sick for 4 days, all i can say about suboxone is that i am exsisting... i am not "physically" sick, but i am so mentally screwed up i wonder if this is even worth it, (never mind the cost of suboxone $170.00 for 30 8 mg pills (and i take 16 mg - 20 mg.) compared to $25.00 for 100 10mg.
Avatar m tn If Suboxone is given to someone using full agonist opiates the Suboxone will push those meds off the receptors and Suboxone takes its place. Since the receptors are now bound to an agonist that only generates a partial response the user will likely experience "precipitated withdrawal". Precipitated withdrawals are UGLY! This characteristic of Suboxone is important to anyone facing a major surgery.
Avatar f tn I can appreciate your reference to Suboxone above and what you state is true for Suboxone. Subutex(buprenorphine) is different in that it doesn't contain Narcan. While on this subject, BuTrans IS delivered in mcg. That's true. But,it's mcgs. per HOUR.
Avatar m tn so today after 24 hours of no opiates and the withdrawals getting more intense i took 4mg of suboxone i'll post later to let ya know how it helped. i have enough for a week do u think i can ween off of my habit with minimal withdrawal with this amount?