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Avatar f tn i understand i went from pain pills, to herion to methadone to pain pills to suboxone to pain pills to herion to methadone to suboxone to pain pills to methadone to sub....on and on for 10 wasted years, my last desperate attempt at taking pills to cure my addiction was revia, even that stuff made me sick hope my experiecne helps...
Avatar f tn over the past few months we have been sustaining on small amounts of suboxone which we are tapering from now. Methadone withdrawals are ruthless and agonizing but I am finding that suboxone withdrawals are less physical, but far more difficult on an emotional and mental level. Vitamins, proper nutrition, water, exercise and determination make a huge difference, but support and positive thinking are also key components to a successful recovery.
217599 tn?1202854552 Wel after being on coke for years, went to final rehad and met actually he man i just broke up with, we were together seven yrs. He introduced me to oxycontin and methadone. From the beginning i used 80mg oxy's and took 20, then 30mg, then u know how it go, Well we for a certain reason wanted to stop. I knew enof bout opiate wd to know that I was not gonna last through methadone wd. Got on subs. We both took 16mg/day for years.
Avatar m tn If you do choose to use suboxone in a detox, it should never be used for more than a week with starting dosage no higher than 2mg. Make no mistake, suboxone and methadone are for long term high dose opiate users looking to get clean with the unfortunate prospect of maintenance therapy looming. If you don't fit that description, steer clear of both of them.
Avatar m tn I remember one member, look up dhodge2000 and read his posts and his experience with suboxone. He was a strong and adamant advocate of suboxone (while on it) at first and criticized everyone for giving sub a bad name, even became rude to others who have never been on sub but warned people against it.
1553215 tn?1296171645 I too for your years struggled with narcotic pain pill addiction and eventually found the oh so awful methadone and thought that was the way out. Needless to say I found this out the long and hard painful way. So anyway after being on the methadone for two years I had to get off and ten months later found myself with an even worse pill addiction than before. So now I am on sub. I am prescribed two strips a day. Do I take them together or seperately? Is this dose too high?
1091982 tn?1256946113 i have been on consistent pain management with opiods and fentanyl for three years now. i broke my contract with my pain doctor, and the solutions are either getting methadone or suboxone. i was scheduled for knee surgery today but i was in bad withdrawal from the 100mcg patches that the anesthesiologist wanted to re-schedule the surgery.
Avatar f tn I don't think you mentioned his DOC, but that makes a huge difference in what he should use to get clean. Methadone and Sub are tools but come with a price that is very high -- not money but the fact that they are extremely difficult to come off of. It may be that he needs in patient help and should look at that possibility. Everyone on this site wishes you and your bf the best and please keep posting -- Better yet, get him to post if he can.
Avatar m tn Sorry to sound dumb, but what is methadone, and suboxone. I have been reading allot of post, and I hear allot about these two drugs. I hear that the methadone is very addicting too. Do you get a high from it? What makes it so addicting? Just curious. By the way day 5, no pills. Did not sleep at all last night, and for some reason I can't stop sneezing. Anybody else have this problem?
Avatar n tn My opinion is that subs are very helpful if u want to get clean. I've been off and on methadone for 6 yrs for heroin addiction and it felt like a never ending cycle. Now that I've been on subs I actually feel normal again. I can't say it's been side effect free. I get horrible hot flashes and some nauseau at times. But I'm finally getting my life back. I feel much more stable.
Avatar f tn Suboxone and methadone are drugs that can turn lives around. I am currently on 53mg of methadone I am in the process of switching to suboxone a drug that's easier to get off of and is safer in my book. He will be able to live a normal life one with out stealing and lies. My advice is be supportive, most of these drugs require you have help thru their therapists and some have you attend support groups as well. It is commonly refered to as a suboxone program protecal.
1909146 tn?1326509308 I came to this site and read everything i could, looked at suboxone posts, methodone posts, everything! I read over and over that a long slow taper works best so that's what i did over a 6 month period. I havent had oxys for over 2 years now. I go to NA and AA, my life is soooooooo much better, i cant even describe to you how much better things are. I am choosing life rather than death, my life is getting so good, and i expect things to get even better. I am no longer depressed, etc etc. .
Avatar f tn about a 20-25 mg habit per day on and off for 3 years. So i decided to stop and used suboxone. I had 3 1/2 8mg films and cut them into 6-8 pieces. I started with 3 pieces per day a week before christmas. I slowly cut myself to 1 small piece per day...and yesterday I took my last piece. Will i suffer withdraw symptoms? I used a total of 28 mg this entire time...and also how long will it take to be out of my system?
Avatar f tn Just look forward if the docs work together they can come up with a taper plan and a delivery plan that will be safest .It will be ok .If you ever need to talk feel free to PM me.
Avatar f tn I am thinking about going to a pain management doctor and see about going on Suboxone. I have been on Methadone and Oxycodone for 10 years now, and then 10 years before that on hydrocodone. So, I am a long-term addict I am ashamed to say.
Avatar f tn i dont mean to make it sound soo scary, but tis something he really needs to remember and pay close attention too, cuz ive been through both suboxone and methadone wd's and good lord it was bad. the wd's will be,lighter the less amount of time he takes the suboxone, but most people in recovery need to be on the treatment drugs for long periods of time, at least a year.
Avatar n tn I went to a detox that was incredibly uncomfortable and then to a two week out patient treatment where i started suboxone. At first the suboxone was incredible, it took away all withdrawals and cravings, but after a couple of weeks I have cravings again and am always tempted to go back to using. I know I have to continue treatment and have an appt. on the 13th for after -treatment that i think will really help. If you are questioning whether or not to get on suboxone i would do it.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. How long and why did you go on vicodin? Your still on a fairly low dose. Although I have never taken methadone, I can almost assure you, your trading the vicodin for something that is so so much harder to come off of. Others will be on soon to give you some advice that have been on it, please be careful.
Avatar m tn He has just taken a break from his girlfriend (she wants him off methadone and has been very supportive) and of course with being on Methadone their sex life is not as it used to be. My husband has suffered from depression since he was 19 and takes his anti-depressants and functions really well. I know my son is depressed and maybe that is why he always wants to get high to get that happy feeling. I hope that Rehab will help but it is only for 16 days.
Avatar n tn I am currently on suboxone maintaince, and don't do percs anymore, but I used to get sobo's on the street and take opiates later in the day and they worked. The naloxone in the suboxone is what makes other opiates not work for the 8-10 hour time (I say 8-10 depending on your metabolism, etc. I personally have done it in 6 hours). The naloxone only is active for 6-8 hours after taking your suboxone, and once the naloxone is out of the picture, you can take whatever you want.
Avatar f tn I said this before I think you guys would be good candidates for suboxone exp. Tim You are worry free from pills, And if you do it short term you got it made in the shade!
662972 tn?1270169901 some are on sub short to long term...both methadone and sub long term have their consequences..
Avatar n tn Any medical doctor can prescribe methadone for pain relief. Methadone clinics are for methadone maintainence (for addicts) and not for chronic pain sufferers. They are governmentally subsidized which is why I assume your doctor referred you there and not to a pain management specialist. I am quite surpised the methadone clinic accepted you.
597547 tn?1251040364 I do know that benzos and methadone together can be deadly from what I have read on here. So that may be another thing to consider if you are taking benzos for anxiety. I'm glad you are doing your research and educating yourself before making the decision. Hang in there and let us know what you decide! Best of luck!
Avatar n tn Methadone isn't all bad, BUT every rose has its thorns. and methadone has some pretty damn big ones. The biggest thing methadone offers people is the stability. It will allow you to feel somewhat normal. you can go throughout your day without the need of getting high. It does a great job keeping you on baseline, without the highs of getting high and lows of not. Methadone will make you very lathargic and sleepy all day. Why not sub?
521742 tn?1255110615 This will get you through the worst of the norco w/d, and not be enough to get you addicted to methadone nor cause you to have methadone w/d's. After that, and honestly the first few days are definitely the worst of the w/d's, then you just hve to use your willpower, na meetings, posting here, and staying away from norco or people that abuse. It's really not that hard if you follow my directions to the letter. I've done it, and I know it works.
Avatar n tn It is a little early yet, and not that many folks are around. My experience with Methadone was very short-term, and it was many moons ago, so I cannot share much personal experience. However, I do know several folks on this forum who have had experience with it. If you can hang around, or check back, I am certain you will receive advise and suggestions from those more knowledgable than I am. I answered your post just to let you know that you are not being ignored.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I started searching for answers about switching from methadone to suboxone and checked on a few rehab places. From what I found out it seems that if you are on methadone and you want to switch to suboxone most rehab detox places wont make the switch. It seens that they first put you on oxycotin or norco for about 2 weeks then switch you to suboxone.
Avatar n tn to finally try to detox and get some help. The Methadone clinic offers both Suboxone and Methadone liquid. I tried Suboxone 2 years ago and found that it was more expensive (145 per wk compared to 65) and I didn't feel it worked very good. My problem is I was snorting it just like I did my Oxycotins. I only tried it a few times under the tongue like you are supposed to. I wonder if it didn't work that great because back then I was ready to quit...