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Avatar f tn you have credit card and dont have money for is not possible. where your husband. tell him do hard work for money. only hard working money will give happiness to you.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing angina for the past several months and I recently took a nuclear stress test. I can not see the cardiologist until next week so I am hoping you can shed some light on my diagnosis. " The patient reached a maximal heart rate of 154, which is 91% of predicted maximum. There is some thinning of the myocardium near the apex with small area of reversible activity in anteroseptal region.
Avatar n tn ll see that it will say not to be used for diagnostics. Your best bet will be your antibody test which is a hell of a lot cheaper.
Avatar m tn I donate blood thru blood banks very three months, do they have reliable test for HIV??
606638 tn?1299565361 I believe that they have an obligation to inform you if something in your blood tests positive. But if you are worried about an STD, you should get tested and no wait for a blood bank to call you.
195469 tn?1388322888 The others are usually new to the forums, and while they may present a credible enough picture of themselves, watch out for requests for your personal email address, phone, address or anything else that might disclose who you are and where you are. They may also not post much on the public forums, but rather present themselves in private messages.
Avatar f tn Couldn't even begin to imagine what you're going through or how your feeling. Have you tried going to the CAB on some advice for the legal situation? Also take your self off social media sites it's unnecessary stress for you and your baby.
1482495 tn?1289757410 Actually the reason of my stress is I gave a blood donation at blood bank after two years of my exposure 1 week later i received a mysterious call from the blood bank unfortunately i couldnt figure it out why they called me because my mobile batteries went dead. I was afraid to to know my status at that time that is why i didnt call them Today i call the blood bank truing to figure ot out what was in the report , They assured me tommorow they will look into their data to know my result.
Avatar f tn Rumpled is correct- you should first address the cause of the cortisol before playing around with anything. If it's from stress you need to address the stress- the cortisol is your body's way of coping with it. A little cortisol boost is actually normal in stressful times but put your body under that kind of pressure for too long and you'll harm your adrenal glands. It may be difficult to do but you need to find ways to cope with your stressors and that will bring your cortisol down.
Avatar f tn We both worked full time and the real estate agent did all the running around for us bringing paperwork to our offices to sign. The stressful bit for me was the actual packing and moving but you might be able to pay for some help with that. It's an exciting time, good luck!
539750 tn?1226521677 We actually went through this in the past. I contacted my bank immediately. They verified that fortunately I swiped my card in a gas pump down in southern Tennessee within an hour of the time that someone went on a spending spree up in Cleveland, OH. It did take nearly 10 days but the bank did return all my money and canceled the overdraft fees. It seems to me that it took a bit longer than that to get the fees refunded... don't recall but they did do it eventually.
Avatar f tn My arm starts to feel heavy too and I have to slow down and stop to get my breath and the pain / tightness slowly eases. Because of this I was sent for a stress test while hooked up to an ecg. This was in a warm room and I managed to complete it without any pains. Im confused now as it doesnt happen all the time but it is worse in cold weather. Could this be angina even though my ecg didnt show any problems with my heart? They said there was slight changes but nothing to be concerned about.
Avatar m tn Hi Guys, Once again thanks for the reply. I will offer the Blood Bank a copy of the RIBA test as suggested by Bill if they don't think I'm good for blood donation in future then it can't be help.(Which I hope is not the case) Thank you so much for all the info, help and encouragement I really appreciate it. You guys take care and all the best as well. Cheers.
Avatar n tn thankyou for responding, yes had the test reached my target heart rate , but didnt feel like i had exerted myself enough to give my heart a real test, thankfully nothing showed, but wish i had some answers to the chest pain that goes down my left arm, and cardioligist says its nothing, well its not nothing its very disturbing actually put me on lipitor as bad cholestrol is 7 oh well if i cark it least i know nothing was wrong..
Avatar n tn Had a nuclear treadmill stress test done while taking the test the whole time the nurse held me up from behind 2 hands on back because i stated i had back problems and as soon as test started she began this procere is this comman practice?
Avatar n tn You achieved 96% of your max which is very good and is adequate for an accurate stress test. For me, 96% would be approx 162 BPM which would make me be work out at around 12 - 14 mets so you can kind of see the relationship between mets, heart rate and conditioning. For this reason, I am less concerned about my mets as they are a measurement of your overall condition, not necessarily your cardiac health. You achieved a high percentage which is very good.
212161 tn?1599427282 If so, they can give you something for your anxiety. I had the treadmill stress test and I was able to take a xanax. If it's the other one that's a medicine induced stress test where you lay on a table, then I'm not sure. Is your Dr. wanting you to get this test done? Has the chest pain went away since you started using your inhaler? You know anxiety can give alot of us shortness of breath and chest pains.
Avatar f tn Anyone know?
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on july 30, and an echo. I have had an echo but was wondering what the stress test was?? Anyone with info please help??????
Avatar f tn Don't know your medical issues but your age is an indication for twice weekly antenatal testing.
Avatar m tn After my first a-fib episode they had me do the stress test and they advised they are prepared for anything, You need to trust your cardiologist. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn ok I have had the stress test for abnormal EKG, I passed this test with flying colors but have not yet heard the results. Would this be a good thing?
Avatar f tn Just went for a stress test and It came back positive for slow blood flow thru heart. They scheduled me for a nuclear stree test next week is this really necessary? The only sympton I have is some chest pain once in a while. complete exhaustion, headaches,feeling like I have no energy. Could this be all tied in.
8818986 tn?1406114699 So I have to go now every week for a stress test that they are going to be doing on my baby because I have extra fluid. Does anybody know how they do it?
Avatar f tn I recently went for a stress test where i had to walk on a treadmill and was wired up to an ECG machine, during the test at regular intervals the treadmill got faster and steeper, once the test was finished i heard one of the doctors say "I saw one VE on there" i would like to know what this could mean, is anything serious as ive got to wait until April before i go back and see the doctor.
Avatar f tn Bank of America routinely denied qualified borrowers a chance to modify their loans to more affordable terms and paid cash bonuses to bank staffers for pushing homeowners into foreclosure, according to affidavits filed last week in a Massachusetts lawsuit. "We were told to lie to customers," said Simone Gordon, who worked in the bank's loss mitigation department until February 2012.