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Avatar f tn Bank accounts frozen due to garnishment of very old credit card debt, house payment behind because of this. No cash for food. 2 kids. 11 weeks pregnant. Even though we paid the collection company the bank won't unfreeze funds. I'm losing my mind.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing angina for the past several months and I recently took a nuclear stress test. I can not see the cardiologist until next week so I am hoping you can shed some light on my diagnosis. " The patient reached a maximal heart rate of 154, which is 91% of predicted maximum. There is some thinning of the myocardium near the apex with small area of reversible activity in anteroseptal region.
Avatar n tn Would not a blood bank use the best methods around; and is not the anti-body test that a blood bank perform be just as good as one I would get on my own if not better?
Avatar m tn What it is was, i`m a 39 year old male I had my stress test and echo yesterday and i`m crapping myself about the results, the positives i`m taking from it are there was no increase in chest pain, i didnt collapse, there werent any ecg changes from the treadmill, pulse was nice and regular throughout and no contrast needed for the images from the echo, the negatives BP was sky high, was very tachy and was out of breath (i am after all unfit lol).
606638 tn?1299565361 does the blood bank call you if you have an STD , or do they keep it a secret?
Avatar f tn Be aware of what triggers stress for you, or what patterns you fall into and devise ways to avoid these. Meditation is a key to release stress and once you become a devotee I guarantee it will change your life for the better. The benefits of even a short time meditating each day are cumulative – the more you do it the better you will feel, and the easier it will become.
Avatar f tn We talked to a financial planner and got preapproval from the bank, looked at a couple of houses, made an offer, signed the contract and then waited a month for settlement to move house. We both worked full time and the real estate agent did all the running around for us bringing paperwork to our offices to sign. The stressful bit for me was the actual packing and moving but you might be able to pay for some help with that. It's an exciting time, good luck!
1482495 tn?1289757410 Actually the reason of my stress is I gave a blood donation at blood bank after two years of my exposure 1 week later i received a mysterious call from the blood bank unfortunately i couldnt figure it out why they called me because my mobile batteries went dead. I was afraid to to know my status at that time that is why i didnt call them Today i call the blood bank truing to figure ot out what was in the report , They assured me tommorow they will look into their data to know my result.
1481358 tn?1288295091 Hang in there dude your red key tag is coming stay true to yourself my conslor gave me a plack I live by it says....'''I wont do anything to put myself at risk'' thats a saying you can take to the really happy for you good luck and God bless.....Gnarly...
Avatar f tn I once asked a doctor why the health care community always says you need to remove stress (as they lay off nurses ect), and how do they expect you to do this. He said rob a bank and go hide in the Bahamas. That advice sounded stressful. Simplifying your life is the best move and its your choice, but for some its too late.
Avatar m tn thallium stress test Report.. Please Tell me the conclusion of Report ? do I need angiography ? Dipyridamole myoview spect myocardial perfusion study Age / Sex : 65/M Indication: HTN, DM, ? IHD Isotope : 7mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at peak stress 21mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at rest Persantin Infusion Stress: Pharmacological Intervention was performed with injection persantin (Dipyridamole) at a rate of 0.142 mg/kg/min, 07 Mci of Tc-99m Myoview was given I/V. His resting ECG showed 0.
Avatar m tn Sorry, can't get an appointment for a rapid test for at least two weeks (Canadian healthcare isn't always the best). Just need some help getting through the days. I don't know if my symptoms are severe enough - can someone describe typical thrush feeling and or swollen nodes?
Avatar f tn I'm scheduled for a chemical stress test, my doctor's nurse said that they're going to use Lexiscan. If anyone has had any experience with Lexiscan I would really wish to know what to expect. I've read some positive things about Lexiscan and mostly negative things. I have asthma and wish to know if anyone has had problems breathing when administered this drug. I've also heard that I can experience nausea and vomiting. Although the doc told me not to eat or drink anything.
Avatar f tn What bothers me the most of all about these test is there is no universal standard for reading these test at least that is what I read on Wikipedia. And the tech unsure they stamp positive on it.
1530342 tn?1405016490 com/business/janet-yellen-be-named-fed-chair-wednesday-white-house-8C11360994 Janet Yellen will be named the next chair of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, cracking one of the highest glass ceilings as the first woman to head the central bank in its 100-year history, the White House confirmed late Tuesday. The announcement by President Obama is scheduled for 3 p.m. ET, the White House said. Both Yellen and current Fed chair Ben Bernanke are expected to attend.
539750 tn?1226521677 I went to Starbucks Saturday on the way to get my nephew a b-day gift and to go to his b-day party. My card declined, and my bank is a block away so I went to the ATM to see what was up, and it said not authorized. So I went inside and the woman asked me if used my card at a Lowes for over $2100 in a town over 200 miles no! Plus additional charges I found out about later. So my entire savings, checking is gone and they assessed $900 in overdraft fees. I am so upset.
Avatar f tn I was advised that I had an enlarged heart and followed up with my doctor and had an echocardiogram and a stress test. The tests showed the following: 1. Normal left Ventricle systolic(estimated ejection fraction-60%) and diasolic function 2. Mildly enlarged right ventricle with good function 3. Mild to moderate mitral regurgitation without left atrial enlargement. 4. Moderate tricuspid regurgitation(estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure =39mmHg.
Avatar n tn We need some sort of "key" to refer to with all of the abbreviations. I am a fairly young person (29) and spend a lot of time online...but I still have no idea what AF, BFN, etc means. there are soooo many of them...i can't keep up..and I am totally lost. HAHAHAHA. sorry...totally 'OT' (off topic....
Avatar f tn How much stress can my body handle during pregnancy? I am 17 weeks and I have been under so much stress lately I am afraid I will lose my baby.
Avatar m tn we all may have other issues in addition to the added stress or emotional over loads....but it is all a result of Chiari affecting our control center....
1891853 tn?1344648442 I hope ladies can find ways to keep things calm low key and stress free as possible.
Avatar m tn I have had constant myofascial pain in my neck for 13 years. It began after repetitive stress from sports. I've sought various treatment options soon after it began, but all have only offered short-term relief. Options I have tried include: Seeing a physician who was a pain specialist. Treatment included dry needling and NSAIDs (Naproxen). Results were helpful but short-term. Seeing a physical therapist.
Avatar m tn Hi Guys, Once again thanks for the reply. I will offer the Blood Bank a copy of the RIBA test as suggested by Bill if they don't think I'm good for blood donation in future then it can't be help.(Which I hope is not the case) Thank you so much for all the info, help and encouragement I really appreciate it. You guys take care and all the best as well. Cheers.
Avatar f tn Last year I had a severe episode of my nervous system felt as if it was shutting down and discovered that i have severe hypoglycemia the doctor said my blood sugar drops 60 - 80 points within 1-2 hrs by the results of my 4 hour glucose test, i always have low blood pressure and i constantly crave salt, but what worries me the most is that i work at a bank and money carries a lot of germs but i constantly get sick the last time lasted a month and i had severe headaches all day every day for 2 wee