Stomach pains that go to the back

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Avatar n tn for the last year and a half, I have been treated for stomach problems with a drug called Protonix, but was taken off of it last Aug when I found out I was pregnant, I gave birth to my son in May and had some complications, a fever and a rash, the rash still shows up in the afternoons, lately I have had severe digestive problems and sharp pains that seem to stab on one side below my ribs then the other and then in the center of my stomach, I also have low blood pressure,and every day I am nausi
Avatar n tn i'm early in my pregnancy and i've been getting these pains in my stomach that come and go, some stay for like a mini went to the doctors and they said it might be uti but they never called me back, so i went to the ER and they checked the baby and said the baby is fine so now i'm just left with what is causing this pain.
Avatar n tn My brother suffers form servere stomach pains. He claims that the pain is that bad that it feels as though his ribs are crushing him. He cannot go to the toilet and vomits because so. He finds comfort in hot showers and feels that a back rub helps the cause. He knows that the gases are building up in his stomach and just cannot release them in any way.His been in and out of hospital and has had plenty of test and they have found nothing.
Avatar n tn My FEAR is that without the ESCAPE FROM REALITY, that once real reality sets in, I wont be able to deal with it. The sales i need to make, the bills, the problems of life that i have been avoiding. I am going to a shrink but until recently hid my problems from him too. I am on anti depressants and xanax to sleep at night but right now mostly to get thru this painful time of anxiety. thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn Keep in mind that we are not doctors and a doctor is who needs to diagnose this. So if I were you, I'd go to your doctor. I'm sure that he can run the tests you need to diagnose your problem. Do check back later. As I said, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here. And there's always a willing ear. Good luck and check back.
2116391 tn?1334598691 I have had this condition for years now and don't know what it is. I will get sever lower abdomen pains and the urge to have a bowl movement. When I go to the bathroom to do so it will not come out. Then I will break out in a sweet and then since nothing is coming out i will get up and that is when I faint. After i faint I will go back to the bathroom and it will finally come out.
Avatar n tn the pain is in the upper part of my stomach right underneith my rib cage and the pains seem to go right thru to my back... everytime i have this i vomit.... and a few minutes later the pains seem to go away as quickly as they arrived???? anythoughts ???
Avatar f tn Yes it's not recommend to go on anything that could cause placental aprubtion. U should call your doctor just to be safe.
Avatar f tn At this point continue to follow up with your gastroenterologist to try to get to the bottom of it.
494010 tn?1209483557 The docs thought it may be renal stones but his urinalysis, bloods, and abdo x-ray were all clear. We have been advised to go to the GP which we will do but in the mean time do you have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn You mentioned being on thyroid medicine,is it possible the medicine is causing the stomach pains?Have you looked up the side effects of the medicine?Maybe you need an MRI of your stomach to get a better image.Take care of your self.TNT406.
Avatar f tn Also, with taking only one prilosec to save pills might not have been the smartest idea in the long run. Has anyone been able to go off the prilosec or other meds similar by changing diet & lifestyle?
1662361 tn?1302765972 Then after its done 2 weeks later Im in pain and I cant eat and I cant use the bathroom to go poop it like burns in my stomach when I have to. I went to see another Dr and he told me I was just having constipation and to take Gas X. Stomach hurts right now on a scale of 1 to 10 about 6. I cut out so much fatty foods and carbs. Im sick of bland diets and Antibiotic's when this is happening just for it all to come back. Any Ideas are welcomed. Maybe I need a third opinion?
Avatar n tn You may feel the burning in your stomach because antibiotics has irritated the stomach lining so talk to your doctors and take some acid reducing medication until pain becomes bearable. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Baby could also be lying in a weird spot across the top of your uterus, transverse. Ifs it too painful go to emergency and they can help. Sorry if this seems like a wishy washy answer, but if there are more details maybe we can be of more help.
280369 tn?1316705641 less than 30 to go! please make sure that after you have baby you will come back to give me the news/details/etc!
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have sever stomach pains in your first or second month? What causes the stomach pains? How do you make them stop?
501205 tn?1227349042 I kept putting it off and as I told joann last night, I finally went yesterday and the only other patient there (becasue of the holiday) was this outrageously good looking guy and I just couldnt imagine having to bear my soul in front of him and only him (well and the counselor). SO, I bolted and now I have to go back and deal with him and whoever else on Monday. I swear this time around has been so hard. It is such a struggle, wasnt like this before...
Avatar n tn and i got a question. Right now my dad is not working, so i dont have insurance to go to the doctor or anything. But the past month, month and a half, i've been having pains in my right lower stomach. and one night. it was hurting really bad that i had to press down on my stomach to see if it would help, and realized i had a bump in my stomach. my friend felt it, she thought i was kidding, and just playing games saying i was in pain, but i really was. so much that i was crying.
Avatar f tn So, because of gas buildup and resulting sharp pains, they invented alka seltzer, it fizzes up pleasantly, and when it gets to the stomach, it releases and neutralizes the gas. If you don't like the taste, it is salty, you can hold your nose as you drink it down, it's worth it. A less effective method of releasing gas is an roll of regular Tums (NOT extra strenght), chew one tablet, tastes sweet, and it'll also ease the discomfort, but just a few degrees, enough to where you can go on.
Avatar n tn i swear by them! they are the only thing that helps me with the severe stomach pains. I use the extra stength, chewable kind, 2 at a time when i am having severe pains like that and it helps SO MUCH. good luck and hope you feel better soon!
1523981 tn?1311322195 Thank you for your help, I don't think its round ligament pain already had those and it hurt like h***. How long should I wait til I go see the dr, I don't want to be one of those ppl that bother them for every little thing. Do you get fevers with kidney infections? I don't have a fever in fact my temp is 97.5.
Avatar n tn So now I'm back to square 1. The stomach aches are definetly better, but they aren't gone. And the doctors still have no idea. Any ideas???
374249 tn?1208011946 A few hours later I had pain in my stomach (iguess) right below my breast in the middle. I'm not sure if it was heartburn because I have never had heartburn. It was pretty significant pain. I ended up throwing up and had diarrhea. I also took tums but they did not help. The rest of the say I was fine after throwing up. I didn't think much of it. The next day (I can't remember if I took advil or not) I began to have the same symptom.
Avatar f tn Lie down on your left side for one hour with a pillow at your back for support. Do not lie on your back because it can cut down on the blood that reaches baby. 3. Drink 2-3 glasses of juice or water 4. Keep timing how often the contractions happen. Note the time between the start of one contraction and the start of the next one. 5. If there are five or more contractions in one hour, or if the warning signs do not go away in one hour, call your doctor/midwife.
Avatar n tn My levels are going up and not dropping (like they did in the last 2 pg's)but they are going up very slowly, so the OBGYN wants me to go in and have a shot of methotrexate to absorb the PG.
Avatar m tn 11am May 1st 2008) and they hurt a lot they tend to radiate to my lower back the exact location of the pain is in between the rib cages i guess the pain comes from the esophagus im not sure...but the pain hurts alot and it hurts to lay down and sit..any suggestions will help...
Avatar m tn Its a terrible cycle that I can't get out of no matter what I do or try. I have to force myself to go out at times. I even lost my job over all this,but I just keep pushing on. For some reason from 1997 to 2001 most of my symptoms disappeared,but after my Mother's death they all came back. I know there are alot of people out there that think they are the only ones. YOUR NOT ALONE.
Avatar f tn My stomach hurts, my back hurt, my bottom hurts!! I'm so over being pregnant. I hv one week to go & she will be here. I'm hoping time moves a little faster. Congrats to all the ladies that will be giving birth soon & all the ladies that has given birth already.