Stomach pains from adderall

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Avatar m tn I am able to concentrate and focus better than before....I've never felt like a zombie (at least not from the adderall....but I digress). It will cause insomnia if you take it too late in the day.
885719 tn?1240857194 I have been taking adderall 20mg 2x a day for about 2 months and it just got upped yesterday to 30mg. I've had the worst chest pain. I also thought it was my heart and have been to the ER. They did the chest xray, blood work and ekg. They diagnosed me with chest wall pain and gave me naproxen. After a few weeks it was much much worse and I went to the doc. She told me that its an inflamation where the ribs meet the sternum. so more naproxen and also tramadol. Still no help.
948319 tn?1268418526 Other times I have taken it, and gotten very sick. Severe stomach pains, a rash around my lower lip, canker sores on my tongue (I get those everytime) and severe muscle cramping. I was thinking I was allergic to it-at least at higher than normal doses. When it runs out, I sleep and cannot get up. I eat. I start withdrawing off the Klonopin at the same time even though I am still taking it, because I was taking so much while on the Adderall.
Avatar f tn I agree with having it checked out as well, but as an Adderall and Oxycodone abuser/user what you described sounds like me when I over do it on the Adderall. I am actually sitting here now with my heart racing like crazy and feeling like I cant breath cause I took a lil more than usual this time. But I would see a Dr if I was you just to make sure that it isn't something serious.
Avatar f tn I haven't noticed any definite side effects, although I have been having some occasional small stomach pains. My doc suggests I make sure to take a break every week so that I don't build up a dependence. I plan to take off Thursday since I have a big meeting Wednesday night for which I haven't yet prepared. It will be interesting to see how Thursday goes.
Avatar f tn I worked my way up to 200mg of Lamictal a day -- and the bad stomach cramps and nausea lasted about two weeks. I was in tears some nights, doubled over with stomach pains and lots of gas -- my normal "anti gas" meds (Pepcid, Rolaids, etc) did nothing to help and I just had to suffer through it for those 2 weeks until the side effects passed. After that, I have had no further problems with the Lamictal and it does seem to be helping control my bp mood swings.
Avatar f tn I'm prescribed to Adderall, and I get severe migraines and have trouble sleeping. Since starting Adderall in 2003, I've had stomach compulsions and chest pains which was thought to be Acid-Reflux and my doctor prescribed me to Nexium, it did not help and I stopped taking it in 2005. I'm a HEAVY drinker and have taken sleeping pills/ pain revilers while drinking. Recently, the stomach compulsions have been getting worse,and so have the chest pains which I think is Acid-Reflux.
Avatar f tn please don't start taking adderall fact i think roxi's and adderall are a very bad combo. very very dangerous.
Avatar n tn I believe in the winter I had the absolute worst pains due to stress from being in college and working full time. I also have moderate anxiety and I get stressed out easily. Now that school started again in September the pains are starting to come back again and I have had 2 panic attacks due to the sharp pains, especially the sharp pains in my heart. Iam not sure weather to start up the anxiety medicine again or not.
1076143 tn?1255735104 No explanation was given, and I was left with nothing to base my pains on (headaches, penile discomfort, stomach ache). Also after my popping episode, I've been experiencing unbelievably realistic dreams. Some quite disturbing, but quite lifelike. This morning after waking up from a very vivid dream I noticed that I felt as though I was quite stimulated. As though I had taken a low dose of ADHD medication (Adderall).
Avatar n tn also if for some reason i did relapse once 15-20 days from now and i only did it once, like a hydro/10 or 2, would i have 2 suffer the physical withdrawal all over????
798555 tn?1292791151 Magnessium glycinate and magnessium tourate are most effective for muscle pain as well and easier on the stomach than mag citrate- take this night away from thy meds. Malic acid capsules remove lactic acid in muscle fiber, which is the cause of the pain. To get things rolling after all of the above is completed you need to manually force the lactic acid out of the effected muscle tissue - to heal the damage.
Avatar m tn I also did not have the urge to abuse my Adderall. However, it also made me very angry, gave me night terrors, and bad stomach pains. I would have dealt with the night terrors and stomach pains, but the anger made me lash out at my family for little things. I felt a bit out of control. Now I am back to feeling like a zombie on Lexapro, Latuda, Adderall XR, and Lorazepam. I cannot leave my couch. All I want is to enjoy listening to the radio again.
Avatar n tn The abdominal pains could just be from IBS, speed can cause this. I know what it's like to worry about someone u love, and I know ur mind won't rest until you know what it is - but you've just got to remember, we're all dying anyway, and once we do, we should be glad 2 be out of this ******, hate-filled world, because we won't be in pain anymore. I hope ur daughter is ok, this stress won't do you any good either, so try not 2 worry.
Avatar f tn Never had abortion, lost 11-13 lbs in the past two months, (which was weight I gain after going off the meds. The weight came off evenly in that time. Occasionally having upset/ sick stomach might be from nerves or stress. I have had more than normal stress lately. I have probed around up there to see if a tampon or a condom was left, I found nothing, unless it is really up there. I have had a few lower back pains on right side but not too high in pain rating.
454677 tn?1206691163 My numbers at last months check were fine, but I'm still gaining weight. Lately I have been nauseated constantly, like a sick feeling maybe too much acid in my stomach, its only if I have to get up in the morning and it goes away after I take a nap. I have pain in my chest as well, it starts in my chest near my sternum and radiates to my back shoulder and feels like I have something stuck in my throat that I cant swallow.
Avatar m tn Adderall XR 30mg morning, 15mg afternoon Vitamin D, Fish Oils daily Backstory: March: Came home for Spring Break and had incredible fatigue daily and inability to sleep decently (only melatonin supplements occasionally but didn't help). While I couldn't sleep, I explored my body as one does, and found an enlarged inguinal lymph node (>1.5cm). Over a few weeks, I found one of the other side as well. Both were (and are) around with the persistent inability to sleep.
Avatar f tn I was put through cardio tests because of chest pains and papatations, barium enemas, GI series, , IVP for kidney problems, dentists for sores inside my mouth, neurologists for my headaches, orthopedists for my joint pains etc. My throat, neck, hips and groin area were constantly in pain. I was diagnosed with colitis even though my tests came back negative. (diagnosis based on symptoms) I ultimately suffered with panic attacks. This list goes on.
Avatar f tn Have you tried a chiropractor for your pains, from your description, I really think one would be able to help you, mine sure does.
Avatar f tn stomach discomfort, frequently after food; 6 wks in summer w/ dizzy. Coordination: I get periods of the day (usually don't last multiple days consecutively) of decreased dexterity in my hands, e.g. when writing, hard to finely coordinate fingers where I want, writing is sloppier, typing is occ hard too. In many cases it's easier to hold my thumb or finger stiff and moving my palm to influence the location of my finger tip when typing/operating iPhone.
Avatar f tn With the combo of theoriginal headaches and my mother facing a brain tumor i found myself needing them to just get away from it all slowly but surely in this months span I took almost all of the pills about three bottles. And than when I couldn't sleep I took ambien. I left my house to go back to the state I'm living at to attend college and I've been off all of this for 4-5 days. The withdrawal started on the 10hour drive back with severe leg and back pain.
Avatar n tn The first occurrence happened after watching a very intense/emotional movie during which I cried and felt anxious (not unusually so). I stood up from the couch, and BOOM off to the races (tachycardia, flip flopping, irregular pulse). I felt somewhat lightheaded (sort of an out of body/impending doom feeling) but no LOC. My pulse was elevated for a good 20-30 minutes, so I decided to go to the ED, my boyfriend took me.
544292 tn?1268886268 This is the place to be if you are trying to recover from Tramadol ... Please make yourself at home!
Avatar n tn but i love my father more then anyone in the world and my addiction is so bad that i consistintly have stolen money from him , i have searched friends medicine cabinets and tried to find free hydros all the time , i was doing ok today on my 2nd day and my legs hurt so bad on the top of them my arms are not as bad , but i took like 5 adderall 20 mg today with some friends , i can control myself good with like weed beer even cocaine i stopped fine no withdrawl i never was majorly into anything li
544292 tn?1268886268 This is a place to find support and give support from those who really know what it is like. Understanding is essential! You can do this. And yes. Eventually you will heal!
Avatar f tn The medication wore off 4-6 hours causing behavioral problems in school, stomach pains and difficulty going to sleep at night. He was switched back to Focalin XR 40mg but that too wore off 6 hours so he was then prescribed a noon dose of short acting Focalin 10mg then 20 mg and Clonodine. Well the manufacturers do not make the short acting right now as they say the ingredients are on back order. So he was switched to just the clonodine in the afternoon.
8205103 tn?1397008103 I'm assuming because it was still in my system from the night before. But at about 9 pm I had the absolute worst stomach pains of my life and I don't even want to describe what happened next, it was absolutely horrible. It only lasted for about 30 minutes until I could lay in my bed and just lie still for about an hour until the sleeping aids kicked in.
Avatar n tn Panic disorder is marked not only by triggers that cause attacks but also sudden ones that seem to come out of nowhere. If you have had all of these tests done and they all came out normal, then I would trust the tests. The best thing to have done is an MRI. If you are still worried, get second opinions. Just do whatever it takes to calm your nerves. I am not a doctor but I have to say, with all the check-ups you've had, I'd say it is panic disorder.