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Avatar f tn Since it sounds like you are sensitive to the beta agonists, it might be worth a try with Atrovent, which is a like Spiriva, but s short acting and somewhat different formula. I would speak with your physician about this medication.
Avatar n tn My questions are, How serious is this side effect, Should I continue using the Spiriva, Continue the Spiriva but stop the Symbicort, or Drop both and just take Combivent which I currently use as my emergency inhaler? Are there other alternative that I and my doc should consider.
Avatar n tn my husband has copd he uses adviar spiriva and combivent and it doesnt work what can it be thak you
Avatar m tn These include Albuterol, Flovent, Combivent, Spiriva, lasix, Diamox , Clariten and Nasonex. I follow a strict diet, no fatty , greasy, fried ,alcoholic or dairy. I elevate my head in bed and lay on my left side. I had test done which include upper and lower GI series, endoscope and a fluroscope. I do everything my Doctor tells me but I am still suffering . My Doctor also suggested that I lose weight.
Avatar n tn I've been on one along with Combivent for about 5yrs for COPD. I noticed your probs with mucusy/bloody noses. I had that problem for about 2 years, my nose was always sore and quite 'raw' inside. I realised one day that when I inhale (no spacer) and hold for 5 seconds as instructed the very next thing I do is to release my breath and then swill the mouth out. When you first exhale again could some particles of the inhalers ingredient travel back up the nasal passage?? BINGO!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Yes! Spiriva is a long acting 24 hour broncho-dialator. So this means it will dialate your airway, make it bigger so air can pass thru it easier. Adviar: is a cortico-steriod. This means it is a anti-inflammatory type med that will take the inflammed part and calm it down. These are two very different medications. one holds it open and the other calms down the inflammed parts.
Avatar f tn it started with about a handful once a week and now im up to probably a quart jar full every other day. i also have what i call attacks where i feel like my lungs are closed and i need to cough but i cant get enough air to cough so i end up gasping for air (almost exactly like an asthma attack. finally i can cough and its over but it scares me. im 29 years old and smoke about 2 packs a day. i went to the doctor yesterday and she put me on welbutrin to quit smoking.
Avatar m tn Work with your dr to find an effective treatment for you. You should probably be on some sort of combo med like Advair, Symbicort or Dulera (very new). You should probably also have a rescue med of albuterol, Combivent or Spiriva. I assume that you discovered varily early in the disease so that you will be able to control and slow down the pbrogress of the disease.
Avatar n tn You should discus the use of combivent with your doctor. It may not be needed on a scheduled basis anymore depending on the severity of your disease. Feel better.
Avatar m tn thanks very much xolair does increase risk of infections and these can be pretty bad with asthma as asthmatics are slow to heal I have been unable to treat my sleep apnea for 2 years now and had a bad infection for over a month and am still wheezing even after large doses of prednisone I'm trying spiriva now. maybe the wheezing is from dulera, symbicort or singulair or a tonsil problem? I am going to have my tonsils removed. should I have the adenoids removed also?
Avatar n tn Have rearely used products that have albuterol combined with anything--Combivent used to make me cough badly. I now use Spiriva, which should generally not be used with Atrovent anyway. By the way, the side effects you mention of racing heart, etc are NOT allergic reactions but reported side effects. Allergic reactions would be things like hives, swelling, or other types of reactions.
Avatar n tn 4 yr ago xray emphasemia diagnosed, then spirometa test said I had COPD mild to moderate.Sept 2006, had 2 chest infections within 2 months most of my meds stopped being effective (Combivent, Quvar 100, ventolin) another spirometer done slight reduction in fev 1, doctor said no further action required. Since then further chest infections various antibiotics (amoxocilin, ethroymcin, ceipro 250) still infection been on cefralexin 500mg for 14 days, still have wheeze tight chest and SOB.
Avatar n tn The doctor has started me off on Spiriva but this has replaced my combivent. He said he did not want to poison my system with antibiotics! The spiriva is OK it has made a bit of difference but I have still taken my combivent although I am not supposed to (I have some left at home not much but about half a prescription). I have had to take thislater on in the day when I have been getting desperate (when my chest is tight again).
Avatar m tn I am 46 yrs old diagnosed with severe emphysema(copd),Currently I take spiriva daily,advair 2x day,combivent and nebulizer with combivent,twice daily...4yrs ago received reconstructive surgery on left lung and right lung is worse at this point,my question is since I received that lung surgery my o2 has been pretty good,wil the left lung compensate for the right lung as far as o2 is concerned.......they believe at sometime soon where the lung is so severe it may need transplant...
Avatar m tn The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after. I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc. All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good.
Avatar f tn I had never had pneumonia in my life. And the pleurisy lasted 3 long painful months. And that was with treatment with antibiotics. I did not like Advair whatsoever. Stopped taking that. Then, financially l could not afford the Spiriva. So, I eventually stopped taking that. I did still take the ProAir, which is a rescue inhaler. That started causing me problems. Now, I am on Proventil. I have read many reports on Advair and ProAir. Many people have problems with these 2 meds.
Avatar n tn When I use an inhaler like spiriva or flovent I cough and strangle for several minutes. I have had chronic bronchitis for years. Since last summer I have been treated for asthma. I have tried advair, flovent, foradil, albuterol, singulair, and a nebulizer. If I use spiriva in the morning by about 4p.m. I can feel the congestion returning. That's when I take the singulair even tho the doctor wants me to take it at bedtime. The advair did not seem to help.
Avatar f tn I recently seem to be having increasing problems with shortness of breath and a high heart rate. I currently take SPIRIVA and SYMICORT with COMBIVENT as a rescue inhaler. Can anyone help? Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn Anything higher than that should only be tried with a doctor's orders. I don't know much about sleep apnea and thus can't help you with setting levels but hold on and maybe you will get some answers from the others on the forum.
Avatar n tn I have been on Advair and Spiriva with Combivent as a fast acting inhaler. My question is what are the effects of being on these medications indefinitely, and should I be on both or just the Spiriva? I guess I feel better taking them but worry about the long term effects on the rest of my body. I feel like I have arthritis in my hands and am wondering if its from these meds, also pins and needles feelings in my hands. I have been excercising and quit smoking. I have insomnia.
Avatar f tn I am a 65 yr old female and was diagnosed with severe COPD about two years ago. I used Advair diskus for several months and felt great. I rarely had to use a rescue inhaler and was able to walk briskly for over a mile every day. Then my internist found blood in my stool during an annual physical and sent me for a colonoscopy and an upper GI endoscopy which found a lot of thrush "Canadida"? in my esophagus. I did not have any in my mouth.
Avatar n tn I have quite a few questions as I am really having a hard time dealing with this news. 1. I am on Spiriva, Symbicort, and Combivent. I have trouble sleeping and bad tremors. Is this an appropriate treatment plan? Is there anything I can do to alleviate my insomnia? 2. Is my prognosis worse since I never smoked? What kind of lifespan can I expect? Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn I take Dulera/Singulair/Xopenex and Spiriva and sometimes Combivent. Is there a med like theophylline that can help me? I'm also having bad sleep apnea and am crippled by this and can't work or think because of my lung diseases. Is my sleep apnea caused by asthma or narrowed airway?
Avatar n tn I have been on Advair and Spiriva with Combivent as a fast acting inhaler. My question is what are the effects of being on these medications indefinitely, and should I be on both or just the Spiriva? I guess I feel better taking them but worry about the long term effects on the rest of my body. I have been excercising and quit smoking. I have insomnia. I have small children and worry constantly about getting worse.
Avatar m tn And he is feeling less strength on the feet as well. He is on nebulizer with Combivent about 1-2 times a day, Spiriva, and Seretide medication. Recent CT scan indicate TRO bronchiectasis & confirms Chronic emphysematous lung disease with no significant bronchiectasis. With the oxymeter that we have at home, patient mentioned the oxygen level at rest is 90-93 and when at exertion even with the oxygen supply it is at 85-88.
Avatar m tn I am frequently out of breath through out the day as well. This is even while being on Spiriva, Symbicort, a nebulizer and combivent as a rescue inhaler. The slightest physical exertion leaves me winded. I have taken many tests including but not limited to: Pulmonary function test X2, Blood work X2, a heart echo, a stress test, an at home sleep study, Lung x-ray (2 kinds), a diaphragm x-ray, a CT scan of my abdomen and most recently went to see an ENT.
Avatar n tn both think I have Emphysema, after a couple of x-rays, and PFT's; yet after using Spiriva, and rescue inhalers (Albuterol/Combivent), for 1 year, my left lung shows a marked improvement, and I was under the impression, that emphysema only gets worse, as time goes by. Could my condition possibly be due to the inhalation of mold spores, and if so, with whom should I consult for a confirmation?
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with,PF,COPD, and emphysema.. He has no other health problems. His PFT scores average 51% and he uses oxygen most of the time.He has never undergone a second opinion from a pulmonary doctor.Does he really need a double lung transplant or is there medication that can be used instead of this drastic surgery? He also has never been prescribed any medications for this condition.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor I've had low O2 in my sleep of 75 for a while- my sleep is harmful and dangerous. My Fev1 is stuck at 72% even on dulera, singulair, combivent, xopenex, spiriva. I wheeze when I exhale- I exhale for less than a second and then the breath stops and I wheeze. Even prednisone/medrol/solumedrol doesn't really help this obstruction/wheezing. My peak flow was about 400 last month but now past 600. I have these headaches and I can't think when I run into smoke/pollution.