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Avatar m tn Hello Good evening, I have a doubt, the spiriva medication and amoxicillin can be taken together, since I'm asthmatic. I wonder if any problem taking the two together, or take apart, opening hours in 8 in 8 hours.
Avatar f tn At my six-monthly checkup at my local hospital here in Spain there was a replacement doctor and since he was young I thought he might be willing to hear why I was not taking spiriva and steroids. He confirmed that a person with severe COPD MUST use these medicines. But - I objected - they do not cure, they’re only supposed to make you feel a little better and have nasty adverse effects.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Spiriva and antibiotics. None of these seem to help. I have never smoked, and don't have a family history of asthma related diseases. I am worried that I may die young because of my condition.
Avatar m tn Pradaxa 150mg one twice a day. Lasix 40 mg one once a day at night Spiriva Respimat two puffs once a day. (Helped a little but have issues using it.
467579 tn?1289406569 On the first visit he wanted to put me on a daily dose of prednisone and as I have severe osteoporosis and am injecting Forteo daily,I declined. This visit he prescribed Advair along with my spiriva and albuterol, which I have been on for years. He seems very concerned about wheezing he can hear with his stethoscope but I can't or feel. Needless to say, when I got home and read the patient information, it clearly stated not to take even if you have a family history of osteoporosis.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor I've had low O2 in my sleep of 75 for a while- my sleep is harmful and dangerous. My Fev1 is stuck at 72% even on dulera, singulair, combivent, xopenex, spiriva. I wheeze when I exhale- I exhale for less than a second and then the breath stops and I wheeze. Even prednisone/medrol/solumedrol doesn't really help this obstruction/wheezing. My peak flow was about 400 last month but now past 600. I have these headaches and I can't think when I run into smoke/pollution.
Avatar n tn I take Zantac, Lantus insulin, Glipizide, Premarin, Provera, Synthroid, Acyclovir 800 qd, Calcium, Centrum, and Spiriva Inhaler plus Tums Xtra, and Maalox Max for symptomatic relief of acid reflux pain. My glaucoma doctor says a retinal doc should follow me if I start the Plaquenil, which is OK. I am worried about vision changes and permanent side effects. My rheum has not ordered blood tests although I was in the hosp recently for anaphylactic shock and he might be using those tests.