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Avatar n tn Although I get good (better) results from the combination than Symbicort alone, since starting the Spiriva, I am experiencing very dry mouth, and nasal passages to the extent that I occasionally experience light bleeding when I blow my nose. My questions are, How serious is this side effect, Should I continue using the Spiriva, Continue the Spiriva but stop the Symbicort, or Drop both and just take Combivent which I currently use as my emergency inhaler?
Avatar m tn #50 C-MUPIROCIN 5GM IN SAL NASAL – 2 sprays each nostril twice daily SPIRIVA 18mcg Inhaler – once each day FORADIL 12mcg capsule – twice daily ALBUTEROL (PROVENTIL INHALER) 90 mcg, PRN (for rescue) FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE nasal spray 50mcg – 2 sprays each nostril daily HCTZ 25mg – 1 tablet daily OXYGEN @2L 24/7 @4L when exercising/walking (from FEB 2009) CPAP (from APRIL 2008 to present) VACCINES: PNEUMONIA 10/01/2009; FLU VACCINE 09/13/2011; SHINGLES 05/01/2012
Avatar n tn I use flonase and its useless. Iv'e been on every nasal spray out there by prescription with no help. I use nasal irrigation several times a day to keep the mucus from getting into my lungs. This is miserable Out of the blue tons of mucus will fill my throat and i won't know where it's coming from there is so much.
1746907 tn?1311554801 I am a 56 yr. old male i have diabetes, high blood pressure, cop, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, degenerative disc disease, mild acid reflux. Lately I have had problems breathing, i also get dizzy in the extreme heat when I sit or lay down I have a sharp pain in my lower left side under my rib cage going to my lower back. I was just examined by my pulmonary Dr. My breathing test went from 3.8 to 2.8 I did feel an illness. The Dr gave me Avelox for 5 days; however I still am getting this pain.
Avatar n tn immunologist, I got better, also, know that if you are told to use wetting agent, such as I bought, the Neilmed Sinus Gel, it has synthetic hyaluronic acid in it, I reacted to it violently with one dose, as well as Omnaris nasal spray with 2 doses in 24 hours, lungs dropped to 50%. he gave me the sample, in fact, every sample he gave me I reacted to eventually. Spiriva, Symbicort. Do not use Symbicort or any drugs with Formoterol in them. Dangerous. Look it up.
Avatar n tn I gave the medicine to someone who does has asthma. I'm now using spiriva, a nasal steriod spray, twice a day and an antiobotic spray, twice a day in addition to the Prilosec. Who has time to take all this medicine? I've been on the current medications for about a month and am considering cancelling my doctor's appointment next week. I create an excessive amount of saliva and my best description is that I get choked on it.
Avatar n tn It resloved about 2 weeks after I was given a cortisone shot, a methylprednisone pack, and steroidal nasal spray, and everything was normal between that time and the end of November when I started with the above episode. I exercise regularly, eat well, and I think that I only visited a doctor maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 4+ years for a health complaint (except for taking allergy shots) before I started with these coughing episodes last spring.
Avatar f tn Every little thing sets me off. I'm taking Claritin D, astelin nasal spray, singular, dulera (previously Advair) prednisone, and using the nebulizer 4 times a day. I have been a stay at home mom for several years so it hasn't affected a paying job for me, but it sure has limited my job as mom. Luckily my oldest now has his drivers license so that helps. It's a crappy illness with long term repercussions and, I believe, permanent damage to my lungs.
Avatar n tn He prescribed a steroid pack (methylprednisolone), Benzonatate (cough), Fexosenadine (prescription strength Allegra D), Veramyst (nasal spray) and also over the counter Mucinex DM. Still coughing on the 5th day on meds so I decided to get the Mucinex on Sunday because I really didn’t want to take anything else. I’m already on BP, thyroid, cholesterol, anxiety, reflux and osteoporosis meds. Mussinex definitely works and the spells come less and less. HOWEVER, I still have them.
Avatar n tn Perhaps rather than us all taking cultures of bacteria for our intestines we should be taking cultures of healthy ENT staph aureus bacteria! I will be trying colloidal silver spray 2xday for 5 days and see if fixes.
Avatar m tn A mean of differential diagnosis for those physicians who did not attend medical school in the Trobriand Islands. Spray an albuterol inhaler into the lungs and see if there is a significant increase in P02. This would suggest the problem is in the blood transfer mechanism in the lungs.