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Avatar f tn Finally I called again for another appt and they decided to put me on Solu Medrol for 4 days followed by 6 days of prednisone taper. I didn't have ANY improvement until the 6th day of Pred. I woke up and my legs didn't feel like collapsing, I could walk, even backwards, I was so happy I was back to my old self again! Then after only 4 - 5 days I slowly started getting weaker again, had a fever, ached all over, could barely walk again so I went to the Dr.
320873 tn?1253092668 For those of you who have had to get the solu-medrol treatment IV for 5 days, how did this affect you and your body? It has been a couple weeks since I stopped the out-patient treatment for the IV. I am still awake a lot of the time when I should be sleeping. I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, and today, I lay down to rest and I can't still.
Avatar f tn Hi I am new and would love to be involved in your community as I have been diagnosed with MS in the last 3 months and have so much to learn. I have just had 2 days of intravenous Solu-Medrol and went to be given the third when I was informed that my body was reacting to the steroids and could not continue. I am swelling all over, it's uncomfortable and not very pleasant!! Has anyone else had this problem and once the swelling goes down are they likely to continue with the treatment?
Avatar f tn Anyone have any ideas how to cope with the solu-medrol headaches? I slept about 3 1/2 hours, nurse is coming back in 2 1/2 for round 2 of the infusion, so have a couple of more days with the headaches.
Avatar n tn Hoping some one may be able to answer this,have had 2 rounds of solu-medrol 1000mgs for 5 days once while hospitalized in March because of a nasty attack.The neuro done a 30 day oral taper down with prednisone. Had second attack early June and was able to do the 1000mg solu-medrol Infusions at home now with a 40 day oral prednisone taper down.
Avatar f tn I had my first experience with Solu-Medrol infusion in early August. My relapse had just started and was worsening daily-right before I was due to start training for my new job! The immediate side-effects were quite obvious and well documented. I'm having less success finding out about long-term side-effects-in particular, rapid weight gain. I noticed the bloating quite early in my treatment, especially in my face and abdomen.
288459 tn?1201294929 after my lp he said he was going to start me on an iv of 500 mg of solu medrol and i would do that daily for 3 days. as of yet i have no follow up appointment and the only info he gave me on fri was that one of my lesions does seem to be healing or smaller (cant remember exactly which word he used) and he told me to finish reviewing the binder on avonex that he gave me.
246236 tn?1275482502 Well, this morning was my last Solu-Medrol infusion. Haven't had quite the horror stories that some of you had, but it definitely wasn't a pleasant experience. The first day was fine. Second day and today I've been extremely dizzy with hot flashes. Felt very nauseas both days. Not sure what the "come down" will be like since I wasn't given a taper, but we'll see. Problem is, so far it hasn't taken the vertigo away.
Avatar f tn I will have my first solu-medrol treatment at the end of this week. I have read the opinion of one person who has had this treatment before and they said that you should not drive or work. It was not clear if they were referring to just hours after the treatment or the entire five day course. I really need to work, and in order to work, I really need to be able to drive. Please tell me your experience with solu-medrol, especially if you continued to work during the treatment course.
559187 tn?1330786456 I found out from the MS nurse that the rash I have all over my face, neck, and back is a side effect of my IV Solu-Medrol treatment and the taper dose of prednisone and is not a rash at all, but is acne. I thought the rash was from my sun exposure while in Mexico earlier this week and that the steroids were probably the culprit. So that was half right. But the nurse said it was acne yet it feels more like a rash to me.
Avatar m tn My sister (diagnosed with RRMS) had a relapse 3 weeks ago, so she went to the hospital, where she get solu medrol treatment. (3 days 1000 mg/day etc. etc.) Now she take 32 mg/day. Her sympthoms are dissappeared, but after she left the hospital, she experienced some problems, like knee pain, spinal pain, she feel her legs overburdened, and she complained yesterday, when she washed her hands in hot water she feels some tinglings.
Avatar m tn Hi there! I have not had the Solu Medrol myself but others have described it as decent but maybe a crash after being revved up on the steroids. Not sure about the disability insurance. Depending on where you live, maybe contact your local MS Society/Chapter and see if they can provide you with some information. They usually have something to send people who are newly diagnosed.
559187 tn?1330786456 How are IV solu-medrol treatments billed? I hope this relapse passes quickly, Julie, and you feel much better soon.
645390 tn?1338558977 I decide to go ahead with the Solu-Medrol. The neuro's office set it up with home health care. Was supposed to start yesterday. I called the service as to when they will be coming. Hmmm, no record of me. Cant find anything about this, no orders...They call the neuros office, and yes, the orders were there. Somehow they overlooked it. I also went to pick up the prednisone taper and the "pepcid" at the pharmacy. Nexium had been called in and it was $$$$$.
Avatar f tn My question is whether this feeling is a side effect of Solu-medrol or an MS symptom that his not being relieved by the Solu-medrol? I would be grateful for any insight!
559187 tn?1330786456 I see a lot of people going on solu-medrol lately, some multiple courses within a short period of time. This really concerns me, especially in regards to the potential serious side effects - some which I have experienced personally. My neurologist is very conservative about prescribing solu-medrol He's explained to me that he doesn't give steroids for sensory symptoms like tingling or feeling numb unless it is a new symptom. He orders an MRI to see if there is any change.
Avatar f tn Went to emergency room yesterday and received a one dose solu-medrol iv push. I had diarrhea for 3 hours at night and bad stomach pains. Also could not sleep. Feel out of it and loopy. I have attempted to take oral prednisone but cannot tolerate due to GERD. So no taper was given. I I am supposed to return to work tomorrow but am afraid of lingering symptoms. I have an hour commute and a demanding job that requires me to be 100 percent alert and functional.
1207048 tn?1282177904 Julie (of Sarahsmom 46) was told today by her neuro that her new leg pain is a rebound effect due to the Solu-Medrol and it will go away. You still need to take it easy and rest when you can. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn I had a relapse in March with ON and other symptoms and was on solu-medrol and 30 day taper down of prednisone. I'm to start another round of solu-medrol and then another 30 day prednisone taper down. Besides Optical neuritis I also have BINO.Won't the steroids after awhile effect the eyes.
923105 tn?1341831249 Debs, It sounds like you mights as well take the Medrol - try it his way and then if it doesn't work out, you can go back and as for the solu-medrol. I'm guessing it is very close- just the "solu" means it is a liquid form (soluble) - again that's just my guess. Sorry you have to tough it out and take the meds - we all are taking stuff we would rather not ingest but do so because we're adults and understand the alternative. :-) Let us know how it goes...
Avatar f tn I have an active lesion on my C4 spine (Nothing on my brain MRI) that the neuro treated with Solu-Medrol 500mg x5d. I am now on a 20 day taper of prednisone with a follow MRI in 2 months. I have not been dx with MS yet. Do any of you have any insight as to what type of questions/precedures we should be asking him about. I am new into the Neuro world but already learning that you have to maximixe your time with the Dr when you can!! Any insight/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn You should also have a medic alert bracelet, as well as an *emergency kit* that has a needle, an IM dose of solu-cortef or solu-medrol (an acto-vial is preferred), alcohol pads, and a good doctor will also give you zofran or phenergan or the like to prevent vomiting as the loss of sodium is the real bad issue with addison's. There are sites to read that have information that is helpful - and some like this one can also connect you to others in either face to face meetings or on line meetings.
Avatar n tn I only wear a medical braclet when I have had the 5 day solu-medrol and 40 day taper down.
Avatar f tn i had a 3-day solu-medrol infusion last week after a c-spine MRI revealed possible myelitis. i have had all the yucky side effects from the steroids which are subsiding--thank heavens--but instead of feeling better, it seems as though my other symptoms are getting worse--buzzing, achey joints, etc. is this typical? is it the case where things will get worse before they get better?
Avatar m tn I've just started IVSM today, 1g/day and will continue for a cpl of days more and at most till 5 days max then I will taper down. My question is this - is it possible to treat a severe exacerbation with only physiotherapy and no meds, no IV, no oral meds etc? And by severe exacerb. I mean left leg going completely numb, unco-ordinated, unbalanced, weak (basically cant walk or stand on it), which has rendered my foot totally useless (for now). Is it possible?
Avatar f tn About five years ago with a relapse I was give IV solu-medrol and then an oral dose of prednisone to taper shortly after that I had a major anxiety attack, the worst I have ever felt in my life, I seriously thought about checking myself in to an institution. So I saw my neuro and they said that this can happen as a side effect to the steroids. They set me up with lexapro and clonazepam, and life shortly returned to normal.
Avatar f tn What is your actual dx? How is the solu-medrol given to you? Did you have the same reaction the first time as this? What are the doctors saying to you about it? I am currently on my 3rd day dose and although jittery, I am doign okay. It is making symtoms go away. I am sorry I cannot help you Sherry but I am sending you my warmest thoughts and prayers that yuu will get through this. Stay focused on getting better and take care of yourself please.
1207048 tn?1282177904 I have only had Solu-Medrol treatment twice for my symptoms. Both of them I took the taper pills afterward. I didn't get rebound symptoms the first time I had it. I am on the taper pills now for the second time, so I don't know yet if I will have rebound symptoms. I sure hope not!! lol I do know that I am cautious with steroids. I do not take them lightly. They can do some major damage to your body (definitely to your kidneys) that cannot be taken back.