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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed in 2000 with MS, and for years I have been getting IV Solu-medrol treatments every other month, for three days. Is it possible this affects my menstrual cycle? Can Solu-medrol cause not building up the endometrium? Don't worry, I have had all tests: blood, bone density, ultrasound, pregnancy, and I am very healthy: un-pregnant, taking birth control, and so on. I "only" have MS. My period doesn't happen and I am way too young for menopause.
Avatar f tn I was treated with solu-medrol IV for 3 days and now am having some rebound symptoms and a little anxiety. But my husband and I want to try to get pregnant in the next couple of months. I heard that some symptoms can almost disappear when pregnant. I am also on copaxone and my neuro said to stay on it until I find out that I am pregnant. I have read that you should stop using your meds when you start trying to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn My current obestetrician has been using prednisone (or i.v. solu-medrol) to treat all of his hyperemesis patients who failed to respond to other antiemetics. HE HAS HAD A 100% SUCCESS RATE! If you truly want to conceive again, I strongly encourage you to ask your doctor about this safe and effective option (ask your doctor to read the article entitled "Hyperemesis Gravidarum" by Goodwin in the September 1998 Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology. Good luck!
Avatar f tn ) however I just started day 1 of 5 of the solu medrol. I obviously don't know how far along I Am BC my periods aren't normal. What should I do? Need asap help as the nurse will be back in 4 hours Thanks!
Avatar f tn he sent me for the mri's and saw the lesions on my spine and immediately started me on in home solu medrol. i am again, thankfully symptom free. my sister tried the copaxone and it was not a good drug for her. i am grateful that the ms specialist i was referred to is open to supplements and gave me a list to go on immediately while making my decision. I seem to be the "go to" person for everyone else and I usually have very strong gut instincts.
Avatar m tn In the meantime, the majority of research (including lumbar puncture) recommended Solu-Medrol for 5 days in a drip. After dehydration occurred, thrombosis veins in the brain and the consequences of hemorrhagic stroke was in the left parietal hemisphere. After a few days when joining anticoagulant drugs motor-sensory situation came back fully to normal. 6. After a two-month stay in the department of neurology was discharged.
572651 tn?1333939396 I had a huge week last week with a new neuro brain, c and t spine MRI and a VEP monday I started Solu Medrol so today is dose number 2. I go back to the neuro in the morning (wed) to get results. I wish everyone the best and hope your week is beautiful.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar f tn I had another MRI and saw my neurologist today, and I have to do another 3-day course of the Solu-Medrol followed by oral prednisone. Fun times! He said this should take care of the Hug and spasms, but I need to have a spinal MRI which I've never had. My neuro exams mostly focus on the eyes, balance, and gait. It all depends on if I'm having a flare-up or not. I haven't experienced much in the way of limb problems or muscle weakness. I've been very lucky in that respect.
Avatar n tn i was referred to a neurologist who, along with the neuro-opthamologist ran a lot of labs, ana, lyme, esr, cbc,b12, etc. All were normal. This time I got the solu-medrol but my vision didn't return to baseline. i wasn't having any other symptoms until January when I began feeling extremely tired and my legs felt wobbly. I started having tingling in my right arm and both legs.
Avatar n tn During the fourth week of my second pregnancy, I was hospitalized for a small bowel obstruction (a result of Crohn's Disease), and given intravenous corticosteroids (solu-medrol). After my release from the hospital, I continued to take oral corticosteroids (prednisone, 60mg/day) for the duration of my second pregnancy. Interestingly, I never developed hyperemesis gravidarum during my second pregnancy.
1207048 tn?1282177904 -) My question involves Solu-medrol steroids. As I said, I've been pretty healthy for the last year, with just psudo-relapses every month around my period, up until the beginning of December. I woke up with vertigo (one of my first symptoms) and it got worse through the day, but it was not horrible.
251831 tn?1240424525 After I have Solu-medrol infusions,had 2 in 3 months they have always effected my legs and caused great weakness,even a few months after treatments.I'm still recovering after Junes treatment. I have lesions near the brain stem,which effects all the limbs. Hopefully in time this weakness will disappear.
1983221 tn?1333509785 Can your doctor set you up with an infusion clinic before you go and see him/her? Solu-medrol is pretty harsh stuff for your body but it has a habit of calming flareups down (I've had it twice now........) I wish I knew what else to tell you. I'm sure someone here knows something useful. I hope you get better soon.
Avatar n tn During the fourth week of my second pregnancy, I was hospitalized for a small bowel obstruction (a result of Crohn's Disease), and given intravenous corticosteroids (solu-medrol). After my release from the hospital, I continued to take oral corticosteroids (prednisone, 60mg/day) for the duration of my second pregnancy. Interestingly, I never developed hyperemesis gravidarum during my second pregnancy.
2214310 tn?1339288751 I am looking to get stories from others who suffer from Chiari Malformation. I am going to send them to Dr. Oz, and try and get him to do a show about Chiari and what we and our families go through. I want to send him a bunch of our stories and I am going to send them to The doctors show, and who ever else we can think of. I figured if I snail mail them a bunch at once, they may pay more attention to it then just an email. Here is my personal email if you want to email me your story.
5112396 tn?1378021583 This took four weeks because you can not have methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol) in your system for a specific amount of time, you must be otherwise in good health (lots of blood drawn!), and in the case of the one I'm on you can't have been on any MS treatment previously. This is to help keep the data as clear as possible. If you were on something for years and switch, the waters are a little muddied as to which one ultimately effected your disease course.
147426 tn?1317269232 For instance, a typical oral dose of Medrol is 20 to 32mg, of prednisone is 40 to 60mg daily. In MS they give 1000mg of the IV (Solu)Medrol which is equivalent to 1200mg of prednisone. I clearly have some set prejudices with some of the literature about Lyme. And I am not reading the up-to-date stuff. So no one here should really depend on my assessment. I was not a star in microbiology, I was a pediatrician. Time for breakfast. I just got up.
220917 tn?1309788081 I hope you get answers soon and some pain releif.When I was on solu-medrol and the 40 day taper down,I got shaky and my legs and low back was in excruciating pain.They can have some wicked side effects and muscle pain and loss is one of them.When home health started the infusions the nurse came back and she had print outs of all my meds and all there side effects,they were very well detailed,she put some time in to it. You will get answers soon. Your in my prayers.
446963 tn?1205333997 I know neuroinflammation is association with Alzheimer's but with regards to how the nerve cells are destroyed in the latter part of the disease. This one warrants some investigation. IV Solu-medrol and/or immunoglobulins are the drugs of choice and greatly reduce the inflammation and stop the immune process in ADEM.
1833449 tn?1333853101 BTW how how how can you increase your dose if needed IF you don't have any extra in your script??? Did he give you an emergency shot (solu-cortef or solu-medrol acto-vial) with needle and something like zofran or phenergan so you don't hurl? Check out the links and see that you need one - as well as many other things. I get a headache when I am low - you could be in perma-low. Check out the links - there is a lot of vital information there.
147426 tn?1317269232 Yes, I usually have two really bad attack per year and I have to take the Solu Medrol Iv for 2x for 4 days. 2) MRI lesions; Yes, My neuro said I have so many she wouldn't tell me how many I have. 3) LP : Positive in 1995 4.) How many Neuros so far: # 4 - The first Dr. was a jerk, the second Dr. was wonderful. I then moved out of state for my job. The third Dr. canceled 5 appt's in a row while I was in a severe attack. He also miss diagnosed a problem with C2, C3, & C4...