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Avatar f tn I had my first experience with Solu-Medrol infusion in early August. My relapse had just started and was worsening daily-right before I was due to start training for my new job! The immediate side-effects were quite obvious and well documented. I'm having less success finding out about long-term side-effects-in particular, rapid weight gain. I noticed the bloating quite early in my treatment, especially in my face and abdomen.
Avatar n tn Hoping some one may be able to answer this,have had 2 rounds of solu-medrol 1000mgs for 5 days once while hospitalized in March because of a nasty attack.The neuro done a 30 day oral taper down with prednisone. Had second attack early June and was able to do the 1000mg solu-medrol Infusions at home now with a 40 day oral prednisone taper down.
Avatar m tn If you are sick, and not near help, you need to carry an emergency kit. A needle, solu-cortef or solu-medrol, alcohol pads, instructions, extra meds and even a anti nausea med is helpful too. Don't keep in the car, heat degrades the meds.
Avatar f tn Today is my final day for my first round of solu-medrol infusions. Yesterday I had pain as if someone was kicking me real hard in the kidney area of my back. My speech is more difficult with these infusions, or perhaps it is just brain irritation and it will pass. I am becoming resigned and combative, too. I am drying myself with two towels now instead of one - one I sit on while I use a second to dry my legs.
1318483 tn?1318350782 Okay I re-read the health page on steroids. I also went back on the internet and looked there, too. I know the Solu-Medrol worked for me a year ago when I had a flare/episode. With this current 2 month flare/whatever, I have been given it twice, but the first time was just a teaser. Maybe I just need a "real" dose of Solu-Medrol this time? I go to my PCP on Wednesday I will discuss with him all that I have learned. ;0) Thanks everyone!
127512 tn?1193745816 I was skin tested for an allergy to steroids after an anaphalytic reaction to solu-medrol. Prior to this I had experienced minor dermatitis reactions to prednisone (oral) and decadron (iv and oral). The skin tests which were done by injection under the skin rather than scratch confirmed the allergies. However, I did not react to the IV version of prednisone or the oral version of solu medrol. The education I received following the results of this testing was very in depth and detailed.
634733 tn?1316629592 I have several drug allergies including Solu-Medrol which gives me hives. Actually, I have 7 allergies listed on my card with my medical info that I carry with me. All the docs, I've seen have tried to attribute my allergies to being redheaded, although I do not have seasonal allergies nor food allergies. I never considered the MS connection but like Shell said it makes sense since our immune systems are in overdrive.
Avatar m tn Together with this the hug has come and is only on my left torso and causes such a burning sensation at certain times right at the bottom of my left rib cage, making me think that my insides (kidney, maybe?) are severly inflamed. I am very apprehensive of using prednisone again cos my exacerbations have been at far intervals, I dont justify using an MS drug/med. I am at a loss as to what to do.
Avatar f tn The prescribed me solu-medrol...Steroids. and scheduled an appointment for tuesday with a Rheumatologist. I am a little uneasy with this diagnosis. Can anyone tell me if these are concrete signs of Lupus?
Avatar n tn Toxic elements improved, regained alertness, became interactive but had profound memory impairment. No aphasia or apraxia. Fever gone d2. He was put on solu-medrol on day 4 (1000 mg for 5 days) and oral after that. Inflammation rapidly improved and was near normal by day 7. Mononeuritis was evident early and remained in his left arm, hand (wrist drop)and leg. Cerebral arterio on d11 was normal w/o evidence of arteritis and narrowing, no blockages, aneurysm or stenosis.
572651 tn?1333939396 How fitting... MS Awareness week during the week of my birthday... huh. lol Big 'ole 32 tomorrow :) and I think I may be having a flare-up. I just learned there is a difference between "flare-up" and "attack". Been dizzy and light headed for two days now. Maybe it's just the Solu-Medrol infusions...? HVAC - I miss VA!!!! Have an awesome time in Roanoke.
Avatar n tn I was having relaspes about every three months at which time I was prescribed IV Solu-Medrol. I was started on Tysabri in late 2007, and while on the medication had no relaspes, and felt better (physically) than I can ever remember feeling. My neurologist decided not to participate with my particular insurance, so I was forced to change physicians. The new physician at a well-known research hospital states that he doesn't think I have MS; although, he cannot tell me what I do have.
542342 tn?1227532354 Ok, first of all I had a lot of pain in my neck (literally) so I saw a neuro and had my first MRI in 1991. He had the results and showed me the MRI's of my c-spine. First he told me that I had a buldging disc at level C 4-5 and I was very relieved until he saw that relief and stated quite compassionatly "that's not the problem we are concerned have a glioma in your spinal cord and no one would touch this with radiation or with surgery due to the severe consequences.
867787 tn?1318939830 You are definitely in some type of relapse right now and it would be great if the doctors would see if solu-medrol would help get this under control. Can you do a phone consult with your PCP? Call him/her and see what help you can get without coming in. Talk to the nurse if need be. I honestly don't know what else to do but stand up and shoult at these guys to help you get better. What medications are you taking right now? Did you fill the script for neurontin that the ER gave you?
Avatar n tn I just finished a 5 day solu-medrol IV therapy and still on oral prednisone taper off. I'm thinking it's all the meds for spasms(zanaflex,baclofen,valuim and quinine) and at night they added ativan so I can sleep.Plus I'm on pain meds to counter act the spasm pain. I'm also on Chantix,new med to stop smoking,its been great .I've been smoke free for 12 days and have no cravings to have a smoke. Researching all these meds,muscle weakness is a primary symptom.
Avatar m tn Prednisone/Solu-medrol are not anabolic steroids. They are corticosteroids. They are synthesized cortisone which is a natural substance in the body. Corticosteroids are primarily used to control inflammation and manage pain. They exert a profound effect on the immune system and can be used to control acute organ rejection in a transplant recipient. Anabolic steroids are "synthetic versions of male testosterone and increase protein synthesis in cells and thus promote muscle growth and mass.
Avatar m tn I rejected twice and maybe three times early post transplant - but who's counting - and I was treated with Solu-Medrol and everything resolved quickly. This stuff gets too complicated for me a lot of the time.
246236 tn?1275482502 I then got a new MRI on 7/27 which showed that I had acquired 3 new lesions since my last MRI in November. One of these lesions was active. My neurologist had me start on a 5-day Solu-Medrol infusion on 8/2. I ended up taking sick time off of work on Thursday and Friday due to the side effects of the steroids (I wasn't getting them until 4pm and then I was up most of the night!). I came back to work on Monday and learned that my job was being "reduced from the workforce.
Avatar n tn Yes, I have gone through the usual regimen for CIDP. -High steroids, (solu-medrol and high dose prednisone), of which it did not work . -IVIg for 4 months, to no avail. -Am going to get my 5th dose of plasmaphereses, (3days, then one day off, then 2 more days), of which the neuro. has been trying to regulate, so see how much/how often... As mentioned, it is working for the motor & seral, but not at all for the attack on the autonomic nerves...
589816 tn?1332980371 An emergency kit is an IM needle, 100mg of solu-cortef or solu-medrol in an acto-vial, alcohol wipes, anti-nausea meds, and a couple of pieces of paper - one to show people how to give the shot as I am useless when I am sick, and the other with emergency contacts and my meds etc. I also wear a medic alert bracelet. I tell people about the kit so they know about it in case of emergency. If you are taking enough steroid, you should feel better in a couple of days.
147426 tn?1317269232 Yes, I usually have two really bad attack per year and I have to take the Solu Medrol Iv for 2x for 4 days. 2) MRI lesions; Yes, My neuro said I have so many she wouldn't tell me how many I have. 3) LP : Positive in 1995 4.) How many Neuros so far: # 4 - The first Dr. was a jerk, the second Dr. was wonderful. I then moved out of state for my job. The third Dr. canceled 5 appt's in a row while I was in a severe attack. He also miss diagnosed a problem with C2, C3, & C4...
147426 tn?1317269232 Now, August 2, 2008, I got really hot doing yard work and woke up with aches in the back (that have lasted for 4 weeks now...) like a kidney infection or urinary tract infection... By friday of that week I was exhausted and I slept 13 hours that night. I normally sleep around 6 hours a night. The next couple of weeks or so I felt decent, but the back thing hung in there.
147426 tn?1317269232 Have you seen a neurologist yet? What part of your spine did they find the lesions? Solu-medrol IV infusion therapy is the normal choice of treatment of visual loss,blurriness and optical neuritis.Usually after a few days the vision improves. Sorry to hear that you have joined the rest of us mser's.Its liveable and we have bad days. My initial DX was in 1998 after a back surgery and I couldn't walk,I dismissed the DX and didn't have another attack until September 2004.