Sneeze bless you gesundheit

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Avatar f tn congrats i have been drug free from heroine for 10 yrs! with Gods help and a family that prays a lot now i can give my testimony to others! you can do it!
1432897 tn?1322959537 Gotta cold and feel terrible. Going to bed. God Bless Everybody!!
Avatar f tn Be careful with the other pills too and you said you have access to them and would not want to see you fall back. Your doing great and soon you will feel like a new person. You can post back on your own thread, but if you have a completely new question and want to make another post than you can. Congrats and keep fighting.
6725113 tn?1392847526 Hahaha. Ya, It's crazy.
Avatar n tn ) to do orga:), arbeit zu viel, cobtrol obsessions and attention aeeking, do urself good
Avatar m tn first of all ,thank you Dr Thomas and Jesus bless you.I could not wait I made a HEPATITIS MARKERS and the result is HCV Ab: NEGATIVE (-ve). I made it today morning .THANKS GOD and THANK YOU DR THOMAS.
Avatar f tn Lol yep. I sound silly when i say ouch after a sneeze instead of bless me!
217599 tn?1202850952 I think I sneezed all day for a month.
Avatar f tn Yes we welcome you here! I only wish you had found us sooner. Sharon is right, if you need a break, you should take it but if you feel as though you can be of help here we are more than glad to have you. I am sorry for the loss of your mom. This damn disease takes far to many of our loved ones. But in leaning on each other, it helps to get us through. So at the same time you are offering to help us, let us help you too.
167426 tn?1254086235 God Bless You. I am fairly new to this forum and you are an inspiration you always seem to be here for everyone. I wanted to thank you for the advice that you have given me I will keep you and Leslee in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar f tn Sneezing is like clockwork for me. Hits about day 1 and 1/2 and lasts for weeks sometimes! It's all part of the detox and one of the most common symptoms. On another note while ON pills I NEVER sneeze, not even once. I have gone over a year without sneezing so much as one single time. Happens every time I pop an opioid, I don't sneeze for the whole day even if I just take one or two pills.
Avatar n tn thanks for the support. Day 11 yeah last wednesday I got some ativan to calm me down a little.
627670 tn?1317021747 Had a miscarriage. İ will always love you my unborn baby. God bless you!!!
Avatar n tn I think I know you, you are the same guy with a new ID, you always come up with superficial scenarios and keep bleeding all the time Yeah, TedPikul right ? Any ways, it's a NO RISK incident, HIV doesn't happen that way.
Avatar f tn Not down my pants, but I did sneeze while on the toilet and have pee come down like a waterfall.
Avatar f tn When you sneeze you pull whats call a round.ligament and yes it hurts. If you bend your legs up like in the fetal position it really helps!