Skelaxin overdose symptoms

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Avatar n tn The thing is, we don't know how many she has taken this week with her party friends or what else. How would an overdose of these effect her, then to be without them suddenly? The hospital doesn't want anything to do with her and we find that strasnge but we can't find out what their telling her only what she wants us to know. Help if you can. She is at Vanderbilt Hospital as we speak.I'll check later for your responce.
Avatar n tn I still have relapses, But I'm not suicidal any more. and I don't eat pharmies to the brink overdose. But im still an addict.
Avatar f tn I also have a prescription for clonopin (anxiety) and skelaxin (muscle relaxer). I purchased Epsom salts for baths, and plan on drinking lots of water. I thought maybe I'd even purchase a detox drink. Can anyone help me and tell me what to expect and how to make it easier. I need to do his but still have to be able to function and go to work. I can't miss any days and don't want anyone to be able to figure out I'm going through withdrawals. I'm terrified I won't be able to do this.
Avatar n tn In my experience, withdrawls from vic's are uncomfortable at most. Whether you ween or quit cold turkey, you aren't going to like the feelings that you have. I was taking 20-25 VIC ES a day & have quit 3 times now. The symptoms are not unbearable, life threatening or anything else other than uncomfortable. Don't be scared to dive head first into this experience. Your body will thank you after a few days. Things are truly what you make of them.
Avatar f tn putting a heating pad on a patch is very dangerous. Heat causes the fentanyl to dispense too quickly, risking an overdose - particularly in new users. It also results in the patch losing its effectiveness too soon beause so much of the medicine has already been dispensed. Some patients have a great deal of trouble with the heat issue if they go outside and sweat, have hot flashes, run a fever, or do anything that increases body temperature.
Avatar m tn I was back to the doctor and he prescribed a greater dose of amoxicillin and advised me to finish it, which I did this time. Great, no symptoms for the last week. A couple of days ago however, the symptoms started again, and yet again, only at night. I went to bed with the annoying banging and awoke to it, only for it to go away during the day.