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Avatar n tn If there is concern about the headache (i.e. suspicion for cancer or a bleed), your physician should obtain head imaging with a CT scan or MRI. Other causes can include migraines, a tension headache, or rheumatological disease like giant cell arteritis. Your physician will be able to narrow down the possibilities, and obtain the appropriate imaging and blood tests. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar m tn I have had a headache for now 31 days in a row without any real relief. It started out (I think) with a stiff neck- Couldn't touch chin to chest) and the same day I started with a headache. They almost follow a pattern everyday, I wake up with it, it gets better after I'm up for awhile and almost gone into afternoon, but around 4 pm comes back and keeps going for the rest of the night (almost worse when I lay down).
Avatar f tn For about six weeks now I have had a constant headache. I have had about a seven year history with what I thought were migraines. Previously, I would get a 'migraine' about 1-2 times/month and I would take an Imitrex and try and sleep it off. Over winter break, I got a headache and it stuck with me ever since. Here is a bit of history...
Avatar f tn Putting pressure on top of my head offers some relief, but putting downward pressure on the top of your head with your hands for any length of time is tiring and impractical. Lol, I've often wished I could just strap a book to the top of my head. Has anyone had this type of head pain? Could it be muscular? I took a Skelaxin an hour ago and it didn't help. Also my tinnitis is much more prominent with these headaches. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am 23 had have had this headache for almost 4 weeks now. Some days it just feels like something uncomfortable. Other days it feels like a really bad headache. I do suffer from panic. I hate this feeling in my head though.
Avatar f tn i was going to a pain clinic where i was given tramadol but i cant afford to go there anymore because i cant pay the expensive bills i received for sedation and nerve blocks in my pelvic region for certain illnesses causing chronic pain in that area. i have to pretty much beg for tramadol from my regular doctor. there has got to be a better way.
Avatar m tn I have had a headache for now 31 days in a row without any real relief. It started out (I think) with a stiff neck 9couldn't touch chin to chest) and the same day I started with a headache. Headaches are common for me, but usually hormonal so I know when they are coming and I know when they will be gone for the most part. This headache is different - most of mine are located at the front or sides of my head and this one is in the back to the top of my head.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your post. Now that you mention it, the headache did start the same time I quit using the smokeless tobacco which in turn caused me to smoke more often. I am beginning to think most of my problems are all anxiety related now. Yesterday I started feeling not dizzy but off balance I guess you could say and then last night my left leg from the knee down started tingling as well as my left arm from the elbow down right before I had a real emotional breakdown.
585414 tn?1288944902 I understand some of these questions are complex but given that the tardive conditions cause respiratory convulsions and myoclonic spasms any idea that its been of some use would be of great help to me.
Avatar n tn I don`t know what to do it`s a dull kind of pressure headache for the last 3 years but i`m not stressed? I`ve been to docs for amitriptilene etc but none of it works...? I was in a car accident in 2001 and fractured my neck in c5 and c6 but i fully recovered and my neck is strong. I do weights and excercise a bit. what can this out of the blue headache be? still not gone?????
Avatar f tn My dad has had a headache for over a month now and I am trying to find a diagnosis also. Do you have a funny taste, like mettalic, or does it hurt worse when you sneeze or cough?
222135 tn?1236491821 I sure hope you are feeling better. My doctor gave me Skelaxin 800mg for muscle spasms, but I did not notice much difference. Please make sure to see your doctor soon and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your help, Will be getting myself to Neurologist asap.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, Ambien Cr is used for insomnia and has a sedative effect.You should avoid using it .Your headache is a type of migraine.You should not take stress and do not be anxious. You can try some easy remedies at home like; - Reduce stress - Practice Aerobic exercises - Develop a regular sleep pattern You should avoid diet drinks,tobacco,caffeine,take plenty of water to ensure the blood pressure does not drop due to exercise, high stress activities and hot climate.
Avatar m tn Told me to take as needed (didn’t have to take the full bottle). Took prescriptions for 4 days, Skelaxin caused stomach cramping even when taken as directed. Urine test came back cloudy with high white blood cell count. Concluded was very dehydrated and sent off for tests to determine if infection was present. Also had me go in for blood tests. All came back normal except Vitamin D. Advised to take 1000mg of Vitamin D per day. Follow up appt. set for 7/10 where they will do a urine test again.
Avatar f tn Within 2 weeks I went from having the same headache for 3 years to not having a headache but maybe 3-4 days a month max and that is only with one of my four triggers, not eating, not sleeping, bright light, or storms. Have your doc try this for you, and yes I know it is a blood pressure med. My blood pressure was 117/60 before and after taking. Trust me it worked.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I have been taking 900 mg/day Neurontin for a back injury for the last 6 months. I was on other meds, Celebrex, Skelaxin and am off of all except Neurontin. I have tapered the Neurontin to 500mg/day. This question is related to side effects that may be due to Neurontin or maybe my migraines. When I was on a higher dose of Neurontin I was getting almost daily visual disturbances in both eyes that looked like what my migraine auras look like but those are in one eye and are followed by a headache.
Avatar f tn Presented to ER with severe headahce (worst in my lifetime) eye pain and vision loss, red hot stiff neck, fever and general lack of energy. Was on prednisone for 3 months and Skelaxin (muscle relaxant). I am much better but still having weird head pains (feels like my brain is sloshing around) neck pain on right side with tenderness right under the ear, and eye pain (both eyes feel sore behind the socket). No longer on any meds but still having symptoms that no one can diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Was also involved in auto accident day before ER presentation. Was given prednisone for 2 1/2 months along with large doses of Skelaxin. MRI was negative for any lesions, cancer, etc. Still have episodes of headaches (although not as severe) along with eye pain and occasional vision disturbance (although no loss of vision as before) and still feel increased pressure in my head both during headache and even when headache/eye pain not present.
1777118 tn?1314405655 This did not give me much relief so I called into the doctor's office again and he gave me 10mg diazepam twice a day and I have been using Naproxen Sodium with it for a muscle relaxant. Skelaxin and Diazepam produce a very uncomfortable sensation in me. I'm getting some relief from the 10mg diazepam. The next thing my doctor is going to do is to give me botox to try and get rid of my migraines and other headaches. What is going on with my head, neck, and back????????
Avatar f tn There are other primary headache disorders that can cause unilateral pain other than migraine. One is a primary stabbing headache. This headache often occurs in people with migraine. The pain itself generally lasts a fraction of a second but can last for up to one minute in some people. Another type of stabbing headache is called paroxysmal hemicrania. This is marked by episodes of stabbing or sharp pains that occur on one side of the head and may be associated with eye tearing or runny nose.
Avatar n tn Just concentrating to write this is causing the burning and lightheaded feeling. I take Predisone 10 mg day, skelaxin and Ms Contin for the headaches. I just want to feel normal again and can't seem to get answers. I just know that as each week passes by I am getting worse. MRI showed some small white spots but neuro says nothing significant. I sometimes have weakness in my right arm. I can actually point to the area in my head that feels wierd with burning. What can it be, my dr.
182493 tn?1348056515 My chiro was against my doing PT..and he sent me home with Skelaxin and Mobic.. I took Skelaxin before and i remember it being very weak as far as a muscle relaxer goes.. My chiro thinks the issue is the curve not being in my neck and my head pushing forward.. I think its strange that I got two totally different opinions.. My hubby thinks I should get a third.. This sucks.. I gotta go to work soon..
Avatar f tn I have terrible hay fever and WAS taking Chlor-trimeton but now have to take Benedryl because of the pregnancy. (Ironically I am allergic to Claritin LOL. Zyrtec gives me headache and Allegra didn't work well for me...made my nose run.) When I was having FMS flares the things that helped me most were Effexor XR and Skelaxin (I had HORRIBLE muscle spasms in my back and glutes that make it almost impossible to walk. I was pretty much bedridden for 3 months at one point....
Avatar n tn Treatment for 'muscle contraction headache' - NSAIDS, muscle relaxant like skelaxin, or Botox might help. This and frequent migraine headaches should be addressed in a headache management program with your doctor/neurologist. A few beats of nystagmus on extremes of gaze may be normal. A good neurological examination should be able to tell if it is in the range of normal or not. Ocular myesthenia is one of the most common forms of myesthenia but myesthenia can occur without ptosis.
Avatar f tn Doc, you answered a question for me a few days ago, and I was wondering about the facial tingling. You mentioned "increased central sensitization". Do you think this is the cause of the facial tingling, or the headache causing this. This is everyday that I have these feelings. At first it was only once in a while, now the bug crawling sensation that I had on my face has turned to a stingling for a few secs. This only started after I started PT.
Avatar n tn 6 weeks ago I started having chronic head pain and muscle spams in the top back of my head I've been checked for bacterial and viral infections i had a cat scan and c-spine mri, the pain wakes me up at nite laying down makes it worse. My MRI reads that C7-T1 no signficant disc bulge or protusion is identifed. no significant facet osteoarthropathy or canal or foraminal stenosis is noted. upper spine okay. spondylitic are seen in C3-4, C4-5, AND C5-6 as decribed on report.
Avatar f tn except Cyndie's post about her own skelaxin prescription..... Thanks again for your comfort that you give so freely... DAY 9 Hi ALL! Sorry it took me so long to come back....I've been posting on another thread...but I think this one would better suit me.... mostly due to Sandie1977's Tramadol situation...very similar to mine. Speaking of that.....What happened to her? I would like to talk to I hope she comes back. I've been posting on another thread or two..
673736 tn?1228238186 Inderal also for migraine prevention , dosage is 80mg 3x a day, Ambien(Zolpidem Tartrate) 10mg taken at bedtime for sleep. Skelaxin(metaxalon) 800mg 2x a day for muscle spasm thought to be part of cause of migraine ?, Percocet(oxycodone/apap)7.5mg as needed for pain of migraine, Maxalt MLT 10mg as needed for migraine, and Vit D I take once a month. To Rina, No I do not touch diet soda as I know my triggers and stay very far away from them.
Avatar f tn basically because of such severe back pain or headache - Pins and needle feeling in feet legs: sometimes one leg, other times both; anywhere from 3 – 4 times a week to once a day for past 1 -2 months - Itching over entire body: usually at night or after a shower; for almost a year - Mild shortness of breath NOTE: had recent blood work done including re-check on thyroid, CRP, ESR,and no reported problems.... Current meds: 1. Levothyroxine 125 mcg qday (hypothyroidism) 2.