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Avatar f tn Started w/ Flexeril (liked it, but couldn't take during the day,as I have small kids and it made me VERY sleepy!) Then I was put on Skelaxin and I feel like that does nothing( 800mg. 3x day) I could take 2 at one time and still...nothing? I think I'm going to ask to go back on Flexeril(for bed time) to reduce my pain and spasms) Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi! I have a pinched nerve in the C5 part of my neck, my DR has given me Skelaxin to try which I hate because it makes me get abdominal spasms, I also have Flexeril and that stuff knocks me out!!!! I called him the other day (he is just an internist DO) and I ask his receptionist for something different and she tells me that he says to try the Flexeril twice a day YIKES, I would be on the floor if I did that!!!!! She claims there is NO OTHER muscle relaxant to try...Is this true???
Avatar m tn I take Celebrex and skelaxin. I am considering stopping the skelaxin. I was wondering if anyone ever had any negative side effects from stopping skelaxin? I've lost 15 lbs and hope to continue that. I'm super careful with my addiction cuz I could see myself relapsing hard and I refuse to allow that. I'm not even fully comfortable with the skelaxin. Any feedback and experience is welcomed. Thanks. Young dude.
Avatar f tn he repeated the test on me and i stop taking all the medication i take for muscle pains and neck spasam the names were as following;acetagestic,skelaxin,sulindac,etodolac,cyclobenzaprine hcl,lecithin with kelp/b6, caltrate vit D and collagen. also some panodol for headaches i didnt abuse of them and only took them when i need them also i didnt take all of them the same day it varies, only when i had pains.
Avatar m tn I've been on several different muscle relaxers including Skelaxin and Flexeril. Skelaxin did not help me at all but Flexeril did. The Flexeril worked great for many years until it stopped and I had to switch to a new med and that's when my Dr put me on the Soma. The Soma does work great but I struggle to keep it under control.
175688 tn?1297560247 for a normal person 3000mg of tylonol is the vvery max your liver can handle in 24 hrs. Prevents abuse in theory. I am very sick tonight having taken 2 t3s all day as I did yesterday.
Avatar m tn has the right to make their own decisions on prescribing and does not have to carry forward what you were prescribed previously. Soma is becoming more of a medication that has abuse potential (NOT saying you are doing this), so many Drs. are now moving to other muscle relaxers. If you don't care for Zanaflex...there is Flexeril, Robaxin, Skelaxin, or Baclofen. But telling a Dr. that you only want a specific medication and nothing else will work is not going to go over well.
Avatar f tn I take lexapro and lactimal and adderall (which I also abuse), I don't want to, I know I need these drugs and want to control the dosage but am dependent and have a tolerance now. I have tried to tell my dr. but he keeps giving me the same stuff, with a warning. Now with the depression its so much worse. Luckily I haven't been taking the klonopin long time and its a small dose. I just don't know how to sleep without them.
Avatar m tn carisoprodol (Soma), methocarbamol (Robaxin), orphenadrine (Norflex), cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), and metaxalone (Skelaxin) all treat peripheral muscle syndromes. Choice of a skeletal muscle relaxant also depends on whether or not you have spasticity along with a peripheral skeletal muscular condition. Spasticity is a state of increased muscle tone resulting from upper motor neuron syndrome -- a variety of conditions affecting the brain or spinal cord.
703238 tn?1297101958 It eases you into sleep and you sleep all night. It is also a muscle relaxer and not so 'hardcore' Or maybe try Skelaxin?
Avatar f tn How do you suggest that I deal with my chronic pain? I've been prescribed Skelaxin 100mg/4x (as needed) and I haven't taken more than 50mg (breaking one in half) at a time...and not daily....I'm wondering if taking one here and there will help with my weaning process and there after. I refuse to take them daily because I'm not trying to trade one addiction for another.. Any suggestions would be appreciated....If more info is needed, please let me know....
Avatar m tn neurontin is not habit forming nor many side effects associated with it used also for chronic pain patients vs narcotics/Lyrica//the new replacemnt for nuerontin//is becoming a drug of abuse//neurontin is not a drug of abuse//course some peeps will abuse benadryl..but neirontin is a safe drug..thi I knows... Does ur girlfriend have a serious seizure disorder? I ask because a wd symptom from soma is seizures...normal dose is 350mg 2-3 x a day as needed for muscle relaxation...
763108 tn?1236217849 Never took the stuff again. Skelaxin is a muscle relaxer that was the least sedating for me. It also did not seem to do anything for me, so again, I stopped taking any muscle relaxers. If you need the sedating effect to help you sleep, I found that flexeril did a great job for putting me to sleep. Just be careful because it also has a hangover effect for some people the next day, kind of like Benadryl. Have you told your doctors that the meds are not helping your pain?
Avatar n tn Nerve pain medications are not heavily regulated because they really do not have abuse potential. These meds are Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Neurontin.. Patients who have chronic pain usually have different types of pain. There is muscular...burning/nerve pain....bone pain...etc. Opiates are meant to be an overall pain medication that just dulls the pain. It produces artificial endorphins and just makes us not care as much about that pain. Muscle relaxers are for just that....
585414 tn?1288944902 My arms were frozen in motion in Parkinsonian form. I took the muscle relexant Skelaxin prescribed for that time of day. It stopped. Tardive psychosis. And thus this morning I thought of the reality of the delusions (the references as regards age are because I experienced child abuse although from no one alive now). "The Little Match Girl" was based on the author's mother's experience as a street beggar.
Avatar m tn i just found out that i've got the lunesta/skelaxin/ (skelaxin is 800mgs 3times daily. and i have like 2 months stock prescription on it. : / and i MAY have some xanax that they gave me for a pre-op to put me under that i didn't take, could that work for my anxiety? till i can get to c my doctor? i'm just soooooo anxious and its like a horrible nightmare that i'm having.
Avatar n tn Ive tried so many other meds to try and help my pain when im out of narcs (tramadol/ultram, ketoprofin,Flexeril, Skelaxin and countless others that I cant remember the names of. None of them work). I am so depressed today. I woke up in such horrible pain and so depressed that I just laid there and cried for a good hour. And then I went downstairs and stole, yes, STOLE some of my husbands darvocets! Ive done it before but usually I ask first if I can have some.
Avatar f tn I have a history of drug abuse. When I was 9 i saw a child psychiatrist because my parents split up and I said i was going to kill myself. Also becuase I was afraid of everything around me. I have never been abused or molested. I have an ongoing fear of being pregnant without any sexual acts ever happening. I am convinced that I am the "virign mary." I have obsessions that last for a few weeks to a few months. I used to be obsessed with Cuba, Che Guevara, cats, and other things.
Avatar m tn I was leery of trying it because it has a bad name due to abuse. I finally gave in and agreed to give it a try. And it works well for me. That said I was prescribed 60 pills in May and I have about 20 left so I only use it when I just cannot stand or stop the spasms in any other manner. I doesn't give me the "hangover" that so many of the other muscle relaxants did. Good luck to you. Let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I'm asking because my g/f's pain doctor might switch her from methadone to one of these. She doesnt abuse her methadone at all, she has no desire, but I have seen her take excessive amounts of oxycontin in the past. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Probably anyoone who has abused Opiates in the past would likely abuse Ultracet. Some people experience HORRIBLE withdrawls from this medication-- I did. If you must have something for chronice pain, however, Ultram and Ultracet are very effective. In fact, 2 50Mgs pills did a better job for me than 15Mgs of morphine (MS Contin) for pain relief.
514273 tn?1311613235 I've popped naproxen (Advil), Motrin, anti-inflammatory and Skelaxin. I go to physical therapy and have done the lumbar steroids epidurals. I’ve tried everything except surgery to get rid of this pain. I'll fight through it now, because if I get back on it...Even for a day, I would have wasted all the hard work and suffering I've put in...Not to mention all the support that this site has provided. Say down the road, if I took one pill for the pain I’m feeling...
Avatar n tn No, it doesn't sound like a overdose at all with any of the drugs you mentioned. What possesed you to do this?
Avatar f tn I think once I get the vic's out of my system I can go back to skelaxin which is the best muscle relaxant in the world, but because of the vic's they give me a really bad rash, but they do work wonders. I had a great time in Mexico......except for getting those damm pills. if I ever had a problem with the soma.......I would welcome those withdrawals----which I have never had that problem. I have been off them for months at a time with no thats why i say that.
Avatar f tn u r down to a lower dose cos 200 mgs a day is the normal dose...but the urge to abuse is always there if u r truly addicted to it is good u r quitting my friend is addicted to trams..when she runs out/which she often does/depression if her number 1 symptom..also anxiety..she also will get rls...she always caves when the doctor writes her a new scrip but it usually takes about 5 days or so for her to get thru the worst of it...5htp is great for tram wd cos it helps the depression..
Avatar n tn As this research continues, Purdue expects to submit for approval to FDA drugs utilizing other technologies that will make them resistant to abuse. Solving the longstanding societal problems of diversion and abuse of prescription medications will require the cooperation of many elements of our society - law enforcement, schools, parents, religious organizations, healthcare professionals, social service agencies, regulatory bodies, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Avatar n tn I would take those if nothing else was around. And I would much prefer to have flexeril then I would something like skelaxin. I'm just saying it too could have abuse potential. I took Soma once, it was before the days of "candy shopping", I don't remember anything about it. Now if I had my hands on it, I would probably try it until it did have an addiction to it. Cause I know there must be something good about it, thats why people are addicted to it.
Avatar n tn I took Soma which is like Skelaxin to help the first two days with that. I know you said the Skelaxin did not help you much with that. Maybe you could try taking some Tylenol PM at night to help you sleep?? If you do decide to do this, don't take the Tylenol PM with any other sedatives you might have such as the muscle relaxer. This can depress your respiratory system too much and that would not be good. Sorry, I know I am rambling on!!! The nurse part of me is coming out!!!