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Avatar m tn It causes asthma (Arizona Cypress, Mesquite and Palo Verde are the culprits.) Singulair has helped me very successfully in the past. However, I also take a very low dose blood pressure medication (Lisinopril 20mg). I do not have health insurance and have an alternative source for medications. Would it be advisable for me to purchase Singulair for 3 months to get me through those three months next year. This year was a bit difficult without it.
Avatar f tn Hi well According to my experience this medicine like Generic Allegra, Generic Clarinex is available at many on line pharmacies.. pharmacies which gives you without prescription online drugs at cheap cost... is one of them which i found very trusty and safe online pharmacy I hope this information is helpful.
1515545 tn?1291399364 Ask if there are generic available as well. There is generic ventolin which is $5 cheaper than the brandname (at least up here in Canada). Some doctors will also give you samples. I recently had my respiralogist give me 3 full sized advair MDI to use until our next appointment. It sure helps the pockets :) Also, different brands will have different sizes that may be cheaper.
Avatar m tn I'll go back there and ask. I was happy to find that the Medrol (generic) only cost $4.00 at Walmart. I did the Barium Swallow Test Sunday. I don't think they will find any problem there because the mucous was all that was hard to swallow.
Avatar n tn I don't know about you, but I can't afford that cost plus office visits that cost $25 co-pay for follow-ups and $35 to see the allergist on top of it. I am disgusted with all of them!!!!! I am trying Zyrtec that cost $25 @ Walmart. Cheaper than the prescription seeing as I will need it for the entire allergy seasons foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Hope it works.
Avatar f tn I forgot to write in my post first off that i tried Singulair too... but that was hopeless! It ended up being 100 times worse, getting rashes under my arms and down my forearms.. it was awful. Plus they cost a fortune!! A waste of money!! I have to agree with you dabomb... the itching just drives me crazy some days! I've forgotten what it was like not having hives! I really want to try Quercetin.. natural antihistamine.
Avatar m tn I would be eliminated because I am unable to refrain from using antihistamines, Prednisone and Singulair for the month proceeding the injection. Really, if one has a bad case of hives, how on earth can you stop using medication? I finally found a doctor who is willing to try Xolair. I will have to pay for the medication but he will try to convince the insurance to cover it.
530191 tn?1214166411 I'm a teacher, and going in front of the class looking like the boogey man isn't going to work out too well. Currently, I'm on .200 mcg of Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid). I'm wondering if this should be boosted, as I've read elsewhere that people have responded positively to increased thyroid meds. I'll be consulting w/ an Endocrinologist next week, so hopefully he can give more insight. I know the last entry here was in June, but if you read this, hang in there!
Avatar n tn Still says I have non allergic rhinitis - they don't know a lot about it. Well!!!!! Says after the allergy testing wants me on Singulair (prescription) and Nasalcrom (otc). Says mold can play a big part in this. I don't have any mold that I know of, although may have been exposed to some in August. Says not to get paranoid about it!!! Duh!!! How can you not when you're miserable and can't function half the time???? So do the testing...then will go on the meds...
Avatar n tn because after trying EVERY p-n-d remedy, every asthma and cough remedy and going on/off/on/off lisinopril, nexium, advair, astelin, nasocort, singulair, albuterol, fexonfenadine (allegra generic) and others there is no abatement or solution except Tussionex. I even go "off" it every thirty days and go through the "jags" a little and then back on the doses so I don't get "hooked" (I remember the sixties).
Avatar m tn The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.00, so there’s no income, and if, on the outside chance, a patient falls in the shower, they can sue me. What doctor’s gonna recommend this?” He’s right, doctors aren’t stupid—that’s why they’re doctors.” If you don't wish to take the risk involved, then at least you may wish to try the Dr.Grossan Hydropulse Nasal Irrigation System.
Avatar n tn It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar n tn but I'm like you, why now all of a sudden would it bother me like this. I don't think I'll go for the shots. I think I will use the saline rinse, Singulair and NasaCort and see how I do this summer. If I get really bad again I guess I'll have to try the shots. I do not sneeze or cough. Guess we just have to wait it out or cure ourselves. I hold down my couch most of the time, also. Just try to get to work and home. What a life.
Avatar n tn The CVS Pharmacist said she should stay away from anything with a PRIL at the end (generic) She takes high blood pressure meds Lisinopril and the combination causes such a allergic reaction. Also, anything with SARTAN . Her Dr. prescribed Methprednisolone, a series of 21 pills over days.This is scary ! I almost took her to the hospital ER last night, but I think we nailed it ! Thanks, CVS !
Avatar n tn But that stopped before I saw the chiro. I started this in July. I am now on Singulair (30 days now) (prescription) and NasaCort (over the counter), using the saline rinses, and air cleaner in my bedroom. Had my furnace cleaned, my carpets cleaned. As long as I stay away from odors of any kind, aerosols, candles, won't be around cigarettes, I seem to do better. So my suggestion is try to rule out some things.
Avatar n tn If you live in a damp area, buy some moisture absorbing tubs which sit in your wardrobe absorbing the moisture, then you throw them out when they are full... cost about $5 each from your local department store. Good luck all!!! Sean.
Avatar n tn (Angioedema)I found a cure for myself—the over the counter allergy pill Zyrtec. I got the generic brand. So I'd like to add my input and hopefully it will help out others. But the symptoms may come from different sources and the relief may vary according to the individual particular physiology. I started getting random swelling when the weather got warm. I live in the NW in the Eugene Oregon area. So perhaps there is some spider/nat/bug that is really abundant this year.
436516 tn?1382388265 My doc tried mixing Singulair and Sudafed as well as the Prevacid. Nothing. I was beginning to think that the tickle WAS being caused by post nasal drip but the sudafed stopped that, but the tickle is still there. An occasional drink of VERY COLD soda will kick it, but I mostly rely on Ice Breakers Wintergreen sugar free mints. I'm just waiting to choke on one in my sleep though! UGH.
2214462 tn?1339431583 If you have not tried them and they are not on your insurer's list I urge you to call them and ask what it would cost to see them. Does your insurer allow you to see doctors say in California? If so then make a beeline for UCLA (Ronald Reagan Medical Center) in Los Angeles or UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. Both have well regarded endo facilities. The sooner you are under the care of someone competent, the sooner you'll get better. I should know.
Avatar n tn My family thinks I am nuts as I cannot hear very well out of one ear and keep having to say 'can you say that again as I did not hear!!!!'. I was going to try an ear popper but the cost of these in the UK is £250 t buy on the internet. Anyone else use this machine or know where you can buy cheaper in the UK. I have tried making my own and am using it at the moment but as yet it does not seem to be working.
Avatar n tn The doctor said it was a virus and perscribed me the generic brand of Zofran. I personally do not think it is a virus because it has occured to long. Everytime I touch his throat he starts to gag. I just want to know what is going on with my little boy and I appreciate any feedback. Thank You concern mother in Alabama.
Avatar n tn I am a 10 year Nexium user and for cost savings just switched to Omesperole, which isn't as effective. I do believe that reflux is definately a factor as is long periods of alcholol consumption.
Avatar n tn I am having the same problem and i am very frustrated. I am now beginning to wonder if it is allergies. Im 26. i have been an athlete my whole life through college and am still very active in sports and running, not overweight, weight is not around my mid section, etc. Here are my symptoms: earlier this summer i was having difficulty breathing...only occured at night though. i couldnt lay down. i would have to sleep propped up on 2 or three pillows.