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Avatar m tn It causes asthma (Arizona Cypress, Mesquite and Palo Verde are the culprits.) Singulair has helped me very successfully in the past. However, I also take a very low dose blood pressure medication (Lisinopril 20mg). I do not have health insurance and have an alternative source for medications. Would it be advisable for me to purchase Singulair for 3 months to get me through those three months next year. This year was a bit difficult without it.
Avatar n tn Is it an coincidence that on two occassions when my husband has stopped smoking his nasal polyps have flarred up? He stopped about 12 years ago and had surgery to remove nasal polyps 10 years ago. He stopped smoking about 2 months ago and the polyps are very prenounced in both nostils and appeared very quickly. Did the cigarette smoke keep them at bay over the years or is the timing a total coincidence in both cases.
Avatar f tn Polyps are very difficult to treat. I typically give my patients steroid nasal spray, oral steroids, Singulair, and saline sinus irrigations. It's also reasonable to be on an allergy medication like Claritin and to have allergy testing done. Surgery is usually required eventually. BTW, the "holes" are not visible. They are referring to opening the natural sinus ostia (holes) that get blocked by the polyps or scarring from chronic infections.
Avatar m tn That is a time when, with the polyps out of the way, the inhaled steroid can be well distributed over the nasal mucosa and is ever so much more effective than when the polyps are still there. I trust that you do not use aspirin or any related medicines, such as ibuprofen. If your polyps are on an allergic basis, anti-leukotriene medicines, taken orally, are often helpful.
Avatar f tn I am just starting my second year of allergen therapy injections, which includes dust, cat dander, and pollens. About six months ago, I had a CT scan and was diagnosed with severe nasal polyps, which explained my loss of sense of smell several years before. My allergist put me on two weeks of oral steroids and antibiotics, as well as a long-term therapy of Pulmicort respules used as a nasal spray.
Avatar n tn This occurred on the last day of predisone and am currently taking singulair, entex, nasonex, allegra, and patanol eye drops. Is it possible for something to just burst in your nose causing this area to deflate? The doctor has seen inside of my nose prior to this and never diagnosed a polyp or anything. So what happened?
Avatar n tn I saw my ENT Doctor today and had a nasal endoscope and it all looks very good. Unfortunately, you can't take this medication for more than a couple of months at a time so I'm now back on the Flixonase Nasal Spray. (The Nasule drops are much stronger than the sprays.) I know exactly what you mean when you say you think you're drowning - it really is the most awful sensation. I used to wake up with a feeling of not being able to breathe, as though I was choking to death.
Avatar m tn Over the past 6-7 years, I've had FESS 4 times, including turbinate reduction and deviated septum correction the first time, and in-office microdebridement of polyps 4 times. Polyps always return. Nasal steriod sprays ineffective. Antifungal rinses ineffective. Daily saline nasal rinse ineffective. I prefer to avoid further surgeries since they treat the polyps instead of the underlying cause of the polyps. Only effective long term treatment has been prednisone.
Avatar n tn I first got it last fall, went to my doctor who thought it might have something to do with mold but was otherwise pretty much clueless. I was given nasal spray and some other meds which didn't help. It went away after a month and was fine throughout the rest of the winter, spring and summer, but as of 9/15/07 have it again. I feel great otherwise, no other symptoms. I did get over a cold a few weeks ago so not sure if there related.
Avatar f tn For years, I have tried tried various treatments including Singulair, Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, and Nasonex. About six months ago, I had a CT scan and was diagnosed with severe nasal polyps, which explained my loss of sense of smell several years before. My allergist put me on two weeks of oral steroids and antibiotics, as well as a long-term therapy of Pulmicort respules used as a nasal spray.
Avatar m tn I was also prescribed Budesonide to mix with a tea spoon of saline and and squirting it into my sinus passageways and hanging my head off the side of the bed and turning from side to side. I also take Singulair which keeps down the swelling in my bronchial tubes and lungs. The nasal sprays never worked for me nor the emergency inhalers. Budesonide keeps the polyps down and this med. has been a life saver! Also the allergy serum has been a life saver!
Avatar m tn i have nasal allergies and for the last week i have been really dizzy and whatever i eat it comes back. My stomach is sore to the touch and no appetite. as much as i love coffee, tea and other things i can not eat or drink them because they make me sick. i am already taking allegra and singulair and using astelin. what else do i need to take?
Avatar m tn Common medications are steroid nasal sprays, Singulair, and occasionally oral steroids and antibiotics. If you already can't smell and breath, the packing after surgery might not feel that much different than you do now. Good luck with your surgery.
Avatar n tn The preceding is usually a nuisance but, uncommonly other problems, for example nasal polyps can cause excessive phlegm. I suggest that you ask your allergist if other causes should be considered. You might also ask him/her if the use of an inhaled nasal steroid or a drug called Montelukast (Singulair) might help.
Avatar f tn Medical treatment is necessary including intranasal glucocorticoids, allergy vaccine treatment (allergy shots), antileukotriene therapy (e.g. singulair), and daily rinsing of the sinuses with OTC nasal saline. In patients with AERD "aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease", aspirin desensitization by allergy shots followed by long-term daily therapy may be another therapeutic option.
392548 tn?1216614379 When i try to describe it to people they look at me strange,I get intense itchy feeling in my upper back and under arms but the itch is inside, I say to people i want to put my hands in my lungs and scratch them!!! I have had nasal polyps removed before which are caused by allergies, so i am now thinking it is an allergy reaction!!!
Avatar n tn I went on warfarin and went through much testing, including a lymph node biopsy because all of my lymph nodes were enlarged. FInding nothing my doctor is treating me for nasal polyps aggravated by allergies and asthma aggravated by allergies. I have flu-like symptoms over half the time including chills, muscle pain, sinus and head pain, lymph nodes are large in my neck and fatigue. I am off the warfarin. COULD the PE and symptoms been caused by allergies?
242588 tn?1224275300 My ENT physician has suggested that I use Singulair to inhibit the growth of polyps. (I regularly take either Allegra or Claritin, and I also have asthma which is fully controlled by four inhalations of Vanceril and four inhalations of Intal each day.) Do you think that Singulair or other medications might reduce the recurrence of Polyps? Dr. Rosenwasser's Answer: Yes, it is not published yet but Singulair and Accolate can help sinusitis and polyps.
Avatar n tn sent me to an ENT who diagnosed rhinitis - gave me steroid nasal spray and nasal spray antahistamine - which did not help. I've been using nasal saline irrigation. Started on vitamins. I'm now on Prednisone. After a day and a half I'm starting to feel relief, but I take it for 6 days and I'm scared to death I'll be right back where I was and I'll have no time to build myself back up where I'm so run down from this.
Avatar n tn Hello, All these symptoms can be related to the nasal polyp because nasal polyps and deviated nasal septum are a source of recurrent sinusitis.I think that you should take a second opinion from another ENT surgeon regarding this.
Avatar m tn If you have allergies, it is very important to keep them under control in order to prevent sinus infections and assist with maintaining healthy sinuses. They can also help prevent polyps from forming (as polyps are a form of allergic response). Steroid nasal inhalers assist with a number of things as well.
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
Avatar f tn Add a cold to the mix and it does leave one feeling very miserable. Do you get a lot of post nasal drip? That could add to your coughing. For my allergies and for the cold I had, they prescribed Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray. It's the generic form of something, but it helps cut down on the nasal inflammation as well as the post nasal drip. When I had a cold this year, they had me use the nasal spray along with the cough medicine.
Avatar f tn 95 % of adult cough is due to asthma, nasal and sinus drainage, and reflux esophagitis. Cough variant asthma almost never responds to Singulair alone and needs to be paired with an inhaled steroid. rarely, cough is due to aspiration of a foreign body from the past (peanuts are notorious) or polyps in the airways. Normal lung function tests don't preclude any of the above diagnoses. Your physician needs to listen and ask about each of this issues and then consider appropriate treatment.
Avatar n tn My first docotor said I had a build up of fluids in my eustacia and prescribed rhinocort nasal spray with antibiotics. This seemed to help at first, but within 1 week it stopped working. When I push in the small cavity right below my hear, and behind the most vertical part of my jaw line, i hear a shwishing noise and I feel a sensation as if someone punched me in the jaw the day before. I am also feeling unilateral pressure in my temporal region that sometimes spreads to the other side.
Avatar dr m tn The nasal septum is a thin piece of cartilage and bone that splits your nasal cavity right down the middle. No one has a perfectly straight septum; everyone's septum is slightly curved. Sometimes, nasal trauma can shift or move the septum away from its' midline position. The nasal turbinates are wing-like structures that line the sidewalls of your nose. It's covered with a mucous membrane, and normally it helps to smooth, warm and humidify air.
Avatar f tn Does it help with inflammation if NOT do you know anything thing that makes the sinus and nasal passages stay down. I know I live in MO (a allergy state) and I live with a dog and moms smoke who wont go outside but do you think your peroxide, baking soda, and salt sinus flush could help me. If so will the peroxide destroy good sinus tissue? I dont want to make things worse and i read it can destroy good tissue. How do I measure the parts of mixture like 1 part peroxide etc...
Avatar n tn , 3 rounds of antibiotics, and family dr. sent me to ear, nose, throat specialist, who gave me all the nasal antihistamines and steroid sprays which didn't help. Put me on Prednisone (steroid) for 12 days and finally got better, although not perfect. The fatigue, balance problems, pressure in head is gone, although I still get pain in right back of head when sleeping and still get stopped up. Been using saline irrigation, also. They are sending me for allergy tests.
Avatar n tn I have had blood work and an exam, and all the Dr. noticed was that my nasal passages were extremely dry. Everything else has checked out great. Most of my different pains are on the right side of my body, for whatever reason. Here is an article I found on the internet, thought some of you might want to check it out. It is absolutely exhausting feeling like **** everyday.