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Avatar m tn My father says Singilair does help with his nasal polyps, but he also agrees it doesn't do anything for allergies. I would really invest your money in an inhaler like Symbicort or Flovent (Steroids), since I dont think it's your asthma that is flairing up-it sounds like your allergies, and I am in AZ too...
Avatar n tn If you prefer a non-medicine approach, check with your doctor to see if doing nasal washes regularly would be helpful for you. A nasal wash helps remove mucus and bacteria from the nose and sinuses. This can temporarily relieve your blocked sinuses. Please read our Nasal Wash MedFact at for more information about this technique.
640719 tn?1277143630 I know he wanted me to take the simbcort for seasonal prevention but I wasn't crazy about that and asked about the singulair and he agreed we could go that route. I did everything right in May ran to my doctor and still ended up in the hospital. I just can't go through that again it was massive IV steroids and 3 different antibiotic's. I had to stay on strong inhalers for 3 months after. It shocked my body so bad I began losing my hair about a month ago.
Avatar n tn I do however, get constant fluid in my ears that cause a fullness in my head and dizziness and loss of balance and it does suck. I am so sick and tired of taking Singulair for a whole month lets see what happens. It comes and goes. Well hope that helps you and anyone that is reading for feeling like that in stores. I too, had to wear sunglasses at the store because I felt sensitive to light so please get your iron checked, it often goes unchecked. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn However, being on prednisone has significant side effects and should not be used for any length of time. Nasal inhaled steroids are much safer and are effective. I would actively discuss prednisone alternatives with your physician.
Avatar n tn The symptoms of this disease are asthma, pulmonary infiltrates, eosinophilia over 10%(this is one the white blood cells), sinusitis, neuropathy(which can cause nerve damage), and vasculitis(inflammation of blood vessels). My young daughter took Singulair for 2 years and is now believed to have this disease. There are studies that show it is linked to Sinulair use, if you read the warning labels on the papers for Singulair, this disease is listed as a rare side effect.
Avatar f tn Under the EOS field my Neutrophils and Lymphs showed allergies (abnormal or high I guess). I was placed on Medrol Dose Pack for treatment of wheezing in my upper lobe bilateral. On June 20, 2006, I returned to my primary care physician (PCP) with a cough and wheezing but Albuterol was helping. I was assessed with asthmatic bronchitis. I was given a nebulizer treatment and placed on Nasonex, Levaquin, keeping with Albuterol and guess what SINGULAIR was introduced by my PCP on this visit.
Avatar m tn what can i do to make this better ,it is making me weak at times where i cant seem to function right., ive been taking singulair for allergies but nothing works ...
Avatar m tn I take Allegra D at night because I snore a lot and it helps me breathe better. I'm also taking Singulair for other allergy/asthma related issues. I also have a habit of clearing my throat and the Singulair helped reduce that tremendously.
Avatar f tn --- it can block passage of air, but what do you mean by damage? see an allergist for your son's allergies. shots (desensitization) can help. medicines can help, such as antihistamines, singulair, nasal steroids.
Avatar f tn I currently take Xyzal and Nasacort for allergies and medication for asthma (Singulair and Symbicort). I'm also taking allergy shots for cat dander and grass pollens. When I go running by wooded areas I get a horrible runny nose. My runny nose goes away about 10-15 minutes after I get inside from my run. I'm wondering if it could be from allergies or if it could be from something else. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My nose had a bad reaction to the nasal spray the one time I tried it - it became very congested and I was sneezing for an hour. I have been taking Singulair (prescribed by my PMD) for the past week and it has helped a little but not as much as I expected (Still congested at night). Also, I haven't been able to wear my contact lenses for the past 3 weeks. At first it was because of itchy eyes but now they're just very dry.
Avatar m tn Ive been on allegra on and off for years. I'd take it when my allergies acted up and then after a few weeks I'd go off. When my allergies were really bad I'd go on singulair occasionally as well. I never took them regularly because I didnt want to become immune to them. With the weird seasons that NY has been having this year I have been on both regularly for months and STILL have symptoms, so my Dr. added patanase to help with congestion and fluid in my ears....
Avatar f tn I dont really have any other symptoms with it other than mild headaches. I have been taking Singulair (10mg) once/day for a year now, yet still I've contracted this condition. I've had it for two months now and during that time I've been to my allergist who put me on two different antihistamine nasal sprays, which seemed to work somewhat for the first month, but as the drip got worse, now has no affect. I then had a CT scan done and no infection was found.
Avatar n tn I was recently put back on it (about a month ago) because I have been quiet sick for over 2 months now. The doctors said it was allergies, but I'm starting to wonder because the Singulair should be working in full by now, and I'm still sick. Well, that's kind of just the beginning. It started out with cold/flu symptoms which went away after about 4 days, but then I got sick with really bad sore throat right after that. The doctor tested me for strep A, but I tested negative.
Avatar n tn He has stopped taking the nasal spray for a few days now trying to see how effective it is. Hopefully surgery will not be the only option.
Avatar m tn If nothing natural works or otc meds, you may want to ask your Dr about Singulair or using a steroid nasal spray for awhile .. there are some that are more mild than others and approved for use in kids .. so maybe something like that is a thought. Keep us posted -- so sorry this is going on. You think weeds maybe?
Avatar n tn Why does this happen and what can I do about it? Does being treated for regular allergies, using shots or w/e (for pollen and dust or w/e i am allergic to) help this at all? There obviosuly isn't any thing in the air that makes me allergic, its just the cold. Can any professional here please help?
Avatar n tn Obviously this is a very difficult and frustrating problem for your husband and for you.
Avatar n tn I've had allergies/sinus problems for years. My left nasal cavity has had swelling in the lower area for years, despite prescription decongestants, nasal sprays, antihistamines, prednisone, etc. A few days ago I awoke sneezing. My nose was draining (one side) a honey-colored to bright yellow liquid. This was not thick mucous. Upon inspecting the inside of my nose the swollen area was completely gone. It was as if a water balloon popped and I had these flapping balloon pieces left.
Avatar f tn anyone else experiencing HORRIBLE allergies this year? I'm on Zyrtec, Singulair, Benadryl, Advair, Flonase, Astelin, Mucinex and STILL have drainage and chest/nasal congestion. Feeling rundown and tired and want to get over this. This is the second time I've been through somethine like this in 2011. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks so much for your reply; however, I have a couple more questions that I'm hoping you can answer. When I first come down with a sore throat, it causes me to be very run-down & achy for about 2 days before continuing the cycle of post-nasal drip & scratchy throat for a few days afterward. Does this sound like just a viral infection & is it possible that when the vertigo comes about, that it has led into a bacteria infection deep in the middle ear?
Avatar f tn I am only 17 weeks but for the last 3 weeks now my allergies are HORRIBLE!!! My eyes are so itchy and watery.My throat is scratchy! I have had to break down and take some benadryl! I had no choice so I feel your pain!!
Avatar f tn Thanks for your reply. I'm on medication for the GERD right now but I do have another appoint with the gastro in a couple of weeks (thats as soon as I could get in, of course). I'll make a point of telling him about the shortness of breath, it hopefully won't get worse in these next couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn My nose will become so sore, that whichever half of my head was affected, that side of my nasal bone will actually be painful to the touch for the next few days, even after the headache is gone. I understand my anterior ethmoid nerve runs right up where the pain always concentrates, so could it be a pinched nerve? I'm very familiar with sinus infections, and my headaches have no sinus or allergy symptoms, nor have I had a cold, etc.
326352 tn?1310997895 He's also on DDAVP for bloody noses, Singulair, Patonal, Flonase, Allegra, Flovent, Albuterol, and topical cream for eczema.
Avatar n tn has me taking Nasonex nasal spray, Advair inhaler, and Singulair. Those meds seemed to help my breathing but I have noticed that my neck glands become kind of swollen from time to time. Like 2-4 times a month. Just swollen and achy but not a sore throat when swallowing. Also, the lymph node that is right at the base behind my ear that connects to my neck swells up from time to time and feels like a little squishy, moveable pea. Usually my nose and eyes ache/burn when all of this happens too.
Avatar n tn When sudafed stopped working i tried a drug called Singulair.Singulair is an asthma and rhinitis medication that your doctor can prescribe for you. Singulair worked wonders completely stopping the swelling and completely unblocking my nose.It works by blocking the actions of leukotrienes which are swelling agents involved in asthma and rhinitis. Unfortunately for me the side effects i got from this medication meant i couldnt continue to take it.