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Avatar n tn Then as a PhD student, I did some research on my own and found medical articles that state that high testosterone levels in females is the number one hair loss reason. I believe at this stage synthroid somehow impacts how my body produces hormones..Ask your doctor to also check your testosterone levels as a possible cause of hair loss.
Avatar n tn I have completed one 40 day cycle of hcg and I for one, love it. No side effects to date. I had more energy, slept without the use of my rx sleeping pills, felt better than I had in years, and yes, I lost 20 lbs and many inches although I did not measure at the beginning. I lost 4 inches in 2 weeks and overall two pant sizes. Very noticable. I'm looking forward to a second cycle of it. Plus, there are so many women around here that now want to take it, I'm planning a seminar.
Avatar f tn sometimes to counter act a medication's sexual side effects by perscribing an anti depressant like welbutrin but im not really sure the benifits out way the risks accosiated with medications of this type.. exercise and healthy eating can effect libido. have you had children? or are you older? you could have a hormone imbalance.... stress is another huge facter unlike males females sexuality is extremely linked to her life situations stress and the level of satisfaction with her relationship.
Avatar n tn It is pretty common in Mediterranean cultures for females to have more hair than females of other cultures. On some days, I can deal with the fact that I have Hirsutism, on other days, I feel really depressed and alone. A few weeks ago I gathered the courage to go to my PCP and tell him about my condition. He automatically sent me to the lab for blood work. He said the tests would be extensive. Yesterday I went to his office and he reviewed the results carefully. Luckily, I do not have PCOS.
Avatar n tn Please tell me more about this connection between the trauma/accident and the low testosterone levels. I'm 47 and very athletic. In May 2008, while I was hiking, a freak gust of wind blew me off a 60-foot cliff. I almost died.
Avatar n tn Not only that, but it's right on pfizer's website, in the side effects for Depo®-Testosterone testosterone cypionate injection. Decrease libido is a possible side effect. Right now I'm off of everything, and am trying herbal supplements and an over the counter estrogen blocker. The drive is coming back, but it's slow. A friend recommended i try a different ester of testosterone. Enenthate instead of Cypionate. So those of you experiencing this problem, might consider that.
689860 tn?1238721632 If overweight, try losing 10-15% of your body weight and see if things improve. If none of this works, in my opinion, the only thing you can do is find a doctor that is familiar with men's hormones (typically NOT what you'd think, an endocrinologist. from my experience, they are more in tune with diabetic needs, and not age related hormone modulation). What seems to work best to raise your hormone levels to where they need to be are WEEKLY injections of between .5 and 1 cc of testosterone.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I have just been reading all of your posts, and am happy to discover that i am not alone in side effects. I came of Yasmine 3 weeks ago after taking it for 8 months, before Jasmine was on Microginon 30. Anyway, I have been on the pill for 8 years non stop, have no children and am 26. The reason I stopped taking it was due to having bad migraines for the past year, one which landed me in hospital a month ago.
Avatar f tn Large doses of glycyrrhizinic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid in liquorice extract can lead to hypokalemia and serious increases in blood pressure, a syndrome known as apparent mineralocorticoid excess. These side effects stem from the inhibition of the enzyme 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (type 2) and subsequent increase in activity of cortisol on the kidney.
477746 tn?1254788147 Testosterone Increases Pain Threshold For several years, evidence has accumulated indicating that T regulates pain perception in both males and females in humans, monkeys, rodents, and birds. The use of pain studies is unethical in humans so a majority of the research is performed on rats. There are several tests used in animals to determine pain threshold in rats. See Figure 1 for an explanation of the tests.
Avatar n tn About six years ago, I noticed nasty little puckers and crepiness in the crook of my elbow. About six months ago, the skin under my underarm (on the inner side of my arm) started to look saggy. I have an antiaging blog and have used this to document everything logical to be done about this since many of my readers are experiencing the same.
Avatar f tn Some medications can also cause hirsutism, so be sure to check side effects of any medications you might be on.
Avatar n tn hCG stimulates the development of natural male and female sex steroids. The increase in testosterone levels in males by the use of hCG would stimulate muscle development as with anabolic steroids. hCG is not banned in female athletes because it would not lead to muscle development and might naturally occur in high levels if the athlete is pregnant. The side effects of hCG in males are the same as those of anabolic steroids.
Avatar n tn My body hair gets very long, seems to keep growing, grows back extremely quick(hours), except in two small spots; on my thumb side of my hands and on a small portion inner thighs, where normal single follicle hair growth is, and the hair is short and finer.
Avatar m tn It is not the cause of it. Stress and adrenaline are normal effects in the body, but the result of whatever caused this injury shows up now, with this as its trigger in part. Before this condition existed, it simply didn't exert change on the penis that much before, so nobody noticed it that much. I think everyone can probably relate to stress causing an erectile issue, but it is usually short-lived...not persistent. 3.
Avatar f tn Being anemic can cause headaches, and while iron can be hard on the liver and consequently, the head according to an acupuncturist I used to go to, you need to be taking iron and Ester C vitamin together to try to get your iron up (if source of anemia is iron deficiency which often happens in menstruating females because of blood loss). Does your doctor have you on an iron taken w/at least 250 mg of vitamin C regime?
280700 tn?1210287416 My side effects were hot flashes, moodiness, breast tenderness, cramping, fatigue, nausea, and extreme hunger which lead to weight gain and I'm still feeling those side effects. Since so many of those side effects are symptoms of pregnancy it was very upsetting to find out I didn't ovulate and I'm not pregnant. Hoping for better results next cycle...
Avatar f tn I'm sure the doctors have told you that autoimmune disease is much more common in females. So I'm wondering if your son has a hormone imbalance. Is it possible he's not producing enough testosterone. Boys need a healthy supply of zinc to keep testosterone levels up. Puberty increases the need for zinc. Zinc is crucial for homrone balance. Look up sources of zinc - red meat being one of the best of them. Many people get white specks on their fingernails when zinc is low.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
Avatar n tn But, I am genetically more sensitive to testosterone. As a result, the average amount of testosterone in my system causes my sebacous glands to over-produce oil which results in acne. This, apparently, is a common problem and that is why diane 35 works for many women who have a sensitivity to testosterone because diane 35 blocks testosterone (contains estrogen and cyproterone acetate). Because this medicine contains estrogen, it can not be used by men.
Avatar m tn Masturbating is normal and is not known to cause any symptoms, side effects or ill effects. If you are worried or depressed about this there is nothing for you to fear. If it is really bothering you and bogging you down and you need help consult your primary care physician, he will guide you appropriately. Take Care and Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I've had two electrophysiology studies and am told my svt's can't be ablated (or I should say it would be dangerous to try) because they are focused on the left side of the heart and in order to get there a hole must be "poked" through the heart from the right side. Well, I have just been tested for and seem to come up positive with lyme disease.
Avatar n tn This LH stimulates the production of testosterone by the testis in males. Thus HCG sends the same message and results in increased testosterone production by the testis due to HCG’s effect on the leydig cells of the testis. not sure how this would affect fat cells ? nor weight loss ? Normally this HCG is used to treat women with certain ovarian disorders and it is used to stimulate the testis of men who may be hypogonadal.
Avatar n tn I am specially concerned about the side effects of discontinuing the drug. Worried that I may experience effects similar to those I experienced while trying to wean off lexapro? And, I am concerned about possibly gaining any more weight if I take zoloft.
242516 tn?1368227505 It's important that patients on these medicines don't stop taking their medicines because serious side effects can occur, such as worsening of the depressive symptoms that they initially took them for, including thoughts of suicide for some patients. This is just one study that will be further examined. The great thing is that it's been published in the Public Library of Science online journal.
Avatar n tn HCG can be used for different things, in both males and females. HCG is a great weight loss drug but a lot of people report that they regain the weight that they lose due to going back to a poor diet once they get off the HCG. Some people report weight loss up to 10 pounds per week infused properly. The regimen usually involves 3 injections per week given in the abdomen area and stay to a 500 calorie diet.
Avatar m tn it could be done but you would have to take anti-rejection medicine for the rest of your life.the side effects would be a early death for you.the side effects to your girlfriend are would cost about $60,000.00 plus the lifelong cost of the anti-rejectioin could get this done at a transplant hospital.i have never heard of it being done yet.a better bet would be for you to get breast implants.
Avatar m tn I quickly realized that it was due to the propecia i was taking as temporary sexual side effects can be seen in about 2% of those taking the drug (per the label). However, it persisted even after quitting and continued to haunt me for months. I went to my GP who prescribed me cialis…it worked, but was expensive and at 28/29 i definitely didn't want to be dependent on a drug to be able to get an erection.
Avatar n tn memory are a few of the reasons I sought medical advice in the first place. If I am lacking in natural steroid production, is it less likely that oral steroids will cause wt gain??? I am 5'1" & 175lbs. I need to loose wt to improve my health, not gain....May seem a little vain, but wt gain is my biggest concern. I picked up everything from the pharmacy today but have not started the hydrocortisone yet...
Avatar m tn my doctor always order ultrasound then 6 months later an MRI. We do this every year. so every year, we do an ultrasound then an MRI. He told me ultrasound does not catch all hcc.