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Avatar m tn I am having a sharp chest pain near my sternum in the right side. I think it is related to the other digestive problems (trapped gas, discomfort) I have been having lately. I had it last night and it started after my first meal today. I am taking prilosec 20mg so I don't know if it is heartburn. I think I have gallstones because before I have felt pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen, but dismissed it as gas. I recently lost 6" off my waist after going on a diet.
Avatar m tn I have an extremely sharp pain on the right side of my chest when getting out of bed. It starts to hurt when I lay on my sides. When I try to roll over, the pain shoots through my right side. And when I try to get up and out of bed, I can only move an inch or two at a time getting up. Once I get on my feet, it goes away after a minute or so. The pain is so bad it feels like being electrocuted.
Avatar m tn Hi Sir, only when i squeeze my right arm muscle, i have sharp pain in my right chest exactly inside right breast it lasts for 8 months already...plz advice? With thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I have been having on and off squeezing chest pain on my right side. This has been going on now for about the last 21 hours or so. Its very sharp, lasts for about 5 to 7 seconds and goes away. Any idea what could be causing this? I am 34, overweight, I do smoke, and I do have hypertension.
Avatar f tn I have crohns disease and last year had a bowel resection followed by a addisonian crisis. After some time I recovered.I have recently had symptoms of dull to sharp upper right side chest pain in the lung area. At times it is taking my breath away with a constant dull pain for the last two days,with constant fatigue and some nausea, no appetite,and diaharea. I went to hospital and they told me no P.E.could be seen due to a contrast xray which passed to quickly.
Avatar m tn I have been having a sharp pain that goes from the back of the right side of my neck down to my chest. Mostly in my chest area. I cant sleep the pain is to bad..also my heart beat is strong and painfull. I dont have medical insurance so i am just wondering if this is serious?
Avatar n tn I'm an active 18 year old male and i am having these random sharp quick pains in my left and right side of my chest; most often on the left side. Most of the time these sharp pains last for a couple of seconds and go away but other times they seem dull at first, but then when i try and get a full breathe the pain all of a sudden increases as i breathe in to get that full breathe. I then have to take medium to short size breaths until the pain subsides sometimes one to two minutes later.
Avatar n tn It was on my left side slightly over the middle of the collar bone, and has now moved to my right side in same location over the collar bone. There is a second sharp pain my breast area of my chest. The pain is not sensitive when you touch the outside of the body. It is only on the inside. Can you help?
Avatar n tn I'm having very sharp pain in the right side of my chest. I've been having this pain for about a half hour or more now and it doesn't seem like its getting any better. It only hurts when i move my chest like breathing in and out, but it doesn't feel like my lungs at all. This pain came from out of nowhere i was just laying down and it randomly started hurting. I don't know if it could be my heart or just maybe something small i'm not sure, but i really want to know what this could be.
Avatar f tn i have been having a chest pain for the last 2 or 3 months, its a sharp pain that happens on either side of my chest that only lasts about 2-7 seconds, this happens a couple of times per day, a doctor said i had tendinitus in my left shoulder from being a cashier, but it's both sides and it's really painful
Avatar f tn a few times over the last couple of weeks I have had this intense stabbing pain either on the left side or right side of my chest. Last night it was so bad that it woke me up from sleep. It only lasted about a minute then goes away. Once I start moving around it seems to go away. No other symptoms with it, other than the ones I create from my panic:) Is this something I should go back to my cardiologist with even though he told me that my heart was in great shape?
Avatar n tn The chest pain is located closer to the middle of my chest by on the left side and right where my ribs end. The most painful thing to do is lie down/sleep and when I sit up I still have the chest pains but there are not as sharp. These pains last about 20 seconds to a minuet and are happening every couple of minuets. Could you please give me some idea of what it might be thats causing me so much pain and what I can do to make it go away?
Avatar f tn It manifests itself as a very intense, sharp pain, typically at the left side of the chest, which is worse when taking breaths. Patients often think that they are having a heart attack which causes them to panic. This pain typically lasts from 30 seconds to a few minutes. Though some episodes last just a few breaths, in rare cases they can persist for up to 30 minutes. In most cases the pain is resolved quickly and completely. The cause of PCS is unknown.
Avatar m tn Also sometimes like today i have this strong sharp pain near my right side chest. I have slight pain near my back but too bad. What scares me is that pain like when i breathe its like a sharp needle pain near my chest iy lasts like a minute. When i inhale like 1/2 way to a deep breath i feel needle pain. What is that a stroke? I not try to breathe as hard deep it get worse. It happened once today but hapoened b4. What did i feel? Stroke ?
Avatar f tn I work a lot, so sometimes it's difficult to fit myself in his schedule. About two months ago, I was experiencing an extremely sharp pain behind my right shoulder, and on the direct opposite side in the right part of my chest. I can only feel it if I inhale deeply or if I'm overworking that part of my body, but the pain literally take my breath away-- I stop what I'm doing immediately because it's so sudden and sharp! However, this pain comes and goes.
443753 tn?1205185408 This morning i woke to sharp stabbing pains on my right side under my rib. The pain worsened if i led on my side. I have had the pain on and off all day with it increasing after eating today, although i have not noticed this correlation before. The precise location is inbetween my navel and my side, on my right side. It feels tender to touch but does not hurt when i cough/sneeze.
Avatar n tn Im a 16 years old boy. Two days ago, I woke up with a weird chest pain on the left side right below the nipple. I feel a sharp pain when I take a deep breath or let out my air completely, also sometimes when I am lying down, I feel pressure on that spot. When i try to lean toward either side, i feel pain in the same area. I don't know what is going on. I've had this once about 1 month ago, but only lasted about 4 hours. Just a note, during that night of sleep.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing chest pain for three days, located on the right side of my chest in the area just below my breastbone. It seems to be almost a cramp, where it feels like it gets very tight, almost as if someone is grabbing my lung. The pain began three days ago and was mild at first, but became very strong a few hours later. It persisted off and on all night, and then went away almost completely.
Avatar f tn Age 27 Female 5'7 1/2 160 LBS Caucasian Thi has ben going on for at least 4-5 years. Right Side Chest above breast, Im taking prevacid right now, Hi, I was wondering if you might be able to help me or if you maybe know what is wrong. Sorry if this is all over the place. Please read all:) thanks! Throughout the years off and on I get this chest pain it disappears for months if not longer. I get various different kinds all on the same EXACT spot on the RIGHT side of my chest.
1250698 tn?1371354879 For 2 days, I've been getting sharp, piercing chest pains in the center and right side of my chest. It only lasts for a few seconds then goes away, but when it happens, it's very painful. All day today, i've had trouble catching my breath. I feel like I have to take in huge gulps of air to stop the heavy feeling.
Avatar m tn Sometimes i have a small coughing fit, and after one coughing fit, i had a sharp pain on the right side of my chest. It felt like there was icyhot on my lung, then that feeling faded away after about an hour. But, i still get an occasional sharp pain on my right, sometimes left side in what feels like my lungs. I should also point out that i am a smoker of 4 years.
Avatar m tn okay hers the question over the last couple of months once in a while I get a sharp pain under my left chest muscle almost on my side, it only last a second or 2. usually I am siting down. It hasnt happen while I have been active. there are no other symptoms . I take my bp right after it happens and its is122/ 82 paulse 83, my doctor says it a typical chest pain and not to worry . well I am worried what do you think.
155534 tn?1275415855 I started getting this sharp localized pain in my lower right chest area. Right undermy right breast(I mean right where my breast ends).It is so painful. It started out just hurting when I coughed ..but now it hurts all the time. It is the worst when I sneeze, cough, breath deeply or move in certain positions.But it is a constant doesn't go away at all. Luckily I'm hardly coughing at all anymore.I'm also getting very light headed especially apon standing .What could this be??