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Avatar m tn I have been having a sharp pain that goes from the back of the right side of my neck down to my chest. Mostly in my chest area. I cant sleep the pain is to bad..also my heart beat is strong and painfull. I dont have medical insurance so i am just wondering if this is serious?
Avatar m tn I have an extremely sharp pain on the right side of my chest when getting out of bed. It starts to hurt when I lay on my sides. When I try to roll over, the pain shoots through my right side. And when I try to get up and out of bed, I can only move an inch or two at a time getting up. Once I get on my feet, it goes away after a minute or so. The pain is so bad it feels like being electrocuted.
Avatar n tn I have been having on and off squeezing chest pain on my right side. This has been going on now for about the last 21 hours or so. Its very sharp, lasts for about 5 to 7 seconds and goes away. Any idea what could be causing this? I am 34, overweight, I do smoke, and I do have hypertension.
Avatar n tn I've been having this sharp pains on the lefts side of my chest with some sofocation is this dangerous?
155534 tn?1275412255 However, I am still having this sharp Stabbing like pain on my right side..literally right behind my right breast. It hurts when I breathe in and move into certain positions...especially hard at night ..laying down seems to aggrivate it , as does laying on my right side....If it's not plurisy and not my lungs.,.and obviously not my heart...What the heck could this be.. I am a 27 year old woman ..who for the most part is healthy( I have a reoccuring staph infection..for over a year).
155534 tn?1275412255 I started getting this sharp localized pain in my lower right chest area. Right undermy right breast(I mean right where my breast ends).It is so painful. It started out just hurting when I coughed ..but now it hurts all the time. It is the worst when I sneeze, cough, breath deeply or move in certain positions.But it is a constant doesn't go away at all. Luckily I'm hardly coughing at all anymore.I'm also getting very light headed especially apon standing .What could this be?
Avatar f tn Had a sharp pain in my right side last night it lasted bout a minute the disappeared should i b worried im 7 weeks four days
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pain, sometimes dull, sometimes sharp in my right side (to the left of my right breast). Sometimes I feel it in my shoulder and back. I have had an EKG in the past and nothing....I also am the bill of health except for some high cholesterol like a year ago. I have changed my diet and excercised since. I am 5'-4" and 142 pounds. I look about 130 though so a lot of my weight is muscle.
1925157 tn?1328929017 But anyways I woke myself up to pretty Sharp chest pains and I was laying on my left side..? So I rolled over to my right and it went away.. what could that be from?
Avatar n tn Hello there, Just finished reading your comments. You need to call your doctor's receptionist. Ask for a follow up appointment. Tell your doctor what symptoms you are experiencing. If the pain is unbearable and you're having a sharp pain in your chest when you take a deep breath and you have pain on the right side of your back between your spine and your shoulder blade, you have to share this with your doctor asap. I wish you well.
Avatar f tn I suffer with sharp chest pains on the left and right side of my chest and also my chest tightens from the centre. I've had a few times where it is a dull ache just behind my heart which lasts for a second or two then goes and then all of a sudden I'll get this heat wave come over me and my heart starts racing and then I want to faint, and when I try and take deep breaths in, it feels thick and that I can't get any oxygen in, then I'm light headed and dizzy.
Avatar f tn I have a pain by my right breast, feels like heart attack but on the wrong side. Its a sharp stabbing pain. I have had it for 2 days now and it isn't getting any better. I think Indigestion but getting concerned now. It is behind the right breast but my breast isn't hurting at all.
Avatar m tn Chest pain on the RIGHT side of your chest is rarely associated with your heart. There are also about a hundred things that could be causing this pain. When you tell us that by reaching for your alarm clock with your right arm, this is when you feel the sharp pain in your chest. My first thought is that you've pulled a muscle in your chest wall which is exacerbated when you reach for the alarm.
Avatar f tn a few times over the last couple of weeks I have had this intense stabbing pain either on the left side or right side of my chest. Last night it was so bad that it woke me up from sleep. It only lasted about a minute then goes away. Once I start moving around it seems to go away. No other symptoms with it, other than the ones I create from my panic:) Is this something I should go back to my cardiologist with even though he told me that my heart was in great shape?
7485098 tn?1391264953 Today I had this sharp pain / cramps i guess in my right side all day, I'm kinda wondering does this have something to do with being pregnant because this the first time this happen. I'm planning on taking a test next week. So can somebody give me some feedback!?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 27 years and over the last year and a half I have been experiencing this sharp pain in what feels like the left hand side of my heart. It is approximately half way up my rib cage on the left hand side and about an hour and a half to two hours later I started to get a really heavy slow heart beat. Is anyone able to tell me what this could be??
Avatar n tn I feel a sharp pain in the right side of my chest when taking a deep breath and when yawning
Avatar f tn I got up this morning and have been having sharp chest pain, mostly on the right side and primarily when I breathe out. If I just sit here and do nothing I'm ok, but as soon as I get up and try to walk around I double over with this sharp pain in my chest. It doesn't feel like I'm having a heart attack or anything, and I am not having difficulty breathing. It's just a sharp stabbing pain behind my right breast toward the center of my chest. The dr.
Avatar n tn The pain I have is mostly sharp, but dull at resting and it wraps around to my chest (imagine drawing a line from the bottom of your scapula underneath your arm and to your pectoral muscles near your armpit). Occasionally I have pain in my upper arm too. Weird thing for me is that the pain is REALLY sharp if I take a very deep breath in or if I yawn. I also experience pain when I drive, put my arm behind my back, lay on the opposite side (not sure why that is), lift anything over 2lbs.
Avatar n tn Im 15weeks and I've been having a lot of pain on my right side by my hip and leg it comes and goes but mostly when I start walking for about 20min the pain starts, i've tried diffent thing to help make the pain go away but its not working anyone have any ideals?
389732 tn?1212519993 I've been having chest pain on my left side sort of right under the rib and I'm not sure what is it? I've had it for almost two years now. I never went to look it up because I thought maybe it's just something minor, but it keeps happening. When I lay on my side or being in a particular posture then it'll hurt and the pain is really sharp.
Avatar n tn Since last night on and off I have been having a very shrap pain on the left side, along the rib area. It started and only happenned about every hour, but this morning its more like 8-10 times an hour. It's cripiling pain, I stop moving and have to bend over till the pain passes. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I'm 35 weeks 5 days pregnant and I started getting a sharp pain on the left side of my chest in the middle of the night last night when I would roll from side to side. Then this morning I kept getting them. Didn't get them the rest of the day until just a little bit ago this evening. Everybody else have this? I've googled it and read several different things it could be.
Avatar n tn I've been having constant pain in my chest in th middle and right side. It is not sharp but an aching pain. Wondering what could cause this? I've had inflamed pecks in the past and this is not the same pain. I am a 30 year old woman of mixed race.
Avatar f tn There were many times that the pain was on my left and right side at the same time that last hours.