Chest pain right side when i breathe

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Avatar f tn t until I touched my ribs that I realized it was actually sore, sore enough to make me cry upon touching it. It hurts to breathe, but mainly hurts when I press on my side (to the point where it makes me dizzy and queasy). I've asked different family members and answers have ranged from gas, gallbladder complications, or a cracked rib. (I'm a rather severe asthmatic, and do cough a lot).The pain has only gotten worse, and sleep is a no-go right now. If I touch my ribs, I literally cry.
2089807 tn?1348062748 Im 31 weeks pregnant and earlier all of a sudden I got severe chest pain, in my upper chest like right at the top of my boobs. Its mostly on the right side but when I breathe deep it spreads to the left side. It hurts to breathe and I feel like I cant hardly breathe. Its.eased up a little but now feels sore, even hurts to the touch. What could be causing this? Im also having severe heartburn and my son is going crazy in my ribs. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn i am having pain in my upper back on my right side when i breathe i have antibotics twice and a chest xray that came back clear i am also fetching green flem up.
1039460 tn?1252965275 I woke up this morning and had the worst pain in the right side of my chest. It really hurts the worst when i breathe in deeply, doesnt hurt with short breaths. I had a friend come over this weekend and smoked alot more cigarettes than normal. Its only started this morning so its been goin on for about ten hours so far. I dont feel sick, i'm not coughing, its just simply every time i breathe in deeply.
471949 tn?1236904026 When I go to sleep I can only lay on my right side or else I get extremely short of breathe and have chest pain. Even then when I lie down at night I have a hard time breathing for the first 10-15 minutes. I sleep with 5 pillows. My agina has gotten worse over the past few weeks (I take nitro) and gets much, much worse with any little activity. I'm a veteran and my VA doctor refuses to refer me to a cardiologist!!!
Avatar n tn And if I did, why would it last this long? I do not get the pain when I breathe deeply, nor when I swallow saliva. I am very very worried, what if i have some sort of esophaegal disorder? I am actually terrified that it is something serious and I hardly go through a day now without feeling hot all over because I am scared. And as I am sitting here I think I can feel a very very faint pain in the same spot, and I am not eating. Maybe not even a pain, just a feeling in that spot.
Avatar f tn i am also having this same pain. on my right side. just below my right breast (about 2 inches down from my right breast)...This pain started exactly 5 or 6 days ago. I thought it might be my ribs and that it would go away. but i think it's getting worse. and now when i take a deep breathe, that pain increases majorly. Enough that I can't take a full deep breathe without major pain. AND NOW I'M A LITTLE WORRIED. I HAVE A SON THAT'S 8 YEARS OLD AND HE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT ME.
Avatar f tn It was only on my right side. It was followed by chest pain, shortness of breathe, jaw pain, and right side heavy feeling in head. My neck felt stiff and then my arm felt weak. It didn't all happen at once. The tingling keeps happening too. It keeps coming and going, my body feels cold too... is it amxiety, stroke, or heart attack?
Avatar m tn The most common areas are my lower right lung, my chest next to my right armpit, my upper right lung, and sometimes the lower left side of my left lung. The pain is sometimes not very noticeable but sometimes it is clearly there. It lasts for a few seconds then goes away. Breathing in and out usually does not affect the pain, or when it occurs. I have had fears about my lungs before because of my smoking history, and I've gotten myself checked out at the doctor.
Avatar m tn I have had this pain from the last 2-3 days but today when I returned from a football game in morning, it had grown by 100 times...Its really bad, like someone is crushing my chest or as if someone has driven a stake through it... Its on the right side of my chest, just next to sternum in an area of about 2 cm......Please tell me also if you get any breakthrough!!
Avatar f tn Well today it is very sore in that area, I am also having pain when I frustrates me when I call my dr and he sayes go to the er....I go to the er and it seems like they are not interested in helping. And I leave hurt, depressed, and in pain.
Avatar n tn i am 22 and i have sharp pain on my chest whenever i lay on my left side. I have to turn onmy right side because i cant breathe at times and the pain gets too painful. i dont know if this ha anything to do with the chest pains but my bones ache in cold or rainy weather and when i swim in cold water. im making a doctors appt this monday.
Avatar f tn What could it be? I was in the ER last night for chest tightening, pain, and shortness of breath. They did a cat scan and ruled out PE, blot clot on my lungs, and prescribed me an inhaler t i use for when if I get the tightening in my chest anymore. But today I'm woke up and my chest hurts about 3x as much as it did yesterday and it seems like whenever I get the pain to subside, it just comes right back. The pain is mostly on the right side of my chest.
155534 tn?1275412255 However, I am still having this sharp Stabbing like pain on my right side..literally right behind my right breast. It hurts when I breathe in and move into certain positions...especially hard at night ..laying down seems to aggrivate it , as does laying on my right side....If it's not plurisy and not my lungs.,.and obviously not my heart...What the heck could this be.. I am a 27 year old woman ..who for the most part is healthy( I have a reoccuring staph infection..for over a year).
214065 tn?1251288877 I have been having chest pain on the left side of my chest. I dont know if its my breast that is causing me pain or my heart. I feel relieved when I lay down but once I stand it seems to come back. I also took a bayer asprin just in case I might be having a heart attack but taking it seems to not relieve me of the pain. Is this a heart problem, muscular or breast problem? has anyone experienced anything like this?
Avatar m tn Within the last week or so, I've been getting sharp pains within my left arm. This usually happens when I bend it a certain way or put pressure on it. In addition I've also been getting a "heavy" feeling on my left side of my chest where the heart is located. It's not painful, and it's not hard to breathe but I know this can't be good right? I recently had this "heavy" feeling about a few minutes ago, and is why I am creating this question.
1448748 tn?1312956208 My entries is good, if anything too slow, I'm taking just a little to help my metabolism, so its definitely not hyper thyroidism. I'm not having palpitations just like someone is sitting on me and a sharp pain in my lung on the back side when I breathe. I don't know about the vegas nerve, just know my heart is healthy, had all kind of ekg,echo and halter monitor over 72 hours.
Avatar f tn I am a 15 yr old girl and have pain beneath my breastbone when I breathe deeply, kind of towards the right side. Laughing and pushing on my chest, as well as leanning back in my chair, make it worse. Is it my heart?
Avatar m tn Hi, i'm 19 years old. I notice that i had chest pain on my right side since i was 15 years old. Until now, it happens every few weeks to months. It's like a sharp pain for a few seconds and after that it goes off. and it gets worse when i breathe. The most recent pain happens when i was laughing. And the worse pain i had was when i was lying on bed trying to sleep. I couldnt sleep with lying on the left or right of my body. So what i did was lie straight facing the ceiling.
Avatar n tn I only notice this occasionally. I'll take a deep breath and it hurts, so I'll stop. Sometimes I might try again and it'll hurt, but if I wait a few seconds I can breathe deeply without pain. I'm not sure which side it occurs more commonly on, because I only think of it after it happens. It's definitely not a common thing with me, so I'm wondering if it's something serious?
Avatar f tn I have a hard time breathing too while doing nothing. When sitting up, keep your shoulders back to help expand your chest/lungs. Sometimes I put both hands right behind my head (almost like in a sit-up position) and pull my elbows back to help open up my chest area. Hope u feel better!
Avatar f tn Several nights I've had pain that starts in the middle-left side of my chest and near my shoulder blade while sleeping on my side. It wakes me up so I lay on my back and then it hurts to breathe in. It continues all night and throughout the next day anytime I lean against anything it hurts. It's like a tightening or pressure kind of.
Avatar f tn Today I woke up with a pain in my upper right side of my chest its like beneath my breast. The pain comes and goes. I don't have my gallbladder just letting u know just in case. Its been hrs with this pain and I don't know what to do. Should I go to the emergency room or just wait. It doesn't hurt when I breathe it just hurts no matter what I do.
Avatar f tn Yes you can use the breathe right strips. They don't contain any medication at all.
Avatar f tn Have you had this pain before pregnancy? I ask because I have gotten pain in my chest on and off since I was in my early teens.(and I don't wear wired bras) The wind gets knocked out of me and the pain hurts so bad I can't breathe. And I have no clue what it is. But of this is something that has only appeared since pregnancy I wouldn't stress to much and ask your doc about it. I don't know what they can do for ya, but I hope they'll do something for ya.