Seizure of jewish property

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429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
451975 tn?1372332199 I have taken medicine for migraine but I am still seeing only spots of my screen and have pain in my temples, forehead, base of my neck and general woozy feeling. When I am like this I would definitely not go out in public. I would either be down on the ground after losing my balance completely or my field of vision would be moving and making me throw up. I am still suffering from loss of words, memory failure, jumbled words, and stuttering. Help!
Avatar n tn  Fishing, Wandering in open country free of inhabitance  Religion – Jewish, Hebrew School  Keeping thin…  His little brother and baby sister – he does love them very much – even if he beats the pulp out of his little brother from time to time! His medications were as follows as of 1/18/08 and prior for at least 6-months: DEPAKOTE ER 500MG TAB TWO TIMES DAILY ZOLOFT / SERTRALINE 100MG (1 ½ TABS) EACH MORNING CLONIDINE HCL 0.
Avatar n tn In other words no heroics. And an accurate assessment of level of consciousness may be skewed in the presence of drugs used to make the person comfortable. However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control.