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Avatar n tn m very worried that the hospital diagnosied hi wrong. His symptoms are runny nose cough very high fever his skin is a redish color but no rash or blister.
Avatar f tn One year olds can sometimes put a foreign body in the nose which can cause runny nose. Check that out with an ENT. Also check out a deviated nasal septum. Hay fever and allergic rhinitis should be ruled out. Persistence of RSV should also be looked into. Normally the food allergens cause only gastric symptoms. However if the allergen is absorbed and reaches the airways it can cause hay fever and asthma like symptoms. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I didn't get a runny rose until later in my pregnancy. Maybe around the second trimester. Ugh probably one of the more annoying symptoms.
Avatar m tn I had a minor sore throat that went away after one day..i had a runny/stuffy nose for a week, with a cough, some muscle pain here and there. this lasted a week or so...then I was fine for a whole week. and then after a week of being fine I got sick again, with a runny/stuffy nose, and a cough. Is this anything i should be worried about. why would i get sick then get well than get sick again all in a month? I dont have any fever or night sweats.
Avatar f tn I am writing in concern for my nephew. Basicaly, he has been "ill" for 3 weeks on and off. 3 weeks ago, he broke out in some minor hives. He was taken to the urgent care, and was told he had a mild temp. and that he must have a viral infection his body is reacting to. Told to give him steroid and tylenol to break the fever. Well, on and off for the next week and a half, he gets a fever, but then it goes away. He has a runny nose that won't stop running....
Avatar m tn Hi. I have been experiencing a low-grade fever with runny nose 10 weeks after my possible exposure. I have to mention that my runny nose had been present for at least 3 weeks now accompanied by a cough with phlegm but the cough was gone 2 weeks before my low-grade fever. Could this be a sign of ARS? Thanks.
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Avatar n tn I am asking whether I could get this from my partner they show no signs at all but in the last week their hands have started to peel in exactly the same way mine are following the scarlet fever rash. I am worried that this may not be scarlet fever but something more, is there any std that comes across this way. My Doctor has said that is highly unlikely I was infected from my partner following their treatment or that I was reinfected from them following my antibiotics course.
Avatar f tn Hi, i was just wondering if cold symptoms such as a low grade fever or runny/stuffy nose could be an early pregnancy symptom. im pretty sure its too early for symptoms to arise, being as its only been 5 days..but im concerned..any help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn He went and got tested and it was negative but what if he was in the window period? Today is the 28 and I have a runny nose cough and sore throat.
Avatar n tn I have read and please correct me if I am wrong that in generall when someone goes through ARS they will have more then one symptom if they have symptoms i.e. sore throat and fever, rash and fever or a combination of the three and obviously there are more out there.
Avatar f tn Almost 3 weeks ago I thought I had a bad cold that lasted about 5 days, then it turned into a pesty mucus cough so I bought simple linctus which didnt help. After a further 5 days I went to the doctor because I thought I might have had an infection but I got the all clear and doctor told me to just eat chicken soup... I don't like soup. 10 days on and I'm still coughing mucus and my nose is still a little runny.
Avatar f tn HIV doesn't cause nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. And we're in the middle of cold season, for goodness' sake! That's all you have. That's all for this thread.
Avatar n tn really? cause now i have a fever too, and a runny nose. I know it sounds just like the flu, but someone told me that you experience flu like symptoms right after contraction?
1798872 tn?1346164585 No, but check both scarlet fever and rheumatic fever on wiki. The immune response initiated by scarlet fever can lead to rheumatic fever. Said immune response destroyed my mother's heart valves because cartilage and the bacteria's cell wall are somewhat similar.
Avatar m tn If you had a sore throat for 2 days, runny nose, get a fever for 2 days and cough, 3 weeks post exposure, could this be ARS related? Will this be a sign of early HIV infection?
Avatar m tn Symptoms are not relevant, the nature of exposure is? If you had unprotected intercourse you want to get tested at 3 months. Assuming you are a male who had unprotected vaginal intercourse the odds are very small that you caught. If the women was a sex worker, give it one chance in 100 and actual intercourse without a condom at 1 chance in 1000 - your odds are 1/100,000 - pretty good odds, but still worth a test at 3 months.
Avatar m tn Start your research there, then be sure to also look into rheumatic fever - which is an after effect of the the strep bacteria that causes scarlet fever and involves various inflammatory and auto-immune conditions. It's sort of like having an allergic reaction to an infection. The body then attacks its own organs as if they were the infection - cross reactivity of antibodies.
Avatar n tn Does anybody know if scarlet fever scars or causes loss of pigmentation? recently getting over, but skin has not healed while some parts look white and some are still red?? And would sunbathing help to dry out or just make scarring worse?
Avatar f tn 5 days later, I got a sore throat, runny/blocked nose and a few small mouth ulcers. Then 9 days later, I got a fever which only lasted a day and stomach pain, without diarrhoea. Symptoms completely cleared up a few days later, except the ulcer which lasted a bit longer. At 15 days, I had a duo hiv test which was negative and the doctor said I was not at risk. Since then, I've been getting sore throats and runny nose frequently but I do have a history of hay fever and allergies.
Avatar m tn My gums was bleeding that time. Im not sure about her HIV status. After 4 days i get runny nose, 3 days after that and at the night, i get fever, wet cough and very little headache. At that time I slept without wearing clothes. even though i felt chills but my body was sweating. The next day, body temperature decreased and returned to normal but my nose still runny and i still had wet cough for a bout 3-4 days. it decreased from day to day. I didnt feel any fatigue, bad headache or body rash.
Avatar f tn Started with a fatigue, runny nose, and then progressed to body/muscle aches (lasted 24-36 hours), a one-time fever of about 100.4, followed by continued nasal congestion, sneezing. No sore throat. The fever lasted about a day, then remained roughly in the 99.8-99.5 for three days. Was feeling better within 2-3 days though congestion/runny nose lasted longer.
Avatar m tn The abdomen pains started about a day later my fever started. My usual fevers just have runny nose, light headedness, and sensitivity to light, but this time I have none of those symptoms, just the headache. Should I be worried or is this just another type of fever I'm experiencing for the first time?