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Avatar f tn I had no other symptoms of strep such as sore throat, fever, or headaches. My doctor first gave me erythromyicin for strep believing the rash was possibly due to strep but not sure if it was a delayed allergic reaction due to the amox. The erythromyicin caused me to vomit and the next day my doc switched me to clyndamyicin which didnt cause any terrible side effects for me.With in two days of starting the antibiotics my rash calmed down quickly.
Avatar n tn Hi, With proper antibiotic treatment, the symptoms of scarlet fever should resolve quickly (though the rash can last for up to 2 - 3 weeks before it is fully resolved). he rash usually first appears on the neck and chest, then spreads over the body. It is described as "sandpapery" in quality. The texture of the rash is more important than the appearance in confirming the diagnosis. The rash can last for over a week.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been recently diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. I have been prescribed penicillin for 10 days. I am worried as to how I contracted Scarlet Fever. I recently have started a relationship and am worried that I may have caught this from him. Once you have had Scarlet Fever is it possible to be reinfected? Should I ask my partner to get tested and would there be anymore issues such as STDs that could be transmitted from a person with Scarlet Fever.
Avatar f tn But want to comment in case anyone else researching comes across this. The scarlet fever symptoms and the pink eye is indicative of possible Kawasaki syndrome. Ask your doctors about this possibility. Currently dealing with my sons battle with scarlet fever. Going into the second week...amoxicillin (10 days) seemed to work then on day 9 of treatment rash returned. We started azithromycin (3 days) thinking it developed resistance to penicillin. One dose of azithromycin made a HUGE difference.
Avatar n tn I have had Scarlet Fever for the past few weeks. The rash is now gone but my skin is totally discolored all over my body. Will this go away on its own? I have been using lotion all day long to try to get it to heal faster.
Avatar f tn Hi any help is much appreciated. So 5 days ago I had a fever of about 102 to 103 then at one point the fever stopped right after it stopped I got a rash that started under my armpits and inner thighs and my pelvic where my stomach meets my groin and the back of my knees. So I went to the doc and she diagnosed me with scarlet fever. So she gave me amoxiciila and methylprednisolone.
Avatar f tn Could of he had a high fever and I did notice? Could the fever come and go? Can you have scarlet fever with no fever? How long can you have scarlet fever before it turns into rheumatic fever?
Avatar n tn She gets a fever for 4-5 days, they go up to 104, and she needs to take a teaspoon of tylenol and motrin at the same time just to keep the fever down. when it spikes she vomits. I'm tired of hearing the same answer, I'm starting to worry. Anyone have any suggestions. I am taking her to the doctors on Tuesday and asking for blood work just to be safe.
Avatar f tn My 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with rheumatic fever and rhematic heart disease affecting the mitral valve. My concern is that she didn't seem to have any of the symptoms of rheumatic fever except for migrating swollen joints. She has moderate to severe leakage of the mitral valve that doesn't need corrective surgery at this time and is taking penecillin injections monthly but none of her doctors have ever seen a case of rheumatic fever and no one i know has ever had it either.
Avatar f tn The attacks would present with fever, swollen neck lymph nodes, tight chest/breathing muscles, extreme fatigue, and a “scarlet fever-like” rash primarily on the chest and back. The rash would last a few days and did not seem to spread to the limbs. After the rash would disappear, the other symptoms would continue for weeks. She also experienced mild stomach pain and headaches during the episodes. The episodes were sporadic, with no rhyme or reason to their occurrence.
Avatar n tn Group A Streptococcus is responsible for diseases such as glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever, bacterial endocarditis, and scarlet fever. The ASO level is usually less than 160 Todd units per milliliter. Antibiotics are prescribed for relatively high ASO titers and must be taken along with iron and multivitamin. ASO levels peak at about 4 to 6 weeks after the illness and then taper off. The ASO can be detected for several months after the strep infection has resolved.
Avatar n tn I was doing some research tonight and found out that there is a correlation between rheumatic fever and some of my symptoms. I was never diagnosed with RF, but I WAS diagnosed with Scarlet Fever when I was a child (age 8). I had strep throat so many times between the age of 8 and 20 that it became an annual ritual. When I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with a heart murmur, which apparently went away after I had the baby. That was 20 years ago. I think it is back, with a vengance.
Avatar n tn As a child I had scarletina-which I was told was a milder form of scarlet fever. I also was ever famous for a period of a few years of getting strep throat especially when I was about 11-13years old. I was good until about age 23 had 1 bout again and since then(knock on wood) I have had no other bout with strep. My tonsils are still intact and my heart is fine and I am a mom of 3 now. I'm sure as she gets older she will build up more resistance to these strep infections.
Avatar n tn Symptoms often disappear within just 2 days of the start of treatment. If Kawasaki disease is treated within 10 days of the onset of symptoms, heart problems usually do not develop. Cases that go untreated can lead to more serious complications, such as vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels. This can be particularly dangerous because it can affect the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart.
Avatar f tn This made me think of rheumatic fever, although my pains aren't only in my joints. Doctors brush this off because i'm too old to have it, but i am only 21 ! Also my blood work does not add up with rheumatic fever. No signs of inflammation in 4 different rounds of tests (crp, sedimention rate, complete blood count) starting from about 7 to 10 days after onset of symptoms until now. Also normal ASO (strep antibodies) levels (although 6 to 7 months after onset).
Avatar m tn Is running a fever. Rash is itchy and he has a straigh line rash on his scarlet red feet. No slapped face appearance. Not sure about his immune system had a unusal Staph inection several years ao. Very outdoorsy and not one of the other kids have had symstoms. the other four kids do not show any of these symptons.
Avatar n tn Then she ended up w/influenza symptoms w/in a week after prednisone. On the 4th day of her fever, which ran 5 days 101-103 w/some drop to 99-100. Her hands had started peeling. Now - approx 2 wks after her hand had started peeling, her feet are now peeling. What kind of virus could this be? I heard of something like viramelegia. I cannot spell that and I can't remember for sure exactly how that was pronounced. What do you think?
Avatar n tn My son has had a low grade fever fever EVERY DAY for 1 1/2 yrs (since 4m of age) and spikes every month to 105 for 3-4 days. Urine test is always fine. Blood work shows very high white count but no cause found. We have seen an Infect. Disease dr at Johns Hopkins and they have found nothing. Currently looking into Pediatric Rhum. Arthritis but your post was interesting.
Avatar f tn When I was 6 I got scarlet fever doctors refused to help so my mom pit me in an ice bath my fever got to a high of almost 107 I actually got some brain and nerve damage from it and ever since my natural core temp runs high at a100-101 doctors don't know why it's been 21 years now and I hate the heat I love in vegas too which make it miserable sometimes I sleep on ice packs and run my AC at 68 just so I can stay cool
Avatar n tn 27 years old I have just now been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever but believe this is the second time I have shown symptoms of this. When I was 15 I had the same symptoms as this occurence where I had been sick with something that caused my tongue to peel, as well as my finger tips. At that time I think that I had previously had a strep infection but am not sure as nothing was ever done with this. This was at the beginning of a period where i beccame very ill.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear about all that you're going through. I've done a lot of research on strep, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever and subsequent heart valve damage. My 3 year old got strep four times before she even turned two - a child who otherwise never even got a cold. The fourth time, she progressed into the rash and was diagnosed with scarlet fever. I got very worried, as each time it gets worse. Our doctor said if she gets it again, the tonsils are coming out.
Avatar n tn Sure, some of your symptoms sound like some of those seen with ARS. But you could say the same about a hundred other conditions. Bad sore throat is rarely if ever the main symptom. and on balance, no, your symptoms do not sound like you had ARS. You give a classical story for strep throat with exanthem (scarlet fever). I don't know what your "doing the right thing" comment means. You don't describe anything you did wrong, as far as I can tell.
238668 tn?1232735930 Posted By CCF CARDIO MD - CRC on March 17, 1999 at 09:45:02: In Reply to: rheumatic fever posted by myers-cruz on March 16, 1999 at 14:32:17: My daughter who is a competitive gymnast was diagnosed with "reactive arthritis due to a strep infection." Prior to this she had a dog bite and had been on antibiotics amoxycillin and was near end of that treatment when she apparently contracted a strep infection at school.
Avatar n tn Posted By myers-cruz on March 17, 1999 at 15:44:31: In Reply to: Re: rheumatic fever posted by CCF CARDIO MD - CRC on March 17, 1999 at 09:45:02: My daughter who is a competitive gymnast was diagnosed with "reactive arthritis due to a strep infection." Prior to this she had a dog bite and had been on antibiotics amoxycillin and was near end of that treatment when she apparently contracted a strep infection at school.
Avatar f tn Fever of 101 F (38.3 C) or higher, often with chills Very sore and red throat, sometimes with white or yellowish patches Difficulty swallowing Enlarged glands in the neck (lymph nodes) that are tender to the touch Nausea or vomiting Headache... With the fever 102 I think you need some answers that match so get her checked out again .Let us know how she is doing ..
Avatar n tn When I read your post I thought I had written it, about myself. A picture of me. I had to finally realize my problem was anxiety. I got off all medications except tagament and Xanax. Protonix caused headaches for me. I have been a long time sufferer of anxiety/panic dosorder.
Avatar n tn I won't even bother going over my symptoms because most of them are NOT in keeping with Acute Retroviral Syndrome. However, two days ago, I noticed that I've broken out in a diffuse rash all over my chest, stomach, back and shoulders. The only reason I'm concerned is simply because, "THE RASH" was always the symptom I looked for when I used to live in fear of contracting HIV years ago. I've never had a rash.
Avatar n tn The rash is a blotchy faint scarlet color. I have not had a fever through any of this, except the other day when i got off of work(99.5). I have had diarrhea once, and only recently, although my stool has been green and softer since this started. I am in the process of switching doctors, and in the mean time freaking out. I was tested for HIV again on July 7th, but i know that there are low chances of testing positive during the middle of acute HIV infection.