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Avatar f tn I took her to the doctor who prescribed her Salbutamol cough syrup 3.5 mg 3 times a day saying that she has wheezing. Is it safe? It is not releiving the cough at all, already tried for one and half day. It is about the same.
506981 tn?1223188996 As per doctor's advice I am taking Roxythromycin tablet with benadril cough syrup for the past 10 days.But I couldn't find any improvement.Still I am continuin the dosage. Is it a symptom of Asthma or wheezing? If so, whom I have to consult and what medication I need to take? Kindly advice me in this regard.
Avatar f tn After this from August 2006 almost every month he has to take cough expectorant with salbutamol due to dry cough. In december 2006 the cough did not improve with the cough syrup and he developed low grade fever. Again in Mid january 2007 X ray was taken it showed a similar patch as seen in May 2006. He was now treated with Azythromycin. and 4 hourly salbutamol nebulization,he is on budecort steroid 200mg twice daily since january 26, 2007.
Avatar m tn He gave me antiobitocs, mucinex, allergy meds (As a precaution, he thought it may have been caused by this but I doubt it, never had an allergy in my life), cough syrup and an inhaler. Now this inhaler is a Qvar,40 mcg of beclomethasone. It says take it twice a day. This was prescribed for what I assume to be my shortness of breathe that I was having very very often. I start to experience shortness of breathe about every 4-5 hours after a puff of it.
745619 tn?1232921062 ], but i do still have symptoms, although really mild, if i don't take any Salbutamol. i still don't feel that my asthma is completely in control. basically, i know i have two options at my next appointment--increase my floVent, or if dr. s thinks it's a good idea, add singulair. even though i may have side effects from singulair for awhile, i'm thinking it may be a better bet than increasing my ICS dose--my dad has glaucoma, and ICS's have an increased risk of developing glaucoma.
Avatar f tn I brought him again to another doctor and they gave him guaiafenesin + salbutamol syrup with a dose of 5ml 3x a day. still the cough persisted and then another doctor changed his meds to augmentin 288 with a dose of 5ml twice a day and carbocistine 5ml 3x a day.. after 1 week, the cough only stopped for about 4 days and again started ... i am desperate already. what would be the diagnosis.. what will i give him? thank you.
Avatar f tn and usually my asthma and cough would go away for about a few days. but i noticed after a week of taking cough syrup w/ salbutamol that my coughing is not getting better. so i went to visit my doctor after a few days and by then i was on my second week with cough. she told me that i should focus on treating my asthma so i nebulized on that visit and prescribed me a inhaler. i felt the relief but my cough and breathing is still bad. and started using my inhaler.
Avatar f tn I really need the name of the meds, but in theroy... the Orange one could be Flovent is an inhaled steroid that takes down inflammation, it is NOT a rescue inhaler. This is usually given one in the morning and one at night, every 12 hours, it works for 12 full hours. BLUE inhalers are the ones that open your airway within 5minutes, they are the rescue inhalers.
Avatar f tn I have asthma and I only have attacks when I caught a flu or cold and I usually just drink salbutamol cough syrup and it would go away after a few days. But now I had it for 3 weeks. and the doctor told me to start using an inhaler twice a day. Then I was told to take ventollin expectorant I took it but nothings happening to my cough. Then she prescribed clarithromycin and I took it twice a day for a week. It got better,I had no difficulty in breathing anymore the I rarely cough the whole week.
Avatar n tn She has been diagnosed with a post nasal drip problem in the past which I have to give her cough medicine consisting of Promethazine w/codeine syrup. That is the only thing that helps her. My younger son has been diagnosed w/asthma so maybe there's some connection there. Sci_teacher, did your symptoms start before or after you were diagnsed w/asthma? I am taking my daughter to the pediatricin Nov. 21st and will write when I return, hopefully with some sort of answer.