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Avatar n tn What is the best way to remove plaque from my arteries. I have two partial blockages. One stent installed 3 years ago following a heart attack. I am 76 years.
Avatar m tn These started similar to the ones on my shoulders but after I try squeezing something out of them, they turn almost into the after effects of a scratched mosquito bite...very raw. I just noticed one on the top of my right hand and i did the same squeeze play...why I dont know! lol And now I peeled the dead skin away and its like a thouroughly scratched mosquito bite. Stings to the touch, but not itchy, and is discolored. All I want to know is could it sound like folliculitis???
Avatar f tn this may sound so fat but idk so after work I decided to treat myself to some rasin canes .
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, On Monday (4 days ago) I had protected sex with a girl. To my knowledge she did not have any sores present. Today on my left inner thigh, I noticed a itchy red bump that seems is about the size of a bug bite. Is this potentially herpes? And if it likely isn't what could be causing this bump?
4280010 tn?1352134681 He is a happy healthy 7 year old with no learning problems at all. Hang in there some times things sound horrible but turn out just fine.
Avatar n tn i had to have a d&c only week ago after they found my baby had stopped developing at 8wks, i was 12wks. i am really having a hard time dealing with this loss. everything seems to make me cry, or atleast wanna cry. i have a 4 yr old as well. seeing him makes me saddest, i just imagine what my baby would have been like. everyone says its ok, and we can try again and all that. but i dont feel any better. my baby is dead.
3126707 tn?1344982843 but by luck there was a college that done radiology and i called and asked if i could get a ultra sound and how much it would cost. and i got one for free but had to make an apt. and thats how i found out the gender of mine...
Avatar f tn I have had 3 sexual partners since June 16th. The first one was always with condoms - except for oral sex, which I performed. About two weeks later I hooked up with a girl, but all we did was make out and I fingered her a little bit. Now I have a sexual partner who I know for a fact is clean. About two/three weeks ago I developed a scab on my inner thigh that looked and behaved just like psoriasis, which runs in my family on my father's side, so I dismissed it as that.
Avatar f tn i have a bug bite on my foot that has produced swelling and pain up to my knee. i went to the ER and they have me on Keflex, prednisone, benadryl and 800mg Ibuprofen for pain. However it has been 3 days and my symptoms have gotten worse. the swelling has increased as has the pain, my foot appears slightly black n blue in places and i am extremely worried. i am not 100% positive that it was a Brown Recluse but believe that it was.
Avatar f tn A little background of what happened to my dog Tyson.. He's a 10 year American Bulldog that weighs 120 lbs and complete health and good shape. Out of no where this past Sunday he wasn't acting his usual self in fact he was acting lethargic, not eating (which for him is not normal), laying around. So I went up to him to check for any lumps, sores or anything that could let me know what was causing him to act abnormal. Nothing. No bite marks or anything.
Avatar f tn ( and every time I see a pregnant girl I get sad health class made it sound so damn easy
Avatar f tn Aw I hope you do get to see him good luck
Avatar f tn / makes me sad. I wanted to see how big she would be before hand lol maybe ask your doctor and see....I know some places are different from others.
Avatar f tn Omg!!! I'm praying for you! But it does sound like this was planned !! Don't just sit back and let this happen! Talk to HR.. And get a lawyers advice.. They will talk to you for free!
Avatar f tn ( :( I wanna cry badly
1759359 tn?1322488964 Once I actually had them in my posetion and about to take a bite I suddennly didnt want them any more.... I felt so nauseated of their smell. Took a Test today 7dpo and it was negative. Is this a sign that i could be pregnant and still too early to test? I was craving hot dogs with cole slaw so BAD that i could taste them. So i got me a couple. Once I actually had them in my position and about to take a bite I suddenly didn’t want them anymore.... I felt so nauseated of their smell.
371980 tn?1276740809 Well my friends, i was just woken up by a phone call and of course it was terrible news. Now i am sad and cant fall back asleep. One of my best friends moms just passed away. She died from alcoholism. She has known for years that this disease was killing her as did everyone around her. It just goes to show how with addiction it just totally takes over your life. Your thoughts. Your body.
Avatar f tn Just had my 18th IVF cycle, a 5day FET, which has failed. I got my beautiful 3 yr old on my 17th cycle, but was really hopeful that having had a successful pregnancy, it would somehow be easier for me to fall pregnant again. Feeling very sad. Now I'm 41, I don't think I would have much luck with fresh cycles, and I only have one more frozen embryo to try. Feeling very sad...
Avatar m tn The bite may need to be adjusted again or a referral to a periodontist (gum and bone specialist) to get the area evaluated. Also, try to keep the area clean with brushing and flossing. I'm not sure about cutting the bridge into two pieces right now. Was there any problems with the temporary bridge placed? If not, I don't see why your permanent can't have the same problem free result. Check the bite again.
Avatar m tn it sounds like the sound of cartilage of meat crunching under your teeth, except the sound comes from above my tooth.or kinda like the sound of sand in your teeth. If i bite down hard and make the sound, the next several bites will not produce the same sounds for around one minute. there is no pain associated with it. if any medical professionals read this over and have any feed back i would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn We get home n I see her opening one of the sandwiches n I asked her if she was sure it was hers. She said yes then took a bite. She spits out the bite n says mustard. I got so mad she took a bite from my sandwich :/ lol I find it funny how mad I got. Do yall get this way when it comes to ur food?
Avatar f tn Yesterday when I got back from work I let them out to use the restroom like usual and I noticed Chanel was no longer with us she has very stiff and I noticed a bite mark on her neck.
Avatar f tn I went through something similar . Wait ! They told me I was possibly miscarrying and I waited had my yea sound 2 weeks later and had a strong heartbeat !!
Avatar f tn Just checking in and I had an ultra sound today, I found out what it is...I'm having a GIRL!! lol, I am actually kind of sad cuz I wanted another boy, my first I wanted a girl...but it got reversed some how. OH well though, I do have a name picked out...Analiese Nicole. Or Annaliese Nicole...I'm not sure on which spelling yet, I like the Ana better. But Just thought i'd check in with you all and see how you are doing!!
Avatar f tn Yes you sound like you are allergic to the insect bite. That is probably why initially they didn't recommend antibiotics because it was allergy not infection. However, if it is getting worse you should see your doctor again and/or another doctor as it may have become infected.
1716637 tn?1309969408 Hello, It is very rare for insect bite to persist for so long after bite and the skin thinning to be present even years after the bite. I suggest you that you get it examined from your dermatologist and get a biopsy skin done to confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.