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Avatar n tn I been having problem of small penis and really need help on it. My full grown size is about 9cm and have been very sad with it. All the time i been scare of knowing girls because of this and now i have been trying to use a drug call Maxman for 2 week. Do you think this drug is useful? Or do i have anyway to grow it. I really hope it can grow till 15cm long. Please help me.... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/912359'>Microphallus</a>.
Avatar n tn What is the best way to remove plaque from my arteries. I have two partial blockages. One stent installed 3 years ago following a heart attack. I am 76 years.
1399033 tn?1449587779 Well my fiancé and I were out shopping last night and I came across a little baby shoe made into a keychain. Can I just say how cute that thing was?! Lol....We started talking and thought it'd be cute for the grandparents to have. So for our mothers we thought it would be neat to make them open a box that says to "Memaw" and my mom..."Nana"......
Avatar f tn My friend's fiance put her diamond ring on her keychain and she just happened to see it dangling as she opened the door at the end of her date .....
401095 tn?1351391770 My brother is in town so we all went nieces, my sister, my parents, mydaughter and her hubby and whole family minus a few as the others live out of town also....i was supposed to go to a st paddys day bash but chose to go there/with my family instead...enjoyed...get up to leave and pull out my son-in-law says "Is that a NA keychain" right in front of everyone...I say "No" and walk on....geez...what a bumber!
Avatar f tn Strange occurrence After my operation I was in hospital ten days post surgery and after clearing my bowels of stool it was mainly mucos or water would pass I noticed what looked like a piece of metal it was mybe a cm long and it resembled a keychain on a micro scale I believe flesh was attached to this and I know from a fistula gram that there was a perforation in my large bowel above the stingma i told a junior doc and they told me they phoned about this and told me everything was normal they
750852 tn?1254234267 You will get better advice from those that attend regularly, but i did go for a month. I was terrified my first meeting and was only a day clean. The second I walked in, i felt comfortable and when i got my welcome keychain I got a bunch of hugs. If you cry then cry and if you don't want to say anything, you can just listen. There will probably be some other young people there too and finding those that you can relate to and WANT to be clean will do you good.
Avatar n tn Me too, I have the same problem. I’m also looking for answer to what cause penis retraction in adult male. I am healthy 34, slim and fit. My penis retracts into my public bone when I am sitting or walking. It felt very uncomfortable when walk, because it pull the foreskin inward. Is there any treatment for this condition?
1292648 tn?1303158253 I pincht my finger from sombody elses keys, ther was like pin on keychain and it pickt my finger it was not bleading but when I scquesd my finger it was,I have chronic hbv and I am realy woried.
Avatar f tn At least in the US, there are a bunch of different styles and they attach to your keychain. Many have a stylus tip that allows you to use ATMs, keypads, etc., without touching as well. Counseling can also help.
Avatar f tn I felt so proud getting my keychain. Plus, you will see that there are people just like you and recovering addicts seem to really care about your sobriety. Imodium is great and essential (in my experience).
Avatar f tn I got my SO/daughter...daddy/daughter keychain and necklace set. The keychain(for him) says "theres this girl who stole my heart and she calls me daddy"and the necklace is a heart(for our daughter for when she's older) that says " daddy's girl" and the necklace fits inside the heart that's on the key chain :) can't wait to give it to him.
Avatar m tn i went to N/A meetings back in the fall for 3 weeks, but then relapsed and felt so stupid and guilty i never returned. well tomorrow will be my 3 months clean and i feel the need to go. this may sound stupid, but i want that 3 month keychain so bad, it's almost like a trophy to me. i think im more afraid to go tomorrow then i was the first time, but i can't let fear hold me back. anyone that has been to N/A can maybe answer this.
1238954 tn?1268111225 s a beautiful necklace or keychain with an integrated usb drive on which I can place all of my medications, doctors information, diagnoses, surgeries, MRI's etc. It also translates into several languages. It is really a great way to keep all my information without having to carry a file box with me.
4332997 tn?1358728615 What about a pen and keychain set engraved with To Godfather, Love Baby, only insread of baby put his/her name
2202853 tn?1347652451 Diaper bags are hideous. And the somewhat pretty ones are like over $100. Sad, you'd think by now they'd start making them look better...
647273 tn?1292091141 What kind of underlying cause was treated are you go through. I want to know too.
Avatar f tn When I was 14 I was in a school bus wreck and was slammed into trombone case and the back issues started again. Since it was a school bus wreck my mom saw $ and took me to the chiropractor. I found out at that time my sacrum was non existent! Also found out that one leg is longer than the other by an inch and I have extra lumbar and thoracic vertebrae. Again, thanks for the comments and have a wonderful day!
Avatar m tn Strange as it sounds, some men prefer to modify tuba or trombone mouthpieces and fasten them over the glans with tape, stretching skin from the base of the penis over the outside of the mouthpiece." There is really no medical consensus on the safety of stretching penile tissue, or whether it actually enhances sexual pleasure. I hope you find this information useful. Also check out the URL I have given below.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have multifaceted issues I'm dealing with, but my question is very specific. I became pregnant at age 27, had just begun Methadone maintenance, and they kept upping my dose for fear that the baby would spontaneously abort if I had withdrawal symptoms. After she was born, they used tiny amounts of Morphine until she was ready to come home. She is a thriving 13 year old with straight a's, plays the trombone, and very well adjusted.