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Avatar m tn hey can i download your song or album somwhere,yeah that songs really well done,..very nice and your new singer is really good reminds me a bit of the singer from dream theater james la brie,ummm....actually your singers better.rock on brother!!riki out.
362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
518031 tn?1295575374 Glenn Miller: Moonlight Serenade Maynard Ferguson: Invitation
Avatar f tn com shes got a mix of old and new,,,free for the next two days download it and a pretty printed cover looks like a store bought one too many famous names to mention.
585414 tn?1288941302 s mainly because people download music as there are a variety of legal download sites on the internet. But some people still buy cd's for sound quality. And there are a few people who buy vinyl lps. I'll put cassettes in to be fair minded but I don't think most people buy them any more. And some people download music and buy the occasional cd which is the category I fall in. How do you listen to music (besides the radio)?
10678677 tn?1413254266 haha okay so i download baby music on pandora...and the song "let it be" by the beatles was a lullaby so justbthe music not lyrics baby started moving!!
374251 tn?1246235657 PAIN....
Avatar n tn nako.. e may boyfriend pa naman ako ngaun.. natatakot ako baka maging reactive din xa.. hindi ko alam pano ko sasabihin sakanya.. ate hindi ka po nag tetake any meds? kailangan ko daw po ng matamis like candies? pero wag daw maanghang totoo po ba un?
Avatar n tn Wag ka mag alala may gamot na yan ngayon sa manila sakay ka LRT BABA KA NG CARRIEDO STATION LAKAD KA HANNGANG SIMBAHAN SA STA CRUZ... MAKIKITA MO ANG M.I.T BULIDING KULAY ASUL PUNTA KA TANONG KA SA GUARD SAAN ANG K.R.G may free siminar jan at mabisang altenAtive medicine....
1156346 tn?1294166094 m gonna download it onto my ipod. Come on people I got some Itune gift cards I need more songs. I gonna do a bmdad thing here. I want 9 more songs I can download to keep my arse clean I need to relate with you guys and girlys here to help with the recovery. 1.
392430 tn?1382904781 t know if any of you would be interested but there is an offer from Picaboo for a free 20 page photobook, you only pay shipping. I ordered mine and it should be here by next week. The one I did is Phin's First Year. It looks awesone and we can't wait to get it in. They are usually 29.99 but with this offer all I paid was shipping of 8.99! There is the link.
Avatar m tn I am not an avid listener as the only Country Music I have really paid any attention to is Randy Travis a bit so I am going to try something new to pass my time while going through this any suggestions on what to listen to I would appreciate. Just let me know what you think and I will download it and listen. Who knows I might have to go buy a ten gallon hat and a pair of cowboyboots.
4411499 tn?1356051765 Aint u got any songs that remind u of sad things?
Avatar f tn sabi nia sakin, kc hindi kita naalagaan ng mabuti, tumawa lng ako, at sinabi ko, walang may gusto nito.. hindi to ibibigay sakin kung hindi ko ito kaya.. (pero deep in side takot na takot ako) lihim akong ng research kung may luns pa.. madaming lumabas na pweding lunas pero hindi ko kinaya ang presyo lalo na kung taon ang usapan. shoulder ko kc family ko. 2 lng kmi naka graduate saming magkakapatid. kinausap ko ang bf ko.
957301 tn?1257690688 Today starts day 9 without opiates and so far so good. Not sure what made this time different, but at this point last time I quit I was so emotional; I figured that it was because I had numbed my emotions for so long with the pills that they were all catching up with me. Maybe I'm just lucky or finally found an anti-depressant/supplement mix that works well for me. Kind of dreaded yesterday, cuz it was payday & that would create opportunity.
4902332 tn?1360761227 So ive recently started crying over everything! Movies, Songs, Seeing family. . Everything lol. If I'm talking to my partner and he gives me good or bad news I break down into tears . I just can't control myself lol.
Avatar m tn Mostly satin bitter na sa life hindi makamove on lalo na sa mga nakatapos ng pagaaral na hindi namn mayaman..hindi namn tayo tamad ginagawa nila tyong tamad..kung pinanganak tyo mayaman wala problema pwede magnegosyo pero pano kung wala pang negosyo?anu gagawin natin para magkapera?sa buhay survival lang namn ang labanan.. Kung may kakandidato na lalaban para satin this coming eleksyon surely iboboto ko.. Siguro namn may nakakabasa ng mga to na matataas na tao..
Avatar f tn s father to wipe my iPod clean and let me download some Mozart and Taylor Davis and a few songs from my favorite shows and Disney movies so I can just plug it up and let it go (lol) My only concern is that the belly buds seem expensive (>~<)
Avatar f tn Have u girls heard songs that you can dedicate to your baby?...I was hearing some n thought I'd share some with you girls...whenever I'm having a bad day listening to these songs help me..makes me think of my future with my son who is due march are a few ill post more as I hear them...
965878 tn?1247559129 I will do guide relaxation...if you have an ipod you can download podcast from itunes that are free...this is also great if you are having trouble sleeping...