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Avatar f tn On the way home from violin lessons, my son had the biggest tantrum about the fact that his violin teacher gave him homework over summer vacation when he wanted a home work free summer. He is still upset about it today that he expected a summer break that would go 100% right, and his summer plans didn't go exactly right. Do you think I should make it up to him? Please Help.
Avatar f tn The doc said my baby should start hearing soon, and I want to introduce my baby to some wonderful classical and instrumental music, but all I have at home is a few pairs of earbuds and one pair of studio-esq headphones that cover your ears. Do any of you moms already, know anything about headphones that are safe for the baby so I don't accidentally deafen my child before their born?
392430 tn?1382904781 t know if any of you would be interested but there is an offer from Picaboo for a free 20 page photobook, you only pay shipping. I ordered mine and it should be here by next week. The one I did is Phin's First Year. It looks awesone and we can't wait to get it in. They are usually 29.99 but with this offer all I paid was shipping of 8.99! There is the link.
965878 tn?1247559129 I will do guide relaxation...if you have an ipod you can download podcast from itunes that are free...this is also great if you are having trouble sleeping...
Avatar f tn since she doesnt communicate well I am always lookin for facial expressions . I notice that she will get sad all of a sudden for no apparent reason . I feel sometimes like a failure and I think I might not be doing something right like all of this is my fault. I just wish I can understand better! seeing her like that really breaks my heart.
172023 tn?1334672284 i would probably be willing to do the survey, but in order to do that a download has to take place. I tend to be distrustful of anything I need to download that I am not familiar with, so would prefer not to do it. How do we make it stop?
Avatar f tn She was on Oprah today, and if you go to Oprah dot com before 5pm tomorrow, you can download this book for free! It is such a good book, and all you stay at home moms without jobs (like me) need to download it. It is 24.95 on shelf, but Oprah views get it free.
647754 tn?1270036911 Just wondeing if anyone has ever heard of OpenOffice and its printing capabilities.........if so, how does it work.......looking for a free printing program because I can not afford a update of my Lexmark right now.............any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....
Avatar f tn I can't wait to try this!
Avatar f tn Target baby regisrary i got a free diaper with a packet of wipes from pampers n packet of wipes from honest company, a latch baby bottle, mam binkki and a bunch of coupons
648910 tn?1290663083 // What I like about this program is you can set reminders to appear on your comp screen. The lite version is what I have. There is also a vueminder pro you can upgrade to. They have a free 30 day trail for the Pro version and if you decide not to purchase it you can go back to the Lite version without losing any data. I just thought I would share as I have found these to be very useful and I am all about making my life easier.
Avatar m tn There is still a small amount of pain, but I am very aware of how much strength I am losing in my finger. I am due to start a Masters in university playing violin in 5 weeks so need to start rehabilitation of the finger as soon as possible, but don't want to further injure the finger.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of any great prenatal workout apps that I can download? I want to find something that has daily/weekly workout plans.
770551 tn?1305578901 s and they have a lot of free Kindle books that you can download into the Kindle app. I just got it today, so I have no idea if I can print just a portion of any of these books, but they have a lot of the old classics, including books for children.
Avatar f tn Extraordinary Measures. It might sound like a sad movie, but it is based on a true story and the ending is very good (not sad). It's actually a very inspirational type of movie. It enlightened me a little bit about how much behind the scenes BS goes on when we're hoping and waiting for a drug to be FDA approved!
Avatar m tn So give it a few more days and try. You can download the app as well, it was free. Just put in the first day of your last period and it will give you an estimated time to test.
Avatar m tn I think you are talking about those cords which can occur if one or more lymph nodes were removed. These are scar tissue, or more specifically, fibroid lymphatic vessels. i have been asking a lot of questions and this is the best answer I have received. curiously, it appears that this never used to be a problem in the past much but is a fairly new development. The worst case my PT has ever seen was in a woman who only had one lymph node removed. I have it as well and these come and go.
338416 tn?1420045702 This has been driving me crazy. Every time I listen to music on the headphones, I start sobbing. It's usually something with somebody singing, rather than instrumental music. Really annoying, because it means that I have to pick my music carefully so I won't be embarrassed. And I do mean sobbing - my stomach muscles start to bob, and my breath catches like I'm working up to a good cry. My eyes well up with tears, and I have to really fight to keep them in my eyes.