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Avatar f tn I cant remember if my daughters pediatrician gave her the rotavirus vaccine before we left Michigan..She is now 2months old and when we went to get her 2 months shot done, they gave her the rotavirus vaccine orally, here in mexico..Will she be sick or anything?
Avatar f tn Need information about pnemonia & Rotavirus side effects. Are side effects common and be curable?
458072 tn?1291415186 federal health authorities recommended … that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the U.S. against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus,” CNN reports. The Rotarix vaccine, which is made by GlaxoSmithKline and was approved by the FDA in 2008, has already been given to about 1 million U.S. children along with 30 million worldwide. The vaccine was found to contain DNA from porcine circovirus 1.
Avatar m tn At 2 months she was to get dtap and rotavirus. The dtap vaccine that was requested was daptacel and I asked to double check. A couple days later it was realized that the pediarix combo vaccine (dtap, polio, and hep b) was given instead. I don't want to keep giving the combo and would rather give the daptacel. Do I continue on with dtap schedule using different brand or do I need to start over?
8101930 tn?1420001456 My son is 2 months and just received his first shots yesterday including the rotavirus vaccine. I noticed that after his shots and today he has been pooping yellow colored like normal but it is very chunky. He is exclusively breast fed and always has a little bit of a seedy stool but this is very chunky. I'm Just curious if anyone knows if this is normal or not. Could it be from the rotavirus vaccine because they do ingest it. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My 3 month old son has been having 9-10 green mucousy stools per day since he received his 2nd dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, Rotateq. It has been 10 days with no improvement. He is in a lot of pain before and during a bowel movement. Other than that, he seems perfectly fine. Is this a common side effect of the vaccine? How long will this last? What can I do to help him get better?
223520 tn?1221440283 So that was the first thing that got me upset. Then the nurse comes in and gets ready to give my son the rotavirus vaccine. I was like he has never had it. She proceeds to give it to him!! I was like um, can you ask the dr. about it? She was like fine. So he comes in and was like Im soo sorry!! I was like OMG! WHAT?! He was like we should have never given him the rotavirus vaccine, since he has never had it. He was like I assumed he had it before. I am freaking out!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, I read that rotarix first dose should be administered between 6 and 14 weeks. I also read that the first dose of rotavirus vaccines should not be administered later than 15 weeks. My question now is, should i continue he vaccine on September 4 or should i just skip the vaccine altogether since my son is already more than 15 week old? thank you.
Avatar f tn chicken pox) are being mixed into the MMR vaccine. I did not know what the rotavirus vaccine was for, and with many vaccines (i.e. the flu shot) I disagree with them because I believe the body needs to be able to build up those antibodies on its own. So, I want to keep a better eye on what he is getting and if one or two had been sneaked in, the opportunity to stop it.
Avatar f tn Same here... just so curious .
Avatar f tn So I have my baby already but I am begging you all do research on vaccines before your baby arrives. I have my 8 week old girl and she just got her first set of shots and she's very sick after them she's been crying like never before her eyes are in so much pain her body gets so stiff. She has pooped at least 2 times every day since birth now she hasn't pooped since the vaccine it's been 4 days!!!!
Avatar m tn There is no safe vaccine. Depending on where you live, you can have a religious, philosophical or medical exemption. Do your homework, you do NOT have to get your child vaccinated. http://www.thinktwice.
220217 tn?1209679677 My dd got (at her 2 mth) -- 2nd Hep B, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV and Rotavirus (this one was an oral vaccine, so 5(!) shots and one oral). Some of these are available as combo vaccines (have to check which ones), but my ped said the manufacturer ran out so they did not have them. Good luck!
Avatar n tn (name of clinic and doctor) Does he also have the Rotavirus vaccine? What do you think about how the vaccines are preserved? (electricity outages, etc.) What is the cost? Also, what do you think about going to the public hospital for some of the vaccines? (Pentavalente: diptheria, pertussis, etc.) We are in Jarabacoa, thank you so much for your help!!
Avatar m tn Rotavirus infection is the number one cause of severe viral gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhea) in the world. Primary rotavirus infection is particularly common in children 6 months to 2 years of age.
Avatar n tn Hi, I got the HPV Vaccine, and later preformed oral on a girl who apparently had to be scraped because of cancerous cells on her cervix. A few months went by and I preformed oral on another girl. My concern is could I have become a carrier and affected the second girl even though I have had the vaccine?
Avatar f tn My daughter is 3 months and on prosobee. I told the doctor about her spitting up and she gave my little girl acid reflux meds. It's reduced the spit up tremendously.
Avatar m tn My baby boy received the first and only dose of rotarix last friday(20/02/2009). He is having reddish rashes over his face and from today morning he had slight fever of 99 degrees F. In India immunisation schedule does not include Rotavirus & Pneumococcal. But due to doctor's insistence we agreed to give him the doses, although lately. Doctor is asking to give him one more Pneumocoaccal after baby attains 12 months age. My query is what is the reason behind this allergic reaction?
Avatar n tn My daughter had rotavirus when she was very little (6 months)...which in all honesty REALLY ticked me off as she had had ALL 3 oral vaccinations against this. She was hospitalized for 4 days...and wouldn't really take any formula. When the doctor finally released her all she would take was 2 or 3 oz of pedialyte at a time. Apparently, as long as you keep them hydrated it should be fine! Atleast thats what the doctor advised me to do! Hope this helps.
1878545 tn?1348937282 ( 1. Is hepatitis B transmitted through oral sex, in my case, performing fellatio on a man, who is bisexual, and ejaculated in me. 2. I have medical records show that I was given the hepatitis vaccine when i was born, but recently i did a blood test it shows my antibody was non-reactive, so am I still immunitized? 3. I took a hepatitis B test on HbsAg and HbsAb 4 weeks after my exposure (fellatio) and both were negative. Is it reliable to say I am negative for Hepatitis B?
Avatar n tn oral typhoid vaccine is given over the course of a week so can you give another live vaccine during that interim? say you started oral typhoid and on day 5 you want to get a yellow fever vaccine, would your body build immunity to the yellow fever?
889551 tn?1416184483 Thanks! They only gave us those papers the one time and I lost them when we moved (Seems like I lost a lot of things. lol). Anyways at birth she weighed 7lbs and she was having issues getting up to her ideal weight due to her severe reflux and milk intollerance. We FINALLY got that cleared up and at her appt I thought the nurse said she weighed 13lbs 2oz, but the dr said 13lbs 6oz. It's just a 4oz difference so I'm not too concernced with it.