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Avatar f tn was on adderall for 4 months 10 mg a day and now have switched to ritalin (its a long story) and 5mg not enough so i went up to another 5 a day. Seems to help but i feel abit impatient, given to impatience and easily annoyed lately is anyone experiencing these as sdie effects? I also take celexa and wellbutrin for depression and adderal was introduced because i was becoming depressed again feeling unmotivated and frankly lethargic....i worry i am doing a "bad" thing to my head....
Avatar f tn Problem is im scared she dunno whats best to switch me to or if she should switch me to something and then still provide me with a single dose of adderall? What works best for y'all if you've grown tolerant to adderall? Also ive taken the adderall XR 30 mg and didnt really benefit from that alone. Suggestions please?
Avatar n tn at night when the Adderall wears off....and prior to Adderall (and still but to a lesser degree) I had terrible sleep problems...the typical "can't shut my brain off" kind of nights. I can also relate on how the school records change, and not wanting to risk that. That being said... Medications work best when they are taken as prescribed...in this I'm referring not only to your Adderall, but also to the Clonazapam...the ups and downs from the meds can be really hard on the system.
Avatar n tn So anyways, i got a threapist. Told me to go to the doctors. I have a ghandi doctor( no offense to anyone) but is complete **** compared to american doctors, and i have NO CHOICE in doctor because of my state insurance right now. He started me off on 5mg. Only 2 days i truly felt the effect.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you're super excited that you've found a medication in which you're feeling no desire to drink,I never tried adderall or Ritalin,but when I smoked meth I never felt like drinking either,you've already decided that this drug is right for you,deep down you know the outcome of this,you're clearly trying to justify this in your head, You feel secure because your name is on the bottle,you've already began taking more than you're supposed to daily,that's beside the point ,that's to be
Avatar f tn She has an appt with her doctor next week to evaluate how she is doing on the Adderall. She is going to make it sound like it's the best thing that has happened to her. Are we wrong to be worried?
Avatar n tn Every kid reacts differently to different medications. One of my sons cannot take Ritalin in any form. He has tried Concerta (caused extreme anxiety), Strattera (no effect) and Focalin (Zombie). he is now doing wonderfully on Adderall XR. His brother has been on Focalin XR for 2 years and does well on it. Neither has any side effects.
172715 tn?1285498090 To me Ritalin is a fantastic antidepressant and an augment to taking other more basic antidepressants, such as SSRIs, Effexor, Cymbalta, etc. It seems to work quickly and improves your happiness profile and state of mind, makes you clearer thinking, provides more energy. My problem is there is no way that my doctor in this small town would ever consider it, so I have to order it from foreign pharmacies and it gets a bit expensive.
Avatar n tn Later that evening, he confessed to his parents that he was abusing the adderall, taking several pills a day, because he liked the way it made him feel--organized, energetic, invincible. He had even sold his Adderall at times. He also compared it to coke, saying that he had done a few lines a few weeks ago, and that it was nothing compared to the high he got from the Adderall. That scares the **** out of me! Nothing happened then for a few weeks, until finally, he called out of the blue.
Avatar m tn Im going to flush the ritalin now. I am ashamed to admit this, yet have read online that snorting them give you "instant energy." It took restraint to not do just that. Im not even sure why she gave them to me. As I said, she has been a pharmisist for 13 years now. Ive know her almost a year, and she has never mentioned pills. One day she asked if I know anyone who likes pills? I said, yes. I was thinking....SCORE!!!
Avatar f tn Welcome to the board!! I don't know about adderall but I am sure someone will be on to help you. I think most are out doing errands etc. Please be patient and someone will get back to you.
Avatar m tn According to my DR I should be on it for at least 6 months then he is going to taper me off of it.. That doesnt sound right to anyone? I take the Ritalin daily. I also know that Ritalin is addictive. I dont want to get hooked on that, of course. I have really narrowed down my scripts, and with your responses Im going to go to another Doctor for a second opinion. I kept telling myself that everything he was writing was correct..
Avatar n tn _ Carrie, Adderall is a combination of 4 amphetamine compounds, often reserved for second line treatment of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), when Ritalin is not effective. It generally stays active in the body for about 12 hours, compared to 4-6 hours for Ritalin. Late evening doses should be avoided because of possible insomnia as a side effect. It is important that you discuss any change in your treatment plan with your doctor. This response is for general information only.
Avatar n tn his academics were falling and he was now two grades beind his fellow students which caused him to fight and be rude and care less whether he was doing well because he felt that he was stupid compared to the other children once I gave into my feelings about the meds and thought about his being left behind in school I made the decision to medicate him and now he is progressing well and he is now making friends I hope the best for you and your family.....
Avatar n tn but since we are not talking about stuff that's not available or not legal then why would there be a reason for this combination of therapy to be withheld. (I do know they give out Ritalin and Adderall like candy )so what would be a reason... other than medical disagreement on the effectiveness or ignorance of the biochemical actions of these drugs.... to not use the drugs you mention ?
Avatar m tn Both do take a while to take effect (compared to a stimulant). If you google them, you will be able to see lots of anecdotal posts on how it worked for that poster or their children. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Following the popularity regarding prescriptions similar to Adderall along with Ritalin escalate everybody was looking for these. Most of these drugs are considered “cheater drugs" utilised commonly by means of university students. The disadvantage for you to these drugs will be they are difficult to get and may get away from users experiencing various bad unwanted effects. Not being able to concentration will be additional of an difficulty as compared to men and women recognize.
Avatar m tn By that I mean something that would help your neurons fire more quickly. Such as Adderall, Focalin, Ritalin... etc. Any sort of ADD inattentive medication. Good luck with your life. I hope things go well.
Avatar n tn I also had acne issues. I decided to stop taking Adderall. I stopped taking adderall for a two months and the acne went away. The craving for cigs went away...but I needed meds for my adhd! So recently my psych had me try focaline...ugh! I hate it! blurry vision, depression, zombie feeling, pain in my stomach. I have stopped taking it. Have you had acne issues with adderall? Maybe I was on just too high of a dose. What is your dose for adderall?
374262 tn?1215201805 I must be allergic. I pray to God everyday to take this sickness away! Please God, I say, If u help me I will not take anything else again. I guess I let him down because at times I ave been clean but fell back into the routine. I know I can beat it. I just want to stop hurting. I asked the doc. about Fibromyalgia and he said that there was no such thing. I was like, as many people as I know and as much pain as I live with there has got to be a reason. I think he is a quack.
Avatar f tn Now being prescribed ritalin i dont take the suboxone bc i dont want it to die down the ritalin effects. I used my month prescription in a week. Now, i buy adderall and snort that. Snorting makes me feel normal, just ok. But still, im wanting more. I remember a time when i was just happy being happy. I miss it so much, looking at pictures of myself before my addiction i was healthy, tan, and weighed more.
511524 tn?1266353534 Most 12 step programs are designed to lead you to God. Of yourself you are a puff in the wind compared to the power of drugs. To me its amazing how easy it is to get any drug you want these days. Do you know what the number one selling drug was last year? Hydrocodone. No other drug was even close. We live in a Godless society, people are being eaten up. I say this to remind myself of this also.
Avatar f tn Or how the meds work on someone with ADD as compared to a person without ADD? If so more info is needed. First everybody reacts a little bit differently to the meds. But there are a variety of meds out there in both the stimulant and non stimulant form and they all do things a bit differently. I can give you a site that covers all of them, but its kind of technical. So if you can be a bit more specific, perhaps I can direct you to a place with the info you want.
Avatar n tn ok kind of similar. i don't know what to tell u at this point. i can't even talk to my "friends". what do u want to do to keep u from dumping the whole prescription in your mouth.
Avatar f tn This is from the book "Talking back to Ritalin" by Peter Breggin .. QUOTE Several million children are being treated with Ritalin and other stimulants on the grounds that they have attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and suffer from inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity.
Avatar f tn College students buy and sell it illegally, as they do Ritalin and Adderall, to stay alert while studying. Several scientists recently wrote in the journal Nature that healthy people should have the right to boost their brains with pills like Provigil. One author of that commentary, brain scientist Martha Farah of the University of Pennsylvania, said the new study "goes to show that we need a little caution and a little humility when we're messing around with our brain chemistry.
Avatar n tn He says he likes his psychiatrist, that she's nice and listens to him. I guess compared to the first psych he saw, who basically just asked him what meds he though he should be on and then prescribed them, she must seem a lot better. Personally, I think she's being incredibly irresponsible with his health.
Avatar f tn My overall question: Are young adults with ADHD also immature compared to their peers? I have read about kids being a few years behind in maturity, but not really about young adults or even older adults. I am 23 and was diagnosed with ADHD at 19 after going to a large university away from home and not being able to handle the freedom of time, class demands, partying, etc. I have graduated now after changing my major a zillion times and still have no idea what I want to do.
Avatar n tn hi every1...! i am 14/15 and have been been told by " some " doctor that i have a case of adhd... my mum seams extreamly willing to put me on ritalin<<<? what is it and whats it side-affects and plz can some1 give me addvice on why i should go on it and whats bad about it......becuz what i have been told it feels to me as if i`ll lose something of my self?????