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1985196 tn?1402193698 hello , yes i'm comming off the Seroquel completely but i'm monitoring it very carefully , so if i start to go down hill i can go back to the amount i was on , and Lamictal was on the cards if the Lithium does'nt work for me , but like you mentioned i haven't been on it long so it might take some time to work , i'm just happy i'm functional again because i've be housebound for like a month and not real well for 3 months or so , so it's great to be productive again and social , i can get back to
1260240 tn?1336081048 Prozac is a medication commonly used to treat anxiety whereas risperidone is an antipsychotic that is used to treat irritability and behavior problems in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders. The best that I can tell you is that the medication may help. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a psychiatrist that you work well with and who is responsive to your needs.
Avatar n tn I need to know how concerned I should be about him having elevated prolactin levels. My son is 7 years old and has autistic disorder. He is in the 2nd grade. He is very verbal and has never had a verbal delay as a baby. His main issues now with that is social language. He functions academically a year behind his peers due to a major crisis in Dec.2002.
Avatar m tn Hi, I've been diagnosed with a debilitating case of mixed anxiety/depression disorder. My psychiatrist had initially prescribed risperidone 0.5mg (off-label use as anxiolytic) and Prozac. However, after using this combo for a month, my panic attacks have worsened, and I actually have to use Clonazepam SOS for severe attacks. My psychiatrist has now asked me to start on Zyprexa 2.5mg and Sertraline 50mg. My questions are: 1.
Avatar n tn How long before Paxil Cr is out of my system, and Prozac is at it's potential? Is prozac a good med for my anxiety? How long for the withdraw effects to pass? Doctor, you and this sight is such a blessing to me, thank you.
Avatar f tn My best friend had a childhood history of epilepsy and her doctor has prescribed her 1mg of Risperidone taken twice a day, 125mg. Divalproex taken twice a day, and 100mg of Seroquel. She hasn't had a seizure since 1994 which is over twenty years. During her childhood she was on medications such a Risperdal, Prozac, Zoloft, and Tegretol for her seizures.
Avatar f tn I take 40mg of fluoxetine/Prozac and being an antidepressant I hear it makes mania in bipolar disorder much worse. I am currently being assessed for bipolar disorder but after starting on the antidepressant for a few months now I haven't noticed a significant change in mania symptoms whilst taking it compared to when I took no medication. Is it possible to have bipolar but not having worsened symptoms due to antidepressants?
Avatar n tn I have been dizzy for the better part of a month and a half now (with a little reprieve in there between when I started the prozac and started the risperdal) and I almost cannot bear it anymore. It is effecting my life in EVERY WAY! I can't even drive...I can barely walk down to the bus stop to pick up my daughter for fear of keeling over on the way there...and it is only 5 houses away! These drugs are soooo powerful and the doctors just prescribe them without knowing anything about me.
2067929 tn?1331245354 My 7 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and possibly PDD or Aspergers. We are currently managing him on Concerta, methylphenidate (short acting), risperidone and Prozac. There's a very fine balance and if they are not in synch we see behavior issues. Now, at school he's great because he's in a program that's more like a boot camp but he's done SO well since being put in it. But....at afterschool program we see hitting and kicking etc.
Avatar n tn Taking Risperidal/Risperidone to augment my Prozac which seems to help. Started on .5mg of it and planning on staying on that low of a dose. My body is responding well. One thing is I'm TERRIFIED of weight gain. I am 2 years totally free of my eating disorder. Anyone not gain weight on this drug?
Avatar n tn Several controlled studies indicate low doses of antipsychotics like risperidone or olanzapine may help alleviate obsessive thoughts, body complaints, and dissociative experiences. Antidepressants, such as Serzone, may diminish impulsive and mood symptoms. Some individuals may respond to one antidepressant, and not another, so your doctor may discuss various treatment options with you. Psychotherapy can be useful to manage crises as well as the development of long term coping mechanisms.
Avatar f tn I noticed since I started taking the lexapro, I have gained about 10 pounds and it seems to be all in my belly, I have never had problems with weight before, I was the type of person who didn't exercise and never gained weight. Now I exercise and eat very little and still gain weight. I want to withdraw from this medication before it gets out of hand, when I start tapering and withdrawing I get extreme panic symptoms, so i don't know what to do, I feel stuck.
Avatar n tn He also has violent mood swings. He has tried Risperidone and he is now on Prozac along with the Risperidone. Tell me, will he be on Prozac for the rest of his life, if he does not side-effect from this med? If this curbs his anxiety and helps his violent side, will he need this forever? Does behavior management training eventually take the place of this med, or because my son is extreme, will he need this as well as the training?
Avatar m tn I had tons of side effects and didn’t feel much better. I had awful fatigue. I tried more meds and doctors and therapists. Over the years I was on Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Luvox, amphetamine salts, Prozac, Lamictal, Risperidone, Xanax, Adderall and Ativan. I was diagnosed (by diff docs) as OCD, ADHD, BIPOLAR2, DYSTHMIA AND GAD My Father, Uncle and a friend died within 6 months of each other. I didn’t cry. I just felt numb (meds?) I started to see a NP who helped a friend of mine. She was very nice.
Avatar n tn He is on Prozac, Adderall, and Risperidone. He has been sleeping WAY TOO MUCH and it is really beginning to scare me. I feel like he is dying, please help!
Avatar n tn He is 10 and on Concerta 54 mg (for last almost 3 years) and Zoloft 100 mg and Intuniv 2 mg and recently Risperdal 0.25 mg every am and 0.5 mg q pm. The neurologist wanted to add another med Abilify on board as he was still having some outburst behavior. I find this troubling that he wants my child on 5 psychoactive meds. we sought a second opinion from a psychiatrist that our son's therapist recommended.
Avatar m tn He put me on Risperidone and Prozac. Prozac did not work, and I have no idea what Risperidone did, but now I have full-fledged panic attacks! 2. As for benzos, my new shrink has asked me to take 0.5mg Clonazepam for acute anxiety attacks, but only as a stop-gap measure, until the Zoloft kicks in. However, the Zyprexa has also been prescribed, and I'm very reluctant to take it. Hope this answers all your questions.
1611340 tn?1298262863 In December of 2009 I was prescribed Prozac and took it for about 6 months. However, for the first time ever, I started to have these strange obsessions with killing myselg, particularly from heights. I never really feared heights, up until one moment where I was standing on the ledge of a building and was gripped with the morbid reality that I could easily jump if I wanted to. I guess that shook me to my core, and ever since I have had a strangely crippling fear of heights.
Avatar f tn My 57 year old husband has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The psychopharmacologist added Lithium to the Prozac that he was already taking. He has been on this combo for almost 1 month and feels lousy everyday. Says he is "fuzzy", tired, sweaty and anxious. Spends entire days in bed which is not like him at all. Can anyone give me their personal feedback about Lithium side effects?
1580318 tn?1492443745 But popular antipsychotic drugs like Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate), Abilify (aripiprazole), Risperdal (risperidone), and Zyprexa (olanzapine) have been shown to increase blood sugar levels, elevate lipid and cholesterol levels, and promote weight gain.
Avatar m tn i searched the net and found out that the following will help anger problems risperidone lithium carbonate haloperidol can you please talk with a psychiatrist and ask how these should be given?
1260240 tn?1336081048 e hits his head, and is extremely slow in all ways, has stopped speaking for the last few months, and has no motivation at all. The psychiatrist prescribed risperidone and prozac which have helped with the aggression, as there was a time when Glen was hitting out at people around him. The assessment would last for 12 weeks, its an inpatient assessment in Northumberland. Glen would come home after 6 weeks for the weekend to see how he copes at home again.
1787135 tn?1315012183 After that, I was put on several medications (at different times, of course), which included Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Celexa, Zoloft, and Prozac. None of these seemed to have any lasting effect. At 18, I was hospitalized and diagnosed bipolar. I have always experienced extreme highs and lows consistent with bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety. Over the last year is where things have gotten worse. My "normal" mood is either anger or depression.
Avatar f tn Lamictal Trileptal Seroquel Trazadone Risperidone Topamas Wellbutrin Prozac Zoloft Lithium You can get this balanced out it is just going to be difficult. I am doing so much better now than ever even with the recent slip up I am so proud of myself it is crazy. Like I said I have been on almost every bipolar med that you can be on the above is all I can remember taking for a while and I have only been diagnosed since 2011 so I am hoping they have the right combination this time.
1235186 tn?1339127464 Prozac Wellbutrin Zoloft Lamictal Trileptal Lithium Risperidone Topamax Trazadone Seroquil Anyway the side effects of the Lamictal are scary and I understand but I would hate for him to pass up on a medicine that has such a high effectiveness with alot of us. I am on here alot atthebeach and I have alot of knowledge about this disorder, not all of it.
Avatar m tn This nurse came HIGHLY recommended by a friend of mine. She had me stop the wellbutrin and luvox and put me on prozac/lamictal/risperidone/amphetamine salts. I would fall asleep after taking the max dose of amphet salts (this blows everyone's mind) and ended up getting off the lamictal/risperidone too. We went to her "mentor" psychiatrist for a second opinion.
Avatar m tn Which is a fairly new drug that has Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac all in one... Don't quote me on the prozac, I think that was the other one. But with that, they kept me on "Lexapro" And also added... Can't think of the name right off-hand. It was a nerve pill, similar to a valum. I slept all the time. I woke up long enough to go to work and back to bed I went. But after all the battles for several years, They finally put me on a pill called "Trileptal".
Avatar f tn ( I hope this pass soon so I can be again on my way to recovery.
2010625 tn?1329375656 I take lamictal as well and had zero side effects from that, no major ones on risperidone when I took that. I couldn't tolerate quetiapine at all, olanzapine causes me a few problems. I've tried a lot of different meds over the years like you. I guess what I'm saying is..just keep trying. You've had some bad luck with side effects but it doesn't necessarily mean you will react badly to every med. Can take a long time to figure out what works that you can tolerate the best.