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721949 tn?1230655277 Hello Dr. I have written to you in the not so distant past and my chronic red eye and since had another visit to my opthmologist. In my first visit with him i was tested for dry eyes and tested normal. He tested me again and it came back positive. Aside from still taking a low dose of doxcycline......he has also started me on Resasis. He told me that this drug treats dry eye and Blephartis. Do you agree? And of course I'm also using the over the counter lubricants too.
Avatar f tn 2) I work in a dust environment with odors (acrylics), even if i dont work i have red eyes, i mean even on vacation. Do you think i shouls quit my job? Also i have tried everything on the market. now i am starting autologous serum eyedrops.
Avatar n tn For several years, my eyes have always been red. I do wear contact lenses, but it does not seem to effect the level of redness in my eyes. I have gone weeks without wearing them in the past, and they are still red. The only time they feel very irritated is when I wake up in the morning. They're so dry, it feels like they are glued shut and I have to put drops in. Clear Eyes gets rid of the redness, but it's only temporary. It wears off after about 30 minutes.
Avatar n tn I have tried many different things and even now I am on an allergy drop where I put it under my tongue three times a day and it is supposed to cure my allergies for good. But no matter what I do my eyes are always red and I have tried just about everything I can think of it. They get the worst when I drink alchahol or not get enough sleep and so on. I have been using thera tears because I thought maybe I just have bad dry eye but those don't seem to do anything for me.
Avatar m tn About 7 months later asked again he prescribed the softmed 55 because he said they would fit my eyes better. A few months after that is when my eyes got really red. Also, around that last time I had stopped breastfeeding and started taking birth control. No severe pain, there is some itching in both eyes and sometimes a little pain in the corner of my right eye. I do get a lot of headaches though (about twice a week) but that has been for many years, not just recent.
4310107 tn?1352844458 My symptoms were burning eyes, chronic red eyes looking like I was stoned, and headaches. All of that gets better when I use the restasis. One thing my opthamologist said was NEVER use the OTC drops like Visine - in her opinion they should be outlawed. She said they can do permanent damage/dependency to your eyes .. There are good lubricatng drops we can buy here and I assume the same up there in Canada. You might try that and see if it makes your burning better.
Avatar f tn I've recently posted that I just recently started Restasis, but my question is will the red eyes start getting better as the Restasis starts to work. Does dry eyes cause them to be red.......... I mean they are not horribly red, but are somewhat irritated. Will my eyes be like this always or will they get better eventually. My eye Dr. said they're not too bad, but I know that this is not they way they were before. Can I use something with for my eyes that would not interfere with the Restasis.
Avatar f tn I've recently posted that I just recently started Restasis, but my question is will the red eyes start getting better as the Restasis starts to work. Does dry eyes cause them to be red.......... I mean they are not horribly red, but are somewhat irritated. Will my eyes be like this always or will they get better eventually. My eye Dr. said they're not too bad, but I know that this is not they way they were before. Can I use something with for my eyes that would not interfere with the Restasis.
Avatar f tn hey all, so my eyes have been majorly red for the last week maybe...I am guessing it is because I get tired, or maybe they are starting to get a little dry? They don't feel to dry yet, one eye actually feels like it wants to start watering a bit. Has this happend to anyone? I'm guessing this is normal? Would eye drops be the magic cure?
Avatar m tn I have to rub my eye frequently to have some relief from the itching, now I feel pain in both eyes, my eyes are red, I have difficulty of working behind computers). I am too concerned; at the moment I am out of state and couldn’t meet my doctor. If anybody have similar problem please help me, or if any medicine that can help me to relief at least the itching problem? Is these related to using Restasis?
Avatar n tn Are there any eye drops out there that last long and really get the red out, probably similar to clear eyes for dry eyes, Im using those right now but they only last 2-3 hours, and im tired of putting them on my eyes very 2-3 hours.
Avatar m tn I will try to not leave anything out: I have been battling red eyes for over a couple years. I wore contacts since 15 (Now 22) they started becoming red right after I graduated from high school, but instead of going to the doctors I used "get the red out" eye drops, all the way until about this January. I decided I finally needed to see somebody about it. After a few opthamologist visits; I've heard dry eyes, I don't produce enough tears, etc....I haven't gotten a definite answer.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing problems with my eyes for about 9 years now I am 39 yrs old. I have pinguecula's the one in my right eye is worse, I use restasis for chronic dry eye, I have tear duct plugs that were put in about 3 months ago and I use artificial tear drops any where from 3 to 8 times a day and on top of all this I wear tinted lenses while at work under the harsh flourescents and I always wear sunglasses outside.
Avatar m tn It started after suffering from red eyes and turned to visine to fix.Now my eyes are just permanantly red.Visine helps for about 1 hour then back to red.The result is no social interaction with anyone. I have been to many specialists and they all tell me different things.The common answer is the preservatives in the eye drops.I know the eye drops have only made things worse but I only started the eye drops to fix the problem.
Avatar n tn About 5 years ago I tried wearing contacts but I had a bad reaction and the whites of my eyes became swollen and red and I had to go the the emergency room. I have not worn contacts since but my eyes remained red. I have been diagnosted from conjunctivitis to staff infections. I have been prescribed anibiotic ointments, steroid ointments and steroid eye drops. I have seen optometrist, opthamalogist (from 3 different health care providers) and gone to an eye clinic (Doheny Eye Center).
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing persistant dry, red, itchy eyes for about 5 weeks now. They appeared after a trip and i noticed them after i turned the air conditioner on during the plane ride back. Within two days I was waking up with clear mucousy discharge and painfully itchy red eyes. I went to a local opthamologist (well kinda, turns out she wasnt a certified/educated opth, and im in Kuwait) I was put on a weeks worth of broad spectrum antibiotic drops that only made them worse.
Avatar n tn The the equation becomes DRY EYES = CHRONIC RED EYES. This equation almost always works in middle age and older women, younger women on hormone therapy, people on diuretics, antihistimines, allergies (which are made worse by dry eyes). Suggest you see countless + 1 ophthalmologists this time a corneal/external disease specialist and use a trial of 4 months off contacts and 4 months on ReStasis with use of a steroid drop for the first 10-14 days of therapy.
Avatar f tn I have 24 more weeks to go. My eyes are red, irritated, dry, swollen, and ugly. This has been going on, on and off, throughout treatment but it has gotten to an embarrassing point. I have tried a prescription steroid cream which did not help. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, do you have any suggestions on what I can do to help with this?
721949 tn?1230655277 I have had chronic red eyes now for about two months. I have sought medical help from 2 opthamologists ...had my eyes dilated....from this they found i have a over growth of blood vessels...a spot that i have had for two years and there has been no change....tested for dry eyes which was negative. i have been and three different steriod drops....allergy drops with great strides made with all of this. i haven't worn my contacts.....have stopped all drops over the counter and prescibed.......
Avatar n tn I used to be an addict user of vasoconstrictors for about 3 years, but have been off them for almost 2.5 months now and my eyes are still red. I went to an eye doctor a few days ago and he gave me a tear time break up test. My results were only 2 seconds when normal break up time is around 7 seconds. Does the fact that my eyes are indeed dry have any effect on the persistent redness that I still have? My doctor gave me temporary lower punctal plugs, but they fell out after a few hours.
429949 tn?1224695179 My doctor prescribed Lotemax drops to be used the first two weeks of starting Restasis treatment. He said it makes the eyes a little less sensitive and increases compliance with the Restasis treatment. I will have to wait until my three month follow up to see if the damage to my eyes have healed. On a previous thread I read that you might have Shrojen's Syndrome. I haven't followed your story, what are your symptoms? I have just recently started researching this for myself.
Avatar n tn I have permanent red veins in the whites of my eyes due to overuse of whitening drops. I have not used whitening drops for 3 years but I have permanent large red veins in my eyes. I have spoken to my opthamologist about lasering off the veins but he says he will not do it because they may regenerate and possibly additional veins will generate. I don't fully understand why this would happen as the large veins are not natural, they were made that way from whitening drops.
Avatar n tn Use the search feature and archives to read about other treatments for dry eyes including fish oil (omega threes). There are many causes of red watery eyes. See an Eye MD ophthalmologist with a specialty of external disease/cornea. Find one nearby at www.aao.
Avatar m tn right eye remained red most of the time..saw eye doctor...who saw no problem. Using eye drops for dry eyes. Over the past 2 weeks, eyes so dry, they wake me up, burning, very blurry vision...put in drops once or twice per night and throughout the day. Last week, noted vision much more diminished bilaterally. Eyes very red and slightly swollen. Now vision is foggy at times, like it was after LASIK, but not as foggy as it initially was after this procedure. I have hx of migraines.
Avatar m tn I am hoping to narrow down the possibilities because I have spent a decent amount of money and have not been able to get the proper answer to solve the problem. The red eyes has lasted for a month or so, my eyes are white through out the day but red/pink when I wake up.
Avatar f tn My main concern is the burning inside my lids where the red lining touches your eyes. Not the outside of my eyes but the inside of my lids. I feel like any drop just irritates them and they burn all the time. Does anyone else have constant burning in their lids from dry eyes? Thanks!
Avatar n tn The other day someone woke me up within about 1 hour of me sleeping and mentioned that my eyes were really red, so it almost seems like it is sleep related. So to recap, I get this dry/sensitive feeling in my eyes which would cause them to tear up a lot, and would force me to try and keep my eyes closed as much as possible.
Avatar n tn General Information on Dry Eyes a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes. I'm assuming from your posting that you have tried both preserved and unpreserved artifical tears, gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime, environmental modification, etc. Don't discount eye drops. There are over a 100 different brands of artificial tears and they can't all be lumped together. Sometimes one will find the perfect drop.